Have you seen the adorable Kitty Hollow Cat Tree on Cats Play Furniture?

As adorable as they are, let’s be honest- they’re not exactly cheap!

Are they worth the money, and if so, which gives you the most bang for your buck?

Read on for the answer to both questions. 

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The Kitty Hollow Cat Tree sure is cute, but is it worth the fairly high price tag? We'll look at the features, pros and cons to find out!

What is the Kitty Hollow Cat Tree?

The Kitty Hollow Cat Tree is a whimsical structure that looks kind of like something straight out of a fairy tale. 

It’s more than just a cat tree that looks sort of like a real tree, though. It’s an entire playground for your kitty. 

As a Signature Cat Furniture Line item, it’s a Cats Play Furniture exclusive, so you’ll only find it in their main online store or their Etsy shop

Let’s look at the features, pros and cons of the entire lineup itself, then we’ll go over the varieties to see which is the best Kitty Hollow cat tree. 

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  • Entrance at the base, but here’ s the twist- it’s in the back, a la secret entrance style. 
  • Each tree has a cozy solid top that’s perfect for grabbing a nap. 
  • One or more perches, depending on the size. 
  • Part of each perch is tucked inside the tree, so kitty can use them as steps to run up and down. 
  • All varieties are made with residential-grade carpet. 
  • Solid wood construction, no MDF. 
  • Option to add catnip mice toys to hang on the tree. 


  • Three different sizes to fit most budgets and homes. 
  • Not terribly bulky, so good for an apartment. 
  • Fun style
  • Plenty of hidden areas for your cat to escape to
  • Super high-quality materials, built to last. 
  • Made in the USA by a team of expert furniture builders. 
  • Free shipping

One last pro- while I thought it would be too small for large kitties like the Maine Coon, this video below proves otherwise!


  • Expensive
  • Assembly required
  • Only one style as far as colors go. 
  • Takes up to two weeks to ship

Now that we know the basics of this fun tree, let’s take a look at the different sizes so we can decide which gives us the most bang for our buck. 

Kitty Hollow Cat Tree Sizes

The Kitty Hollow Cat Tree comes in three different sizes, 32″, 48″ and 63″. So, basically, small, medium and large, to simplify things.

Let’s take a peek at the specifications for each one. Prices are accurate as of today and subject to change.

PreviewKitty Hollow Cat Tree SmallKitty Hollow Cat Tree MediumKitty Hollow Cat Tree Large
Base Size20″x20″20″x20″24″x24″
PerchesOneTwo Three

Small Kitty Hollow Cat Tree

Kitty Hollow Cat Tree Small

The 32″ Kitty Hollow Cat Tree is the smallest- and cheapest price wise– of the trio. It stands 33″ tall, is 12″ in diameter and has  20×20″ base and top area. 

It features a single perch midway up the tree, plus the top bed for lounging. 

While it’s just the right size for a super small space, it doesn’t offer much in the way of climbing. 

I like this one for a kitten or for a senior cat who is past the “zoomies” stage of life. 

This one will run you $419 on its own, or add up to ten catnip mice for an additional fee ($30 for 10).

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Medium Kitty Hollow Cat Tree

Kitty Hollow Cat Tree Medium

The 48″ version is a good middle-of-the-line option in both price and size. It stands 48″ tall. Like the smaller model, it’s 12″ in diameter and 20×20″ at the base and top. 

This one offers kitty two perches for climbing and lounging, plus the comfy little “nest” on top. 

Since it’s the same size as the small in every way except height, it’s equally as good for small spaces. 

This one will run you $599 on its own. Again, you can also add on up to 10 catnip mice for an extra fee. 

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Large Kitty Hollow Cat Tree

Kitty Hollow Cat Tree Large

The largest Kitty Hollow Cat tree – their 63″ model– is definitely the most luxurious!

It stands at exactly Nikki height (that’s me, in case it wasn’t obvious), or 63″ for those who prefer actual numbers. 

Like the others, it’s 12″ in diameter. However, it does have a wider base and topper at 24×24″. 

This model offers up 3 perches for kitty’s enjoyment. With part of each one inside, it’s truly a cat playground inside and out. 

It’ll cost you quite a pretty penny, though, at $779. 

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Which is the Best Kitty Hollow Cat Tree?

I can’t really decide for you which is the best. It depends on your cat, your budget, and your space. 

Obviously, the largest model gives you the most bang for your buck, thanks to the extra perches and space. 

My second choice would be the medium. It takes up a little less floor real estate but still has enough going on to keep it fun. 

Final Recommendation: Are Any Really Worth the Price?

Short version- yes, actually, I think they are, and not just because if you buy one through us we get a commission. 

Yes, they’re very expensive for cat trees, but here’s the thing- they’re actually made from real wood and other premium materials.

In other words, they’ll hold up A LOT longer than a prefab particle board cat tree.

Of course, it’s not worth sacrificing, say, your electricity or something.

So, if you’re on a super tight budget and buying one would hurt you financially, then no, it’s not worth it.

I mean, cat trees are nifty and all, but they’re splurges, not life-sustaining essentials.

On the other hand, if you have the money, they’re absolutely worth it.

They’re built to last, so you won’t need to keep shelling out more money year after year on replacement trees.

Which one do you think is the best Kitty Hollow Cat Tree? Do you think they’re worth the investment? Share your thoughts below.

Nicole Etolen
Nicole Etolen

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