Cats rarely tolerate playing dress up, so when they do it’s over-the-top cute. Check out 12 dressed up cats that look just too adorable!

Dressed up cats? Over-the-top cute, right? When you think of any pet wearing a costume, you probably think of a dog since they tend to be more forgiving and willing to put on a happy face while wearing a silly costume. While cats and costumes don’t usually mix, there are some cats that don’t mind getting dressed up! Here are 10 cats that know just how to rock their wardrobe, even if it is a little silly looking.

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12 Insanely Cute Dressed Up Cats

1. The body of a kitten but the heart and soul of a fierce lion!

2. This cat looks dapper as ever.

Hmm 😒 Like this costume I don't #yoda #pixelthecat

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3. The cutest Yoda kitten. Like a lot we do.

4. This super cat is here to save the day!

😺😻😽 #neo #ragdollcat #ragdoll #catcostume #cat #cute #doctor

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5. If only all nurses could be as cute and fluffy as this one! We’d actually be happy to get our yearly checkup!

6. May the luck of the Irish be with you, on St. Pat’s day and every day!

7. Argh, matey! This cat captain is ready to sail.

8. Just when you thought Stitch couldn’t be any cuter.

9. We have an imposter among us!

10. The elusive catosaurus has been found after thousands of years.

11. This cat looks less than impressed but still so sweet!

12. The bumble cat with stripes on stripes!

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