19 of the Longest (and Shortest) Living Cat Breeds

If you've ever wanted to know about the longest and shortest living cat breeds, we've got you covered. As anyone that has ever deeply loved a pet knows, animals aren't immortal. They give us their love, companionship, and lives and all they ask for in return is the...

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My Cat Cries All Night! What is Wrong?

My cat cries all night! What's wrong? Is your cat keeping you up at night with their meowing? Are you worried there might be something wrong? Well, there are many different possibilities of the exact cause behind your cat’s midnight serenade! Let's talk about a few of...

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20 Darling Halloween Names for Black Cats

If you're searching for some great Halloween names for black cats, we've got a treat for you! Halloween and black cats go together like bread and butter. Throughout the years, black cats have been the subject of several myths and superstitions. However, the fact is...

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