20 Sweet Cat Names from Movies to Inspire You

Get ready to be inspired by these sweet cat names from movies! Coming up with the perfect name for your new kitty is never an easy feat. Sure, you could go with popular cat names like Muffin or Fluffy, but I like to be a little more unique. For example, for years, all...

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What Are the Chances of a Lost Cat Returning?

"What is the likelihood of a lost cat returning?" I've found myself thinking this a few times during my cat parenting years. One of the sickest feelings I have ever felt is the one that comes from realizing a beloved pet has gone missing. For me, it's come from an...

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15 Unique & Adorable Unisex Cat Names

Coming up with unisex cat names is a lot harder than it seems, right? Sure, there are a million darling male cat names and even more sweet female cat names, but what if you are looking for a name that is gender neutral? Look no further because here are some unisex...

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Stinky Cat? Here are Some Possible Reasons

Stinky cat? There are several reasons why. Cats are exceptionally clean creatures so if your cat is smelly, it's not something to look over. If you have a stinky cat, it could be due to several different issues, and none of them are good. I know, I sound like the...

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