Do you know the signs your cat needs more attention?

We often think of cats as being aloof and independent, but they get lonely, too. 

I think sometimes we forget that, or maybe we just get too busy with other demands on our time and don’t realize that we’re ignoring our kitty.

Since animals cannot talk, you must pay attention to the signs they give. 

Let’s have a look at five signs your cat needs more attention

Do you know the signs your cat needs more attention? Read on for 5 ways your cat is trying to tell you that she needs a little extra loving care!

Signs your cat needs more attention

The signs your cat needs more attention can range from simple vocalizations to downright destructive behavior.

Keep reading to learn more about each one.

1.  Meow, Meow, Will You Listen to Me?

It’s not uncommon for me to “meow” at my cats and have them meow back. 

I feel very proud of having this special connection with my furry animal but things can often go out of hands.

While meowing is common among kittens, adult cats typically don’t meow unless they want to talk to you.

Although they may still meow on and off, excessive meowing can be a sign of your cat feeling lonely and asking for attention.


Generally speaking, meowing should not be a point of concern unless it turns into howling or excessive meowing.

Some experts also believe that cats who feel lonely or anxious are more likely to meow early morning or late night, when most of us are struggling to sleep.

The next time you hear your furry friend meowing a little more than usual, it might be time to exchange some hugs.

2. Oh No, She Broke Another One

I’ve lost a few of my belongings due to my cat going haywire and I’m sure your case isn’t very different either.

This may sound odd to some but a cat’s decision to break or knock stuff is often well thought.

Cats are curious creatures and some even believe they enjoy knocking things down. It’s also normal for cats to break something while trying to understand how it works.

However, at times, they may do so only to gain your affection. Cats know they can get your attention by breaking things. These cute creatures have a lot of tricks up their sleeves.

Mine appears to blackmail me – she would simply run around things I love threatening to tear ‘em apart.

So the next time you see your pet trying to break things just as she sees you, it might be time to play together.

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3. Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Why Does She Follow Me After All

My cat has been with me for a good few years. She used to follow me everywhere but then she decided to be independent.

Now, the only time I find her following me is when she needs attention.

She would wait for me outside the door, circle around the chair, or follow my steps to indicate it needs love.

I used to brush off this behavior as cute unless I realized it’s my baby’s way of telling me what she wants.

In fact, my cat even loves to sit on the laptop while I am at work. It used to irritate me once but now we have a bond. A few minutes of cuddling and we can get back to work.

Cats want to be the most important thing in your life and they will often take steps to remind you of their importance.

A lot of people think cats love sitting on laptops because they’re warm but research suggests otherwise.

“The laptop is on your lap, which is prime kitty territory,” says Amy Shojai, animal behavioral consultant. “You stare at it constantly, and the cat would prefer you direct your attention to them, so it gets in between you and the screen.”

So the next time you see your pet circling around you, pick her up and spend a few minutes together.



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 4. Scratch, Scratch, Oh,  It’s a Catch

Cats love to scratch and it’s generally considered a normal behavior but inappropriate scratching can be a sign of your cat asking for your love and attention.

They also often claw to mark their territory with pheromones. This marking helps them leave information for other cats.

However, clawing can be bad if your cat begins to scratch your furniture or clothes.

While scratching is generally not a sign of the cat asking for love, once the animal realizes this behavior can gain your attention, she may begin to indulge in this habit just to catch your attention.

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5. Haw, Why Do You Continue to Paw?

There are few things as cute as your cat wanting to hold your hand or give you a hug.

These little creatures also often stand on their hind legs, but it’s not a circus trick, they simply want your affection.

It equals your cat going, “Hey, human, gimme love.”

My cat actually takes it a step further – she even gives me the ‘puppy eyes’. It’s hard to resist ‘em when they do it.

Cats will usually paw at your leg or arm but some may even try to grab your hair and paw at your face.

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John Bradshaw, a well-known anthrozoologist studying cat behavior, believes cats look at humans as big, useless cats and may paw at them to show and ask for love.


While these signs are usually an indication of the cat feeling a little lonely and less loved, it may often be a sign of something more serious, such as an illness.

If you see any of these signs your cat needs attention and they don’t go away despite a lot more cuddles and snuggling, it might be time for a visit to the vet.

Have you seen any of these signs your cat needs attention from you? Share below!

Nicole Etolen
Nicole Etolen

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