Cupid called and said you just have to check out these 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for animal lovers!

Whether you need the perfect present for your favorite cat parent or that hard-to--for dog lover, we’ve got you covered.

From mugs to tees to beer steins, there’s something for every personality and taste.

The hardest part will be choosing just one!

Check them out and you’ll see what I mean!

Need cute dog and cat gifts? Cupid called and said you just have to check out these 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for animal lovers!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers

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A couple of quick notes:

  • Since we’re talking Valentine’s Day gifts for animal lovers in general (and not just for cats), we’re including a few of our favorite dog parent designs.
  • Many of these designs are found both in our store and on Amazon.
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1. My Cat is my Valentine

My Cat Is My Valentine T-Shirt

This cute Valentine Gift idea for animal lovers is perfect for anyone who loves cats.


Buy it Here


2. Cat Mama T-Shirt with Heart


Womens Cute Cat Mama T-Shirt With A Red Heart

Any cat mama will adore this cute t-shirt with a darling heart design!

Buy it Here

3.  My Pitbull is my Valentine

my pitbull is my valentine t-shirt


Grab this darling tee for your pitbull-loving dog friends! As long as you have your pet by your side, you’ll never be without a Valentine!

Buy it Here

4.  My Heart Belongs to My Cat Travel Mug

'My Heart Belongs To My Cat T-Shirt: Cute Valentine's Day Gift Idea' Travel Mug by Dogvills


Sure, you’d prefer it if your Valentine’s heart belonged to you, but let’s be honest: cats come before chicks and dudes!

Show you totally understand by grabbing this fun beer stein!

Head’s up: it’s perfect for any cold drink, not just beer!

Buy it Here

5. Super Cute Dog Paws Print & Heart Coffee Mug

Super Cute Dog Paws Print & Heart Coffee Mug


Although those are technically dog paws, this mug works great for all animal lovers and pet parents!

Buy it Here

6. Black Cat With Heart Coffee Mug: Cute Valentine’s Day Gift

'Black Cat With Heart Coffee Mug: Cute Valentine's Day Gift' Mug by Dogvills

Here’s the perfect gift for your favorite black cat or Bombay cat mom! It definitely says “my cat is in my heart.”

Buy It Here


7. I Love my Deaf Dog Mug

I love my deaf dog coffee mug


This beautiful coffee mug with ASL sign for “I love you” is a beautiful way to show love and support for a deaf dog parent.

Buy It Here

8. Paw Print Tie Coffee Mug

Dog Paw Print Tie Coffee Mug: Funny Valentine's Day Gift For pet Lovers


How hilarious is this paw print tie mug? It makes a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for animal lovers in the executive world!

Buy It Here

9. Best Dog Mom Ever Mug

'Best Dog Mom Ever T-Shirt With A Heart: Cute Valentine's Day Gift Idea For Women' Mug by Dogvills


A little something for that amazing dog mom in your life! Choose her favorite color for the handle!

Buy it Here

10. Heart with Cats T-Shirt

Heart with Cats T-Shirt

How perfect is this heart filled with cats? I’d love to receive it as a Valentine’s Day gift, how about you?

Buy it Here

Having a hard time deciding on just one? Remember, if you buy from our , you can free shipping on order $50 and up! Grab yourself a couple of them!

Don’t forget to check out all the other fun dog lover coffee mugs, too!


Which of these Valentine’s Day gifts for animal lovers is your favorite? Comment below!


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