Need a good laugh? These 14 catnipped cats are sure to have you ROTFL in no time! Check them out!

Is there anything better than looking at funny pictures of catnipped cats? We all have our weaknesses, thing that makes us happier than we ever thought possible. Some of us love chocolate while others love the adrenaline rush of a good run. Dogs love treats, and sometimes the occasional shoe while rabbits go crazy for Timothy hay.

For cats, catnip is the weakness of weaknesses. Catnip is a naturally grown plant that can cause a cat to become super lazy or insanely energetic and happy. These two sides of the spectrum can lead to some seriously funny acting and looking cats. Here are 14 catnipped cats that are obviously enjoying the experience.

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14 Funny Pictures of Catnipped Cats

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1. This cat has obviously had a bit too much!

a catnipped cat playing on the floor

2. When your eyes look happy but the rest of you seems very confused.

a gray catnipped cat on a basket curious about what he is seeing

3. We don’t know if this guy is reaching for more catnip or pushing it away.

a black and white kitten touching a catnip

4. Catnip sleep is the best sleep, or so it appears.

a white sleeping catnipped cat on the ground full or rocks

5. This cat doesn’t have a care in the world!

a crazy catnipped cat staring to oblivion

6. The face you make just before the catnip nap takes over.

a funny yawning catnipped cat that will make you laugh hard

7. This kitty is extremely happy about the situation!

a chubby orange catnipped tabby cat showing her tounge while lying on the floor

8. When you’re so happy but also so far gone on catnip.

a brownish cat with green eyes raising his hands in the air: catnipped cat to make you laugh

9. The only time you’ll see a cat treating a bird nicely.

a white cat might be catnipped while smelling a figurine bird

10. The kitty that’s literally staring into oblivion.

a catnipped tiger cat with brown eyes wide open staring at nowhere

11. When catnip attacks, this is what it looks like.

two catnipped cats playing on the ground

12. This kitty is fat, catnipped, and enjoying life!

a fat white catnipped cat on top of a chair with his tongue pointing to someone

13. Catnipped yoga is fun for everyone.

a chubby catnipped cat that will make you laugh because she is doing yoga on her own:

14. When you have a blank stare, you know the catnip is working as planned.

a catnipped cat wearing a beautiful red ribbon

Heads up, catnip lovers: the plant is now coming into season! If you think your kitties go nuts for the bagged nip, wait until they have the fresh stuff. Grab some seeds and start planting now. The plant grows like crazy, so you’ll have plenty to last all summer long!

Do you give your kitty catnip? Do you have any hilarious videos or pictures of your catnipped cats? Share below!

Ashley m
Ashley m