Looking for a new family kitty? You’ll want to sink your fingers into the fur of these 10 fluffiest cat breeds! Check them out!

We have to admit, fluffy cats are our favorite. They are so soft and so cuddly that for a second you’d think you were snuggling with a stuffed animal. Fluffy cats make Netflix nights that much better, especially when it’s cold and you want something soft to snuggle with. Plus they are super photogenic! Here are 10 of the fluffiest cat breeds that you’ll ever see in your life!

10 Fluffiest Cat Breeds

1. Ragdoll How pretty is that fur let alone those eyes? We’re in love! These cats are pretty well-known for their docile, affectionate nature!

2. Norwegian Forest Cat The markings on this cat are just beautiful. This kitty is perfect if you live in a colder area. Their top coats actually repel water!

3. Birman This dapper Birman looks so handsome in his bow tie! Did you know that this cat is the “Sacred Cat of Burma”?

4. Maine Coon So much fluff! Maine Coon’s are just balls of fur. They’re also one of the oldest domestic breeds in North America and have very keen hunting skills!

5. Exotic Shorthair Just a fuzzy kitty soaking up the sun! This breed was created to be a shorter hair version of the Persian.

6. Persian cat The true queen of all furry cats. Also called the Shirazi cat, its ancestors date back to around the 1600s!

7. Siberian cat The laziest ball of fluff we’ve ever seen. The Siberian cat is the national cat of Russia!

8. Somali cat This cutie could pass for a young fox with that tail! This fluffball actually came about through a recessive gene of Abyssinian cats!

9. Himalayan cat How comfy does this kitty look? This kitty is identical to the Persian, except they have blue eyes.

10. British shorthair A little chunky but mosty fluff! Don’t let the name fool you, shorthairs can be just as fluffy as longhairs!

Do you have a fluffy cat? We want to see! Share your images in the comments below. We may feature it in a future post!

Ashley m
Ashley m