When you’re looking for the best litter boxes for Maine Coon cats, size definitely matters!

You can’t really get away with those space-saving, teeny-tiny litter pans like you can with smaller breeds.

Today, we’ll take a look at which factors to consider when shopping for your large cat’s litter needs.

Then, we’ll check out my top five picks for the best XL litter boxes!

Let’s get started!

Looking for the best litter boxes for Maine Coon cats? Size definitely matters! Find out what to look for, then check out our top 5 XL litter box picks!

Choosing the Best Litter Boxes for Maine Coon Cats

Some factors to consider when choosing the best litter box for your Maine Coon cat includes size and type of box as well as where you’ll be placing it.

Let’s go over some basics.

We’ll discuss each one a bit more as we talk about my top 5 picks, but I want to give you a general overview to start with.

Looking for the best litter boxes for Maine Coon cats? Size definitely matters! Find out what to look for, then check out our top 5 XL litter box picks!

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1. Size

While even the largest cat will somehow manage to do their business in a teeny litter pan if they’re determined enough, it’s definitely not ideal.

A tiny box can lead to great big Maine Coon litter box problems!

See, even if your Maine Coon does manage to squeeze his giant kitty behind into a tiny box, he’ll make a huge mess when he tries to cover said “business.”

Do you really want to clean cat pee and poop off the floor every time he goes?

No, I didn’t think so! See, size does matter!

Male Maine Coons can weigh up to 25 pounds and grow between 18-26 inches, and females up to about 20 lbs and 16-24 inches long.

That’s larger than many small-breed dogs! Seriously, the Maine Coon is larger than my brother’s Westie mix and dachshund combined!

So, what is a good rule of thumb for choosing the perfect sized litter box?

According to cat behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett, “In general, the litter box should be one-and-a-half times the length of your cat from tip of the nose to base of the tail.”

Note the words “base of tail.” I read it as “tip of tail” and went nuts trying to find a 3-foot-long litter box! I need more coffee, apparently.

2. Type of Box

Forget “to be or not to be,” when it comes to litter boxes, the burning question is “to cover or not to cover?”

I’ve been a cat mom for about 24 years, and for at least 23 of those I’ve had a covered litter box of some sort.

I’m not yet a Maine Coon mom (it’s the dream, though, and I have a mix that I am convinced is part MC), but I’ve had my share of big kitties.

So yes, you can have a covered box for a Maine Coon. However, you can also go with uncovered boxes if you prefer, as long as it’s big enough.

3. Placement

Where you plan to put the litter box matters quite a bit when choosing the right one. That goes for all cats, but even more so with XL litter boxes.

If you plan to stick it in a well-traveled area (even if that’s just your bathroom), then you’ll want an XL box with a lid.

On the other hand, if you’re tucking it under a cabinet or someplace totally out of the way, you can go with an uncovered XL box.

Now that we have a general idea of what to look for, let’s check out some of the best XL litter boxes for Maine Coon cats!

Top 5 Litter Boxes for Maine Coon Cats

Each of these top five litter boxes for Maine Coon cats is big enough to accommodate the highest end of the MC spectrum.

They’re all a good value for the money, too!

   Litter Box Top Feature Buy It
Petphabet Litter Box with Lid Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Kitty Litter Pan Clear hood, multiple colors
Natures Miracle High-Sided Litter Box Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box High-sided, uncovered
iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box  iPrimio Stainless Steel Box Odor-free and durable
New Age Pet ecoFlex Litter Loo  New Age Pet ecoFlex Litter Loo Hides the litter box, eco-friendly
Kattails Kat Kave Litter Box  Kattails Kat Kave Litter Box No seams, easy to clean


1. Best Extra Large Cat Litter Box with Cover

If you want the best XL covered litter box, the Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Kitty Litter Pan is a good option.

The description boasts that it can hold two cats at once, which means it can comfortably hold one large Maine Coon!

Petphabet Litter Box with Lid

Features and Pros

  • Big enough for two average-sized cats to use at the same time means it’s large enough for your single giant kitty
  • High back and lid to reduce spillover
  • Clear cover helps kitty feel less trapped and closed-in
  • Easy to clean with its durable antimicrobial non-stick plastic
  • Dimensions when assembled: 24.8″L x 20″W x 16.5″H. Door opening size 8.2 X 7.8 inches
  • Comes in 7 different colors (although I only saw 5 on Amazon)! Your cat may not care about having a pink box, but it’s nice to have the option!


  • The tray and the seal between top and bottom may not be strong enough for high-peeing cats.
  • While your cat may love the clear top, you might want something that conceals litter a bit more.

Overall, I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Plus, I just love the fun colors!

2. Best High-Sided Litter Box

If you’re okay with an open box, Nature’s Miracle High-Sided Litter Box is a great litter box large enough for a Maine Coon.

It’s made for high-peeing cats, so it should be perfect for your Maine Coon.

It’s made by the same brand that makes the pet-safe cleaners that we’ve all used at some point to get rid of stinky odors!

Natures Miracle High-Sided Litter Box

Features and Pros

  • The high sides to prevent litter from scattering all over. 
  • Easy to spot clean with a non-stick surface. 
  • Simple black design is easy to hide under a cabinet.
  • 23 inches Length x 18.5 inches Width x 11 inches Height


  • While the design is simple, it is a little blah for those looking for something with a bit more style. Although, to be honest, how much style can you expect from a litter box?
  • The high sides help with high-peeing sprayers, but the low front still lets cats throw litter out the front of the box.

3. Stainless Steel Litter Box

If you want to go with a stainless steel litter box, you really can’t go wrong with iPrimio.

They’re pretty much the #1 stainless steel brand.

Of course, there are only like 3 other brands on that short list, but still, they have an excellent reputation.


iPrimio Ultimate Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box

Features & Pros

  • Rounded edges with no sharp angles makes it safe for kitty.
  • Totally odor-free (the box itself, at least) since steel doesn’t absorb odors like plastic.
  • XL size is  23.5″ x 15.5″ x 6″, making it big enough for even large cats like the Maine Coon. The roominess of it also appeals to cats who are apprehensive about using it. 
  • Easy to clean thanks to the stainless steel and the nonstick coating. 
  • Rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from sliding all over the place.

iPrimio Large Cat Litter Trapper Mat Exclusive Urine:Waterproof Layer. Larger Holes Urine Puppy Pad Option Messy Cats. Soft on Paws Light


It only comes in one size. Fortunately, that size is XL, so it’s not such a major issue.


4.Best Maine Coon Litter Box That Doesn’t Look Like a Litter Box

If you want something that looks nothing like a litter box, go with the New Age Pet ecoFlex Litter Loo. It looks more like a stylish end table!

Okay, so it’s not technically a litter box, but it does fit all size pans. I’m including it because you can just toss in one of those disposable litter boxes and call it a day.

New Age Pet ecoFlex Litter Loo

Features and Pros

  • Fits just about all litter boxes, but it’s perfect for disposable boxes. 
  • Easy assembly with no tools required!
  • Doesn’t retain moisture or odors.
  • Sealed floor design means no leaks, and it’s easy to clean by just wiping it down.
  • Dimensions: Exterior (in) : 30.0 (L) x 24.0 (W) x 28.9 (H); Interior (in) : 28.4 (L) x 22.4 (W) x 25.2 (H); Door (in) : 7.9 (W) x 7.9 (H)
  • 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • You still need to put some sort of litter pan inside of it, since it’s not technically a litter box.
  • Not exactly a space-saving litter box, but I think that’s kind of the point. It lets you put the box out in the open without being in the open.

5. Best Indoor & Outdoor Litter Box

If you want something super roomy that you can use indoors and outside (we have ferals that could use it), the Kattails Kat Kave Litter Box is a great pick. 

It’s the largest litter box on this list, making it perfect for your Maine Coon.

Kattails Kat Kave Litter Box

Features and Pros

  • Made in USA 
  • No middle seams make it easier to clean
  • High walls all around, so far less litter scatter
  • Very heavy duty and designed to last a lifetime
  • 29″L x 19″W x 20″H


  • It’s kind of pricey for a litter box.
  • Doesn’t ship free with Prime, so you have a pretty large added expense.

Despite the cons (and the are big ones), I still highly recommend this box, especially since it’s designed to last for many, many years. If you factor that into the cost, it’s worth it.


My Recommendation

Depending on your budget, I’d either recommend the Kattails Kat Kave or the Petphabet litter box.

The first if you have a high budget and want something that lasts forever. The second if you have a low budget but still want something good.

One more word of advice: if you have a really large Maine Coon or a cat that pees super high, I’ve seen MC parents recommend just using a plastic bin.

It’s not the most attractive option, but sometimes you need to sacrifice style for functionality.


How about you? Do you have any recommendations for the best litter boxes for Maine Coon Cats? Share below!






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