Finding the best cat trees with hammocks doesn’t sound all that hard, but trust me, it’s more challenging than you think!

See, a ton of great trees come with hammocks…but they have major design flaws that make them virtually unusable.

In all honestly, I always remove them from my cats’ trees before they fall off on their own.

However, if you have your heart set on a fun little swinging hammock for your kitty, I’ve got you covered.

I dug deep to find you five that actually work pretty well, so let’s check them out!

Looking for the best cat trees with hammocks?

How to Choose the Best Cat Tree with Hammocks

Super quick (like a little bunny) let’s talk about what to look for in a cat tree with a hammock.

You already know the basics: buy a tree that’s actually big enough for your cat, think about stability, look for sisal poles for those claws.

When you buy one with a hammock, though, there are a couple of extra safety-centric guidelines to consider.

  • Make sure the hammock supports your cat. Don’t get a teeny hammock made for a kitten for your Maine Coon!
  • Check how the hammock attaches. It either needs to bolt into the tree very securely OR have attachments that break away if your cat gets twisted.
  • Look at the material. Is it likely to fray and fall apart, or is it nice & sturdy?

In short, we either want something that will actually stay put and hold our cats OR easily break-away in case of an emergency (like a twisted-up kitty!). Preferably both!

Along with these basic safety features, I also looked at overall design to pick 5 diverse and very nifty cat trees for you!

Want to check them out? Good! Let’s go!

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Best Cat Trees with Hammocks

If you’re a regular reader of my cat tree reviews, you know the drill: check the table below for a quick peek at my favorites, then read on for more details.

FYI: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. 

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Looking for the best cat trees with hammocks? Check out 5 fantastic & versatile options we love!

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1. COZIWOW Multi-Cat Tree with Hammock Review

Ultimate Tangkula Multi-Cat Tree with Hammock Review

The Coziwow is a great place to start. Not only does it come with a durable hammock, but it’s loaded with other bells and whistles.

Kind of makes me wish I was a cat so I could use it. It’s like a whole cat playground!

Features & Pros

  • Stands 57″ tall, so it’s not overwhelming but still roomy.
  • Coated with plush fake fur to make it super gentle on kitty’s skin.
  • The poles are wrapped sisal for your cat’s scratching pleasure.
  • XL hammock actually fits your bigger breeds.
  • One-year warranty


  • Some customers complain (on another model by same brand) that they were missing significant pieces & hardware. Eeek!
  • Challenging to assemble


I’m not loving the few complaints about the company forgetting to include hardware, but I do love the tree itself.

Everything about it just screams, “FUN!” for cats. I know mine would go nuts for it!

57” Multi-Level Cat Trees and Towers with Scratching Posts Condos Hammock Resting Perch, Indoor Pet Activity Furniture Play House for Large Cats Kitty Kitten
  • [Exclusive Luxury for Cats]: This well-designed cat tower features two...
  • [Premium Material]: Made from selected eco-friendly particle board,...
  • [Reinforced Stability]: Constructed by compressed particle boards and...

2. Wall-Mounted CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Gardens Set Review

Wall-Mounted  CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Gardens Set Review

From space-hogger to space-saver, if you want an elaborate tree but don’t have the room for the one above, turn to CatastrophiCreations.

We’ve seen this tree before when we talked about climbing walls for cats and we’ll probably see it again in the future because I adore it.

Features & Pros

  • Totally modular wall-mounted system means you can put it anywhere anyway you like.
  • The hammocks aren’t just an afterthought but an integral part of the design, so they’re extra sturdy.
  • Each hammock holds up to 62lbs, so they’ll have zero issues holding your robust kitty.
  • The design is gorgeous and doesn’t look gaudy in your home.
  • Comes with handy little planters for some catnip or other kitty-safe herbs.
  • Available in multiple colors & finishes to perfectly match your decor.


  • The obvious con: it’s fairly pricey so it may be out of range for a lot of cat owners on a budget.
  • You definitely need to know your walls, namely where the studs are located.
  • The planters aren’t waterproof (the only major design flaw, in my opinion).


Honestly, aside from the price being out of my range, I can find very little wrong with CatastrophiCreations products.

The price is justified by the fact that it’s made with high-quality materials, though.

If your budget allows it and you really need a space-saver cat tree with hammocks, this is the one you want!

CatastrophiCreations Gardens Set for Cats Multiple-Level Wall Mounted Scratch, Hammock Lounge, Play & Climbing Activity Center Furniture Cat Tree Shelves
  • Hand-crafted beautiful, large, and sleek design
  • Perfect play structure to bring out the acrobat in your cat
  • Gives cats an outlet for their climbing needs

3. Hey-bro Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree Review

Hey-bro Extra Large Multi-Level Cat Tree Review

If you need a traditional cat tree that can handle a large breed, the Hey-bro (interesting name, huh?) is a good option.

While this one doesn’t have swinging hammocks, it does have two fabulously plush nest-like hammocks that cats will love.

Features & Pros

  • Overall size is 21.7″L x 21.7″W x 63.8″H, so it’s not a total beast but still big enough for cats to really get a workout.
  • Includes two cozy hammocks that are securely attached to the poles.
  • Sisal wraps the poles from top to bottom, giving kitty plenty of places to sharpen those claws.
  • Caves are large enough for bigger cats like the Savannah.
  • Comes with anti-toppling devices for added security.
  • Perches are covered in super thick plush fabric for the ultimate napping spot.


  • While the hammocks are great overall, they do wobble a bit, which may freak out some cats.
  • The jump from the base to the first level is a bit steep for kittens, munchkin cats or seniors with joint problems.
  • The dangling toy could be a safety hazard since it doesn’t break away.


I love that everything on this large breed cat tree is actually big enough for large kitties. While I don’t adore the toy, it’s easy enough to just snip off.

I wouldn’t recommend it for seniors or teeny kitties, just because that first level is so far off the ground.

Yes, it comes with a ladder, but honestly, my cats have never used the ladder on their tree in the 2+ years I’ve had it.

Bottom line: it’s a good buy for average to large breeds who are still in their agile years.

Hey-brother Large Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo Furniture with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts, 2 Bigger Plush Condos, Perch Hammock for Kittens, Cats and Pets Light Gray MPJ020W
  • 【CHECK OUT HIGHLIGHTS OF CAT TREE】Step-like jump multi-layer...
  • 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL SPECIAL DESIGN】 Step-like jump multi-layer...
  • 【COSY TO LOUNGE & EASY TO CLEAN】Top perch with thick padding at...

4. FEANDREA Sturdy Cat Tree With Hammock Review

FEANDREA Sturdy Cat Tree With Hammock Review

FEANDREA is another brand that we’ve talked about before. Along with Go Pet Club, they’re among my favorite budget-friendly brands.

Unfortunately, the latter doesn’t really make good cat trees with hammocks, which is why they’re not on this list.

Features & Pros

  • Overall size: 36.2″L x 35.4″W x 68.5″H
  • Comes with two hammocks: a traditional one and a nest-style one.
  • The traditional hammock attaches fairly securely, but the nest one is my favorite.
  • Condo is roomy enough for most cat breeds.
  • Includes a removable cat bowl that’s great for feeding kitty up high away from dogs and toddlers.
  • The base is strengthened with battens (as in “batten down the hatches!”)
  • Comes with anti-toppling devices for even more stability.
  • FEANDREA is all about customer service and will go above & beyond to make sure you’re happy with your purchase.


  • Sisal only covers the mid section of the poles. I prefer top to bottom coverage.
  • Again, the dangly toy doesn’t break away so it could become a hazard.
  • The house is only solid on the top and base. The sides are just fabric.


I love the added safety features that help keep this from tipping over. The toy is easily removed, so it’s not a huge deal.

It’s room enough for most cats without costing a small fortune, so that alone makes it a great pic for Maine Coon owners.

My only major issue is the sisal wrapping, or rather lack of it on the top and bottom of the poles.

If that bothers you, maybe you could add extra rope so it covers the entire pole.

FEANDREA Cat Tree with Feeding Bowl, Cat Condo with Sisal Posts, Hammock and Cave, Padded Platform, Climbing Tree for Cats, 64.6 Inches, Light Gray UPCT99W
  • Cats-Only Club: Proud furry felines don't like it when their...
  • For Little Kittens and Fluffy, Chubby Cats: If you have a whole flock...
  • Now More Stable: Whether a muscular Ragdoll cat or a large Savannah...

5. Space-Saving ZNWIYE Cat Tree Condo Review

Space-Saving  ZNWIYE Cat Tree Condo Review

Last on our list of the best cat trees with hammocks: a space-saving budget-friendly pick under $100.

The ZNWIYE (don’t even ask me how to say that) is a compact & lightweight without scrimping on features that cats love.

Features & Pros

  • Overall size is 24 x 18.5 x 35.2
  • Surprisingly roomy for such a compact tree, with large platforms & perches.
  • The hammock is a nest-style deal that’s large enough for a medium to smaller end of the large spectrum.
  • Covered in cozy high-quality plush that’s soft & comfy for your kitty.
  • Sisal rope wraps the poles from top to bottom (yay!).
  • Easy to assemble.
  • ZNWIYE as a seller has excellent reviews as well, so you can feel confident that they’ll solve any issues that may arise.


  • While the platform & hammock is roomy, the condos are a bit too small for larger cats.
  • No added stability features, so it can be wobbly.
  • Once again, the dangling toy can be a safety hazard (cats can get twisted up in it).


Overall, this is a good option for cat owners who don’t have a lot of space and/or extra cash for one of the bigger cat trees with hammocks.

While it’s lacking in stability features, it’s low to the ground so I’m not too concerned with that particular con.

Pardon my repetition, but the toy is easy enough to remove, so it doesn’t have a huge impact on my opinion.

I love that the seller has so many positive reviews, too. It gives me more confidence in buying.

Final Recommendation

If you have the budget (and walls) for it, definitely go with the CatastrophiCreations.

It’s just so unique & stylish that you really can’t go wrong with it!

However, if you can’t hang massive cat tree systems on your walls, I find that you can never go wrong with FEANDREA.

That said, if you have the room for it, the Tangkula is just so incredibly neat!

What about you? Which of these cat trees with hammocks would you buy? Do you love any others that I didn’t mention? Share below!

Nicole Etolen
Nicole Etolen

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