If you’re looking for the best names for large cats like the Maine Coon or Ocicat, we’ve got you covered!

Best Male Cat Names
Best Male Cat Names

Below, you’ll find 51 fantastic ideas inspired by everything from history, movies, and the wild kingdom.

We’ve even come up with clever names based on really huge geographical features and cities!

Let’s take a look, shall we?

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If you're looking for the best names for large cats like the Maine Coon or Ocicat, we've got you covered! Check out 51 that we love!

What qualifies as a large cat?

Before we dive into the best names for large cats, we should probably clarify what we mean by “large.”

The International Cat Association (TICA) recognizes 71 cat breeds, while the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) recognizes 42 breeds of cats.

Large cats are normally ones who are large-boned and/or weigh 14 pounds or more.

Examples of large cat breeds include Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat, Ocicat, Bengal, Ragdoll and Turkish Van.

Ready to check out some names for them? Let’s start with a complete list of all the male and female large names, then we’ll break them down into their categories.

That way, you can either just scan quickly until one pops out or dive into more detail for each one if you prefer.

Complete List of Large Cat Names for Males & Females

  1. Bustopher –
  2. Cheshire
  3. Crookshanks
  4. Fat Louie
  5. Garfield
  6. Morris the Cat
  7. Mr. Tinkles
  8. Orangey –
  9. Scat Cat
  10. Snowbell
  11. Stimpy
  12. Choupette
  13. Duchess
  14. Grizabella
  15. Luna (The Fashion Kitty)
  16. Pusheen
  17. Sassy
  18. Simba
  19. Nala
  20. Kiara
  21. Kovu
  22. Aslan-
  23. Clawhauser-
  24. Hobbes
  25. Samson
  26. Shere Khan-
  27. Tigger-
  28. Tony the Tiger
  29. Mara
  30. Sita
  31. Tigress
  32. Caspian
  33. Denver
  34. Everest
  35. Fargo
  36. Gotthard
  37. Greenland
  38. Hoover
  39. Milan
  40. Phoenix
  41. Windsor
  42. Baltimore
  43. Cheyenne
  44. China
  45. Denali
  46. Giza
  47. Kodiak
  48. Louvre
  49. Sahara-
  50. Vanderbilt
  51. Venetian


If you're looking for the best names for large cats like the Maine Coon or Ocicat, we've got you covered!

Famous Large Male Cat Names

  1. Bustopher – a fat, upper-class cat in Cats the Musical
  2. Cheshire – the mischievous cat from Alice in Wonderland
  3. Crookshanks – Hermione’s cat in the Harry Potter series
  4. Fat Louie – from the Princess Diaries. He was Mia’s fussy kitty!
  5. Garfield – a cat who needs to introduction, perfect name for a lazy orange tabby!
  6. Morris the Cat – the famous spokescat for 9 Lives food.
  7. Mr. Tinkles – from Cats & Dogs, he’s a smart but power-hungry white Persian cat
  8. Orangey – the only cat to have won 2 Patsy Awards for his roles in the 1951 movie- Rhubarb and the 1962 movie- Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  9. Scat Cat – the leader of the Alley Cats, a jazz band, in The Aristocats.
  10. Snowbell – the smart, kind, and loyal kitty from Stuart Little.
  11. Stimpy – from Ren & Stimpy. Did you know his full name is Stimpson J. Cat?


  1. Choupette- a Birman cat and the pet of the late Karl Lagerfeld, the famous German artist.
  2. Duchess- a spoiled grey Persian cat who appears in the Babe movies.
  3. Grizabella- is a grey tabby cat from the musical Cats
  4. Luna (The Fashion Kitty)- a Himalayan cat with a huge following on Facebook.
  5. Pusheen- a cartoon cat that appears on comic strips and sticker sets on Facebook.
  6. Sassy- Sassy is a Himalayan cat and the pet of Hope Seaver in the Homeword Bound movies.


Lion King Characters

Simba and Nala were introduced in the 1994 movie- The Lion King, while Kiara and Kovu were introduced in the 1998 movie- The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.

  • Simba- Simba was a cub when he was introduced, but now is an adult lion and the King of Pride Rock.
  • Nala- Nala is an adult lioness, the mate of Simba and mom to a son, Kion and a daughter, Kiara.
  • Kiara- Kiara is a lioness who is the daughter of Simba and Nala, older sister of Kion and mate of Kovu.
  • Kovu- Kovu is a male lion who is the son of Zira, the brother of Nuka and Vitani, as well as the mate of Kiara.


  • Aslan- known as “The Great Lion,” he is from The Chronicles of Narnia franchise.
  • Clawhauser- a chubby cheetah character in the 2016 movie- Zootopia.
  • Hobbes- the best friend and stuffed tiger of six-year-old Calvin.
  • Samson- a male lion character from the 2006 movie- The Wild. He is the leader of the animals at a zoo.
  • Shere Khan- a fictional, muscular Bengal tiger who stars in The Jungle Book media franchise.
  • Tigger- an energetic anthropomorphic stuffed tiger character, who belongs to Christopher Robin, from Winnie the Pooh.
  • Tony the Tiger- an advertising cartoon mascot for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes cereal


  • Mara and Sita- Mara and Sita are both subjects of the 2011 Disneynature documentary- African Cats. These are perfect for African cat names.
  • Tigress- a female tiger character in the Kung Fu Panda media franchise.


If you're looking for the best names for large cats like the Maine Coon or Ocicat, we've got you covered!


  • Caspian- Caspian Sea, located in Western Asia and the Eastern edges of Europe, is the World’s Largest Lake.
  • Denver- Denver is the largest city in Colorado.
  • Everest- Mount Everest is the World’s Highest Mountain Peak.
  • Fargo- Fargo is the largest city in North Dakota, with a 2019 population of 124,844.
  • Gotthard- Gotthard Base Tunnel is the World’s Longest Tunnel, measuring 35.5 miles in length.
  • Greenland- Greenland is the World’s Largest Island.
  • Hoover- Hoover Dam is the 2nd Tallest Dam in the U.S., standing at 726.4 feet high.
  • Milan- Milan Cathedral is the World’s 5th Largest Cathedral, located in northern Italy, in the city of Milan.
  • Phoenix- Phoenix is the largest city in Arizona, with a 2019 population of 1.66 million.
  • Windsor- Windsor Castle is the World’s Largest Inhabited Castle, located in southeast England, in the town of Windsor.


  • Baltimore- The largest city in Maryland, with a 2019 population of 609,841.
  • Cheyenne- The largest city in Wyoming, with a 2019 population of 63,957.
  • China- China is the World’s Most Populated Country, with a 2019 population of 1.43 billion.
  • Denali- Mount Denali is the Highest Mountain Peak in North America.
  • Giza- Giza is the World’s 4th Tallest Pyramid.
  • Kodiak- Kodiak Island is the 2nd Largest Island in the U.S., located in the Gulf of Alaska.
  • Louvre- The Louvre in Paris is the World’s Largest Art Museum, measuring 782,910 square feet.
  • Sahara- The Sahara Desert is the World’s 3rd Largest Desert, Located in northern Africa.
  • Vanderbilt- One Vanderbilt is the 5th Tallest Building in the U.S.
  • Venetian- The Venetian, in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the Largest Hotel in the U.S. The hotel is 475 high with 36 floors and 7,117 rooms.

With so many fantastic large cat names inspired by everything from history and literature to geography, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one for your new kitty!

Tell us below, what are your favorite names for large cats?

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