If you’re curious about the best Etsy cat trees, let me help you out. 

I’ve come across some incredibly unique options on the craft site during my cat tree research!

From space-saving modular options to sleek modern trees, Etsy has a little of everything.

Let’s start with why they’re the best place to buy cat trees, then we’ll check out my favorites!

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Editor's Choice
Top Benefit
Made with premium materials like real tree wood
Sisal wrap around each pole from top to bottom
Made of thick birch plywood treated with eco-friendly oils
Made with natural solid wood
Interchangeable modular parts
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Editor's Choice
Product Name
Top Benefit
Made with premium materials like real tree wood
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Product Name
Top Benefit
Sisal wrap around each pole from top to bottom
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Top Benefit
Made of thick birch plywood treated with eco-friendly oils
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Top Benefit
Made with natural solid wood
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Top Benefit
Interchangeable modular parts
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Why Etsy for Cat Trees?

If you want a simple carpeted cat tree, then yes, Amazon or Chewy is the way to go.

However, if you’re in the market for something a little more unique, Etsy should be your first stop.

Not only will you find one-of-a-kind designs there, but your purchase helps support small businesses.

In most cases, that “small business” is just a single artisan trying to make a living doing what they love.

Yes, the cost is higher. Sometimes, astronomically so! However, they’re worth it in my opinion.

See, typically, these items are made with natural materials that are both eco-friendly and far more durable than particle board (or MDF wood).

So, while dropping $200, $300, or even $500+++ on a cat tree seems crazy at first, when you realize that it’s the last cat tree you’ll need to buy, the cost is easier to swallow.

Bottom line, you’re more likely to find high-quality, natural, and unique cat trees on Etsy than just about anywhere else.

Now, ready to check out my favorites?

Best Etsy Cat Trees

During all my research, I’ve come across so many Etsy cat trees that I loved, but didn’t really fit the topic that I was working on.

So, finally, I get to share them! A couple of these are repeats from previous posts, but the majority of them are totally new to you.

Let’s get started!

1. Mau Wooden Cat Condo

The Mau Store makes some of the most gorgeous Etsy Cat Trees, but this Wooden Cat Condo is my favorite. Let’s check out the features and pros, then discuss the few cons.

Features & benefits

  • Made with premium materials like real tree wood (treated to avoid rot) and rope.
  • Comes in 3 color options (brown, gray, and white)
  • Two spacious woven baskets with removable cushions.
  • Machine-washable cushions will last for years.
  • Perches designed to fit even the largest cats.
  • Includes a cushioned cat cave.
  • Every part of it is hand-made, so it’s one of a kind.
  • Comes with two pom-pom toys.
  • 30- Day money-back guarantee.
  • Mau Store donates 5% of proceeds to animal charities AND plants a new tree with every purchase.
  • Made in the USA, and ships free.


  • Currently taking 8-10 weeks to ship


Literally the only thing I could find wrong with this one is that it takes a while to ship.

However, that’s due to current events, and not typical.

It’s a gorgeous tree with a fair price, and it even fits Maine Coon cats! You know how rare that is, right?

If it’s gone, check out the Mau Store storefront for more options.

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2. Cat Tree with 3 Towers

The 3-tower cat tree by Cat’s Cozy Space has a sleek modern look that you’ll love, and plenty of features your cat will adore.

Features & benefits

  • Three towers for kitty to climb
  • Sisal wrap around each pole from top to bottom
  • Made with solid wood and natural rope
  • Heavy and stable construction
  • Thick poles hold up to heavy-duty scratching
  • Modern design fits in with any decor


  • Pricey shipping
  • Ships from Poland, so it takes longer to arrive
  • Condo too small for large breeds


I feel like this one would be best for small to medium cats, as the condo and platform look a smidge too small for large breeds.

While I don’t love the shipping price on top of the already high (but again, fair) cost, I understand the reasoning behind it.

The tree ships from overseas, and offering free shipping would eat up the seller’s profits.

If it’s gone, check out other listing by Cat’s Cozy Space, as they have many similar models.

They’ll also custom-make something just for you if you contact them, so it’s possible to get a tree made for an XL cat!

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3. Unique Cat Trees by RshPets

This unique cat tower by Rshpets is just so much fun, don’t you think? Let’s take a closer look.

Features & benefits

  • Four levels, so good for multiple cats
  • Made of thick birch plywood treated with eco-friendly oils
  • Shelves, hammocks, and beds that can be mounted anywhere on the base
  • Made with durable, washable fabrics
  • Fun modern design
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Personalization available, just message the seller with details


  • A bit too small for large breed cats
  • High shipping cost
  • Assembly required
  • Comes from the Ukraine, so can take a while to arrive


At just over $200, it’s practically a steal (for a handmade cat tree, anyway).

Yes, plywood isn’t quite as thick as solid wood, but the price seems to reflect that.

I love the fun blue colors and the fact that you can position the levels any way you want.

If you go with the larger tree, you’ll even get a free wall anchor.

Note, though, that it appears a bit too narrow for larger breeds, so it’s best for small to medium kitties.

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4. Natural Yet Modern Tree by Kitty Cat Trees

For those with simpler tastes, check out this natural yet modern option by Kitty Cat Trees.

Features & benefits

  • Made with natural solid wood
  • Designed to give cats the experience of climbing a real tree
  • Space-saving option
  • Reinforced with hidden steel bolts


  • On the pricier side, even for a handmade cat tree
  • Costs $50 to ship
  • Takes a couple of weeks to ship


While it’s a bit pricey for something fairly simple, I do like the overall aesthetics.

Plus, it’s made with super strong and long-lasting materials, so it’s the last one you’ll ever have to buy.

Buyers agree as the store has a 5-star rating.

However, like the last couple Etsy cat trees (except #1), the platforms don’t really look large enough for a Maine Coon or other XL breed.

If this one is gone, check out their storefront for other options.

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5. Modular Condo by Urban Feline

Another great modern option is this Modular Condo by Urban Feline

Features & benefits

  • 12 different configuration options (price varies depending on option)
  • Interchangeable modular parts
  • 19 different primary color choices to fit your home decor
  • Covered with soft luxurious fabrics, like faux fur.
  • Hypoallergenic and bleach-safe fabrics.
  • Recycled padding layer beneath the surface for added comfort.
  • Roomy for cats without taking up a lot of floor space.
  • Lightweight yet durable materials
  • Ships free in the US


  • Pricey, especially for the larger models
  • Assembly required (but it’s fairly straight-forward)
  • Again, not really large enough for XL breeds
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6. Cat Cactus Tree

RiverNCats Cactus for Cats

If you’re looking for a cat tree shaped like a cactus, this one by RiverNCats is the one you want!

Features & benefits

  • Stands at 47″ tall
  • Made with solid wood
  • Covered in heavy-duty sisal from top to bottom
  • Multiple color choices for both the tree and the base
  • All natural dyes
  • Big enough for large breed cats
  • Personalization available


  • Pricey
  • Extremely expensive shipping (nearly $200)
  • Take 4-6 weeks to ship


The shipping fees are pretty astronomical. Combined with the regular cost, it brings this up to about $500.

However, if you desperately want a cactus-shaped cat tree, this is one of the few that’ll actually hold up over time.

Despite the cons, it does have a 5-star rating on Etsy, so people really do love it.

According to the seller, the increase in shipping fees (it was only $90 a few months ago) is due to current world events.

They ship from Austria and have limited options for shipping to the US right now.

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7. Cat Condo with dog proof litter box

This one by Wilson Pet Beds is pricey, yes, but as we discuss the features and pros you’ll see why it’s worth it.

Features & benefits

  • Made out of solid sealed wood with sisal-wrapped legs
  • Includes a hidden litter box compartment to keep odors from seeping out
  • Compartment is also dog-proof! So Fido can’t go sneaking “tootsie rolls.”
  • Double hinged door makes easy work of changing the litter
  • 19 different color options
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Can be customized to fit your specifications (and your cat!)
  • Free personalization
  • 100% handmade and cat approved


  • Pricey (but worth it)
  • Prep time varies by piece, so it could take some time to arrive


This one is great for those looking for a carpet-free cat tree that will last a lifetime.

Remember that you can get it in 19 different shades if you don’t like the dark brown.

My house already has way too much brown (we rent, so we can’t change it), so I think I’d go with beige.

Check out their store for more pet furniture for both cats and dogs, or to contact them about a custom piece.

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8. Kit-ty Tree Deluxe with Topper Assembly Cat Tree Kit

If you want something that sort of looks like a real tree, try this one by Pet Tree Houses.

Features & benefits

  • Made with real tree branches as well as wood, sisal and silk (for the leaves)
  • Four levels of fun
  • Stands almost 72″ tall
  • Good for small and average-sized cats
  • Made in the USA
  • Ships Free


  • Assembly required, but customers say it’s easy
  • Pricey
  • Platforms not wide enough for XL breeds.
  • Takes 6-8 weeks to arrive


As far as cat trees that look like real trees go, this is one of my favorites.

It doesn’t have the full-on tree look of some, I know, but the pros make up for that!

Just note that it’s a DIY kit. That could be a pro if you’re looking for a fun little project to kill an hour, though!

Pet Tree Houses does offer pre-built trees in their shop if you prefer, though they’re quite a bit more.

Also, based on the photos, I feel like the platforms probably aren’t wide enough for XL breeds.

The nice thing about Etsy, though, is that most sellers will work with you to help customize your tree, so it’s worth asking!

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9. Floor-to-ceiling cat tree

Another one by Cats Cozy Space, this floor to ceiling model doesn’t take up a ton of space yet still gives kitty plenty of places to explore.

Features & benefits

  • Made with natural wood and sisal rope
  • Five seats and platforms for kitty
  • Two seats can be rotated
  • Top 3 seats are sisal-plaited baskets 
  • Thick posts covered in sisal
  • Designed for 8′ ceilings
  • Seller will customize the height to fit your home, just message them


  • Pricey + costs about $95 to ship
  • Ships from Poland so it can take awhile
  • Platforms look too small for XL cat breeds


Again, if you need a different height (maybe you have taller ceilings, for example) just contact the seller.

I love floor to ceiling cat trees because I have very little floor space, so they’re an easy way to give my cats a luxury tower without giving up all my floor.

While it’s a pricey tree, remember, it’s real wood, not fake particle stuff that will fall apart.

Plus, it’s beautiful with its simple design, don’t you think?

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10. Freestanding Wooden Modular Cat House

I am a huge fan of Catissa’s Etsy cat trees, and this one is my current favorite.

Features & benefits

  • Freestanding modular design
  • Choose from faux fur or natural sheepskin cushion materials
  • 4 color options
  • Large enough for pretty much all cats
  • Easy to clean, surfaces don’t gather dust
  • Free shipping


  • Ships from Estonia, so takes some time
  • Pricey-ish (not as much as some others, though)


I’m sure you’ve seen me talk about Catissa when we were discussing wall-mounted cat trees.

This one is perfect for those who can’t punch holes in their walls, though.

I love that it’s modular, so you can set it up however you want. I also love how roomy all of the condos are. Perfect for Maine Coons!

Each one is made to order, so you’ll have to be a bit patient, but totally worth it in my opinion.

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Final Recommendation

I told you my favorite one early on, but honestly, I love them all for different reasons.

My second favorite has to be the Catissa. It’s perfectly sizes for my kitties!

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If you're curious about the best Etsy cat trees, let me help you out. From space-saving modular to sleek modern trees, these 10 are my favorites!

What are your picks for the best Etsy cat trees? Share below!

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