Love Persian cats?

Check out 15 of the most gorgeous pictures of this stunning breed that you’ve ever seen!

You can thank us later!


Love Persian Cats? Check out 15 of the most gorgeous pictures of this stunning breed that you’ve ever seen! You can thank us later!


Persian cats are well known for their round faces and beautiful coats.

We like to call them the fancy feline of the cat family. In the world today, the Persian cat stands as one of the most popular cat breeds! It’s easy to see why!

They’re just stunning, aren’t they? Persians come in a variety of colors, including silver, white, orange, calico, and even black!

These cats are truly unique.

Here are 15 of our favorite Persian cats!

Cutest Persian Cats Ever

1. The sweetest little high five ever!

2. We just want to hug this ball of fluff!

3. Persians are even cute upside down!

4. This cat is less than thrilled with the mask.

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I'm too old for this Crap .

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5. Look at those eyes!

6. Just living the Persian cat life.

7. The one bug that you can’t be afraid of!

8. The perfect cat nap.

9. When your cat blends into the carpet.

10. This kitty loves the simpler things in life!

11. The family dog is always the best bed.

12. Who doesn’t love a sleeping kitten?

13. We are in love!

14. Sleeping on the job.

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I guess I'll just use the laptop.

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15. This cute is too sweet for words!

Persian Cats Fast Facts

Thinking about getting a Persian Cat?

Here are a few things you should know!

  • They are incredibly affectionate, so if you’re looking for a cuddle buddy, this may be the cat for you!
  • Persian cats are highly adaptable, making them a great choice if your job requires you to move frequently.
  • As a whole, the breed is only so-so with kids. They’re not the best cat for families. Of course, every cat is different, so you could find a Persian that loves kids.
  • They’re just not that into dogs, either. Again, every cat is different, but if you have dogs, you might want to consider a different breed.
  • Compared to other cats, they require quite a bit of grooming and they shed a pretty good amount!

Overall, though, they are incredibly loving kitties. If you have the patience to keep up with their grooming needs and want a cat that loves to be loved, the Persian cat is a great choice.

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Do you have one? Tell us what you love about Persian cats!

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