Let’s talk about the best cat trees for kittens.

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’ll just buy one of those munchkin cat trees she just talked about last week!”

After all, kittens and munchkins both have short little legs, so their tree needs can’t be all that different, right?

Well, you’re half right, but honestly, there’s more to picking out kitten trees than just choosing something designed for tiny legs!

Read on to learn more, then check out my top ten favorite options!

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In a rush and need something right away? Check out our top picks on the table below!

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Best cat trees for kittens

Let’s just jump right in and get started!

1. ZENY 53‘‘ Cat Tree


The ZENY 53″ cat tree is just the right height for kittens, yet roomy enough for adult cats to use as well. Let’s look at the pros and cons at a glance, then I’ll share my recommendation. (We’ll do this for each tree, in case you’re not familiar with our layout).

Features & Pros

  • Made with durable particleboard and built with solid construction & a strong base.
  • Holds up to 44 lbs
  • Wrapped in super softer flannelette material.
  • 2 spacious houses for kittens to hide out in
  • Sisal-wrapped posts
  • Roomy enough for multiple kittens


  • Durable particleboard is still particleboard
  • Not large enough for big breeds.
  • The fur ball toys don’t breakaway, so they can pose a hazard.
  • Instructions are confusing and pieces are poorly labeled.


As I said, this is just the right size for kittens. It’s fairly low to the ground at right around 4.5′, so kittens can climb all the way to the top with confidence.

While it is made of particleboard, you’ll find that in most mass-produced cat trees. It appears to be a dense and high-quality particleboard, so I feel like it would hold up well.

The confusing instructions also seem to be an industry-wide standard! Seriously, I’ve yet to find a cat tree with crystal clear assembly directions.

Budget-wise, this is right in the middle. It’s not exactly what one would call cheap, but it’s FAR from the most expensive on this list (that one would be #6, and there’s a reason it’s so pricey).

All in all, I feel like this is a solid option for kittens who will stay fairly small as adults.

It’s not a great choice as cat trees for large breeds, though. A Maine Coon would outgrow it in months.

ZENY 54 Inch Cat Tree, Indoor Cat Tower Condo, Multi-Level Cat House with Sisal-Covered Scratching Post + 2 Play House, Pet Cat Furniture, Grey
  • Sturdy and Safe Structure -- ZENY multi level 54‘’ cat tree is...
  • Roomy and Enjoyable -- 2 spacious hideaway houses offer super soft and...
  • Quality Plush Covering -- The multi level cat tower is composed of...

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2. Kitty City Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture


The Kitty City Claw Mega Kit is a little different from the other options that you’ll see on this list.

At first glance, it looks kind of flimsy. However, it’s very well-rated across over 1,400 reviews, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Features & Pros

  • Totally modular design, so you can assemble it to fit your living space.
  • Very lightweight and easy to move.
  • Offers lounging, jumping, and hiding places.
  • Sisal posts throughout encourage scratching.
  • Since it’s modular, you can make ramps for kittens to climb.
  • Easy to clean, just wipe it down.
  • Lasts a “remarkably long time,” according to reviews.
  • Large enough for most cats, including Maine Coons (according to customers)
  • Velcro on every piece allows you to combine more than one into a mega structure.


  • Some complain that the Velcro doesn’t hold heavier breeds (not a major concern unless your kitten grows up into a ginormous kitty).
  • Toys don’t appear to be breakaway
  • Energetic kittens can end up pushing the pieces away from each other with the force of their landings.


Despite a few complaints about the pieces sliding apart when energetic kittens leap around, the vast majority of owners really love this tree.

I do feel like it’s priced a little high for something made almost entirely of nylon, especially considering the fact that sturdier structures cost just around $10-20 more.

However, I adore the fact that it’s totally modular, so you can set it up exactly how you want for your kitten. When she gets older, change the configuration to meet her adult cat needs.

I’d recommend it for pretty much all kitten breeds, including larger ones.

If you do have a giant breed, though, keep an eye on that Velcro issue. Not many people experienced it, but it’s still worth watching for.

Kitty City Claw Indoor Mega Kit Cat Furniture, Corrugate Cat Scratcher, Cat Bed
  • A cat magnet! Your cats will love it!!!
  • Easy to change modular design to fit any space. Lightweight, and easy...
  • Scratching, lounging, playing, jumping, hiding in different levels!

3. Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree


You can rarely go wrong with Furhaven, and their Tiger Tough tree is pawsitively perfect for kittens.

Features & Pros

  • Sisal-wrapped posts encourage scratching
  • Plush and snuggly fake fur surface
  • Multiple platforms and a ladder to help kittens reach them
  • Two cozy cat houses.
  • Includes hanging toys and a cat IQ busy box.
  • Comes in different colors.


  • Really only large enough for kittens and small cats
  • Because of the angles of the platform, you can’t back it up against a wall.
  • Again, dangly toys don’t appear to be breakaway (the upright toy isn’t so much of a concern).
  • Pricey if you’re just planning to use it throughout kittenhood.


I really wish more cat tree manufacturers would design those dangly toys to break away. I’ve read horror stories about cats getting caught in them.

Aside from that, though, this is a fun option for kittens. The little busy box is a super nice touch!

I also love that it comes in a bunch of different colors, so you can choose one that best fits your home decor.

However, given the size limitations, I’d only recommend it for kittens that will turn into relatively petite adult cats.

It’s a little too pricey for something that you’ll only use for a few months.

Furhaven 69.3" Tall Cat Tree for Indoor Cats, Ft. Sisal Scratching Posts, 2x Cat Condos, & Toys - Tiger Tough Double Decker Interactive Playground Tower - Silver Gray, One Size
  • FUN AND PLAY: The tall cat tree tower playground features plenty of...
  • TOWER DESIGN: The towering multi-level design of the cat tree...
  • SCRATCH POST: The cat scratching posts are wrapped in sisal fiber,...

4. Made4Pets 66 Inches Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower


There really isn’t much about the OOTORI Cat tree that differentiates it from the rest of the pack, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a look.

Features & Pros

  • Great layout for kittens to explore and climb
  • Posts are reinforced and wrapped with sisal to encourage scratching.
  • Two spacious condos for kitties to hide in.
  • 3 top perches for your kitten can feel like king of the world.
  • Comes with feeding bowls
  • Roomy enough for when your kitten grows into a large cat


  • Pricey
  • Only two colors
  • May be too big for tiny kittens at first


Like I said, this is a fairly standard and straightforward cat tree, but there’s nothing wrong with that. It does have some extra stability features that help set it apart from other trees.

It is a very tall piece, which is why those extra safety features are so vital. Your kitten may not make full use of it until he gets a little more confident.

However, that also makes it a great long-term tree, as kitty won’t outgrow it within weeks.

I feel confident recommending it for kittens who will grow into average-sized adult cats.

OOTORI Black Friday 66 Inches Multi-Level Cat Tree, Spacious Cat Tower Comes With A Feeding Bowl, 2 Comfortable Apartments, 3 Padded Perches & Multiple Dangling Balls
  • 【Clever Design】-The multifunctional leisure area on the second...
  • 【Reasonable Layout】-The multi-level design creates a luxurious and...
  • 【Stable Structure】-The cat climbing frame is made of a reinforced...

5. LAZY BUDDY Cat Tree

No products found.

Now for something a little more modern and Hygge-like than the traditional structure!

The Lazy Buddy has some pretty terrific reviews that prove it’s more than just a pretty face.

Features & Pros

  • Has a lovely real wood appearance (see cons, though, as it’s just appearance-wise)
  • Safe and Stable with anti-toppling fittings that attach to the wall
  • Thicker particle board for added durability
  • Reinforced scratching posts
  • Removable mats are easy to clean.
  • Super cute condo is perfect for kittens who love to hide during nap time.


  • Not made with real wood (it’s particle board)
  • Instructions are challenging to follow, but assembly is fairly straightforward anyway
  • Pads are a bit thin.
  • Some of the jumps are a bit tight, according to a few reviews


I absolutely adore the look of this structure, don’t you? It’s perfect for anyone who prefers a carpet-free cat tree.

I don’t love that the description makes it sound like real wood at first. Then again, particle board is made from trees, so technically I guess you could call it “real.”

While it stands pretty sturdy all by itself, I do like that it comes with fittings that you can attach to the wall for added stability.

While I’d recommend this for most kittens, I’m not so sure it’s a good pick for munchkin cats.

Some of the jumps are a bit steep. Not so much that lithe kittens can’t handle it, but still a bit too high for super short legs.

No products found.

Use this table for a quick look at the non-Amazon kitten trees:

PreviewCat Tree of 3 TowersKitten Cat TreeHome Base Playground Corner Cat TreeGertrude Cat Tree for kittens
NameCats Cozy SpaceGo Pet Club Kitten TreeHome Base Cat Tree GERTRUDE CAT TREE
Rating5 stars4.5 stars5 stars4.5 stars
Top FeatureReal woodRoomySpace-saverUnique
Top ConExpensiveLargeOne ColorExpensive
Check Price & ReviewsSEE IT SEE IT SEE IT SEE IT

6. Cats Cozy Space Cat Tree of 3-Towers

 Cats Cozy Space Cat Tree of 3-Towers

If you prefer something a little more modern, I’m in love with this Cats Cozy Space handmade cat tree. You’ll have to head on over to Etsy to grab it, but it’s worth the trip! 🙂

Features & Pros

  • Handmade with real solid wood
  • Super cute and roomy cat cave
  • Choose from four different types of baskets for the top levels
  • Plenty of sisal rope to encourage scratching
  • Easy to assemble (comes with necessary tool)
  • Beautiful design looks great in your home
  • Super sturdy and stable
  • Totally non-toxic and organic materials


  • Priciest of the bunch by a long shot
  • Shipping is over $100 extra
  • Ships from overseas, so it could take a while to arrive


Yes, it’s pricier than all the other kitten trees by a mile, and yes that $100+ shipping is killer.

Still, this is one of my favorite of the bunch. It’s just so gorgeous! I love that it’s made with REAL wood and not particle board.

While it’s a major splurge, this tree will last YEARS, so you’ll never have to buy another one again.

I’d recommend it for all breeds, as long as you have the patience to wait for it to arrive and the budget to afford it.

7. Go Pet Club 71″ Kitten Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 71" Kitten Cat Tree

If you’re a regular reader of my cat tree reviews, you know that I’m a huge fan of Go Pet Club. For tiny feline tikes, I’m adoring their 71″ Kitten Tree.

Features & Pros

  • Large enough for multiple cats
  • Two condos for hiding out in
  • A ramp that makes it easier to reach the first level.
  • Super soft plush fake fur material all over
  • 40-lb weight capacity makes it great for average adult cats, too


  • Manufactured wood construction
  • No sisal poles (the ramps act as scratchers)
  • Toy doesn’t break away
  • Challenging instructions.


I had a Go Pet Club cat tree for years and that baby took a beating, so I’m always confident recommending their products.

The instructions are challenging, but nothing too crazy. I put mine together in about 45 minutes.

However, with this one, I do think eliminating sisal rope in favor of plush coverings on the poles was a bad move.

Still, I’d recommend this for kittens who will stay within the “average cat” range (under about 12 lbs).

While it can hold up to 40 lbs, the condos, as well as the platforms, aren’t really big enough for Maine Coons.

8. Home Base Playground Corner Cat Tree

Home Base Playground Corner Cat Tree

If you just want something small and space-saving, the Tucker Murphy Home Base Playground is a good option.

Features & Pros

  • Super low to the ground, perfect for kittens.
  • Comes with a fun busy box.
  • Sisal-wrapped poles for scratching.
  • Base cat condo is roomy enough for kittens as well as petite adults.
  • Plush covering that’s cozy for kitties.


  • Dangly toy doesn’t break away.
  • Kind of pricey considering larger structures are right around the same price.
  • Manufactured wood


Like I said, this is a good little pick for homes that don’t have enough space for a giant structure.

Again, I think the busy box is a nice little extra! Beyond that, though, there’s not much that sets it apart from other trees aside from the size.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as sometimes size does matter!

It’s a good “starter” kitten tree that will last into adulthood provided you have a fairly petite kitty.

9. 43″ Gertrude Cat Tree

43" Gertrude Cat Tree

Before we close out this post with another straight-forward carpeted cat tree, I wanted to share this neat option from Wayfair.

The Archie & Oscar Gertrude Cat Tree is as functional as it is beautiful.

Features & Pros

  • Stylish and minimalist appearance
  • Roomy enough for kittens who turn into XXL breeds.
  • Super cute and roomy top-entrance cat condo comes with plush insert
  • Cushioned top bed is so much more than just a standard perch.
  • Plenty of sisal posts
  • Sturdy and stable base.


  • Manufactured wood
  • The climb up to the top bed is a tad steep for kittens
  • Toys don’t break away
  • Pricey


While that climb up to the very top tier is a bit too steep for munchkin cats, most kittens should be able to reach it.

All of my kittens have always been able to leap from my floor to my sofa, and it’s about the same distance.

It would be nice, though, if there was a hole leading up to the top bed. I think that would make it easier to get to.

I’d recommend this for all kittens, including those that will turn into fairly large adults.

10. Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower Kitten Condo


For this last one, we’ll head back over to Amazon and take a look at the Yaheetech Cat Tree Kitten Condo.

Features & Pros

  • Made with high-quality particle board and skin-safe plush coverings.
  • Multiple sisal scratching posts
  • Reinforced bottom base and optional wall anchors for added stability
  • The ball is removable!! Finally!!
  • Great size for small to medium cats.
  • Cute cozy hammocks that kittens can lounge in


  • Made with particle board
  • A bit of a nightmare to assemble (one reviewer recommended popping an anxiety pill!)
  • Fabric isn’t the most durable
  • Complaints that it is smaller than it looks


Again, this is a pretty standard cat tree, but I like it well enough. I really love that they made the ball breakaway. Finally, right?

I also love that super roomy condo! Oh, and it’s totally affordable at just over $50!

I’d recommend it for kittens of any breed IF you plan to only use it for kittenhood.

If you want to use it longer, it’s a good pick for cats that stay fairly small.

Yaheetech Cat Tree Tower Kitten Condo Scratching Post with Hammock Tunnel 51in
  • 【Amusing and Relaxing】 The cat towers and condos provide a perch...
  • 【Ideal For Energetic Kittens】 Multilevel cat tree expands the...
  • 【Protective Material For Your Beloved Friends】 The cat trees and...

What to look for in the best cat trees for kittens

The biggest challenge when shopping for the best kitten trees is finding something that justifies the cost.

After all, cats don’t stay kittens for long. It can be nauseating to plunk down a huge chunk of cash on something that they’ll only use for a few months.

Of course, you could just skip the tree until they’re full grown, then buy something that works for their breed.

Where’s the fun in that, though? Kittens need to run, climb, and play just as much- if not more- than adult cats!

So, rather than looking for something that only works for right now, look for a tree that they can use throughout their entire lives.

When I’m shopping for best cat trees for kittens, here’s what I look for

  • Levels close together AND/OR ramps and ladders that make climbing easier on kittens
  • Durable materials that will last longer than a few months OR very inexpensive trees that
  • Safe and non-toxic materials (a no-brainer, really, but worth mentioning)
  • Places to hide and practice their hunting skills
  • Sisal rope or other natural scratching materials (so they learn early not to claw your furniture)

It’s also a good idea to either chose a tree that’s low to the ground or something that offers plenty of fun on the lower levels.

Kittens can climb to terrifyingly high heights (trust me, they can), but most prefer to stick fairly close to ground level until they build climbing confidence.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you go! My top ten picks for the best cat trees for kittens!

I already gave you my top recommendation way back there at the beginning. However, if you have the budget for it, I really adore the one from Etsy!

Looking for the best cat trees for kittens? Check out our top ten picks, from space savers to totally unique carpet-free options!

Do you have any other picks for the best cat trees for kittens? Share below!

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