Have you ever seen cats who act like dogs? These 12 cuties definitely think they’re more canine than feline! Check them out!

Have you ever seen cats who act like dogs? They’re just hilarious! Outside of being pets and physical characteristics, we don’t often think that dogs and cats are very similar. Dogs are typically super energetic, love attention and seek approval from their human counterparts. On the other hand, cats are usually much more independent and sort of do their own thing, when and wherever they want. You likely won’t find your dog sleeping in a shoebox but we can’t say the same for a cat! Despite their differences, we have seen some cats who are really just like dogs. Here are 12 cats doing dog things!

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12 Cats Who Act Like Dogs


1. This cat loves going for long walks and then basking in the sun.

Soakin up that February sun with my boo #citycat #catleash #adventurecats

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2. A kitty who loves an outdoor romp

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3. Another feline friend who doesn’t mind a walk on a leash

Cat on a leash. #cats #catleash

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4. This cat loves his stuffed toys!

5. Snuggling his favorite toy! Oh, the cuteness!

6. A cat that will play fetch with you!

7. This cutie doesn’t mind playing in the sand

8. One of the most adorable beggars we’ve come across

El mitico #gatoperro #catdog #cat #gato #macrisofinstagram #catsofinstagram

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9. And you thought only dogs drool!


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10. Some cats don’t mind getting their paws a little dirty

11. This kitty can pull off a costume just like a dog!

12. ..And they can wear dapper collars with a bow as well!

I just can’t get enough of these funny cat pictures! Seriously, there’s a reason cat pics rule on the internet. I’ve spent hours browsing them without even realizing so much time has passed! It’s suddenly 2AM and I’m still knee deep in adorable kitties!

Your turn! Tell us about hilarious times you’ve seen cats act like dogs! Feel free to share your pictures over on CatVills Facebook page. We’d love to see them!

Ashley m
Ashley m