If you’re looking for black cat names from movies for your newly adopted cat, then you are going to be very happy about this list.

From starring roles to supporting characters, we’ve rounded up all of Hollywood’s most famous black cats.

We’ve also included a few other movie names that, while not specifically cats, make great names nonetheless.

Let’s get started!

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If you're looking for black cat names from movies for your newly adopted cat, then you are going to be very happy about this list.  Check it out!

Black Cat Names From Movies for Females

  1. Belle – probably the most elegant Disney princess.
  2. Bluestar – one of the famous cat warriors!
  3. Buttercup – this name became popular along with The Hunger Games movie.
  4. Choupette – the most famous cat, belonging to Karl Lagerfeld.
  5. Coraline– While the black cat in the movie is nameless, this still makes a great name.
  6. Diana– from Sailor Moon
  7. Duchess – from the movie Babe, guaranteed to come with a lot of feelings!
  8. Hecate– Catwoman’s pet cat.
  9. Katerina Kittycat– While not a black cat, Daniel Tiger’s pal still has a great name!
  10. Luna – she is the most famous Sailor Moon cat!
  11. Marilyn – of course, everyone knows the famous Monroe and it is an amazing name!
  12. Mavis – everybody loves Thomas, and we can happily remember the beautiful Mavis!
  13. Mirage– a catlike creature from Aladdin.
  14. Mittens – not everybody knows this one, but it was Bolt’s sidekick in the movie!
  15. Nala – one of the iconic Lion King characters, for a fearless cat!
  16. Pandora – the legendary Brandy Bunch cat!
  17. Pixel – also known as The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
  18. Selina – also known as Catwoman, the famous Batman character.
  19. Trinity – she is one of the most memorable characters of all time, appearing in The Matrix.
  20. Ursula – the well-known character from the Little Mermaid.

Whether you want to give your precious cat a very powerful name, or you just want to bring up some of the Disney magic, there are many names to choose from.

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Black Cat Names From Movies for Males

If you're looking for black cat names from movies for your newly adopted cat, then you are going to be very happy about this list. Check it out!
  1. Alfred – he is not just a butler, but he is the most important person in Bruce Wayne’s life!
  2. Azrael – remember The Smurfs? Then you definitely remember this mischievous cat!
  3. Bagheera – the Jungle Book features one of the most iconic felines of all time.
  4. Baloo – the friendliest pal someone can ever ask for!
  5. Boo– Ghost cat’s sidekick in Funky Phantom.
  6. Binx– from Hocus Pocus, he’s a boy trapped in a cat’s body!
  7. Felix – this is probably the most famous cat of all times, known by everyone!
  8. Figaro – the most adorable kitten of all times, starring in Pinocchio!
  9. Lucifer – and of course, you know Tremaine’s’ cat, from the Cinderella movie.
  10. Neo – as part of The Matrix, this one really is as impressive as he can be!
  11. Salem – We can’t forget the wise-cracking black cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch!
  12. Scat Cat- from The Aristocats!
  13. Snape – Harry Potter comes with some very interesting names too!
  14. Snowball – and of course, we can’t leave the Simpsons cat aside!
  15. Sylvester – of course, we can’t miss the magnificent Looney Tunes character.
  16. Thackery– Binx the Cat’s first name in Hocus Pocus also makes a good one!
  17. Vader – probably the most memorable movie character of all time!
  18. Yoda the Star Wars universe brings us a great Halloween name for any black cat!
  19. Zazzles – if The Big Bang Theory tells you something, then you probably remember Sheldon’s cat!
  20. Zorro – everyone knows who he is, and he is ready to save the day!

All of these are very special names for your black cat, be them from movies, TV series or just iconic characters throughout the time.

What are your favorite black cat names from movies? Share below!

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