Finding a high-quality black and white cat tree can be rather tricky.

The color scheme tends to be the most popular used with these products.

It leads to a lot of them being less than suitable options for your cats.

But I’ve done extensive research into this marketplace and found some stellar options for these cat trees condos reviews.

Check out the table for a quick overview of these black and white cat trees, then read on for more details!

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top black and white cat trees at a glance

Don’t have time? Here is a quick comparison of our favorites!

Editor's Choice
an orange tabby cat playing on a black and white cat tree
a very adorable black and white cat tree with a tiger cat on it
PetPals Cat Tree Royal 3 Level Jet Black and Porcelain White Cat Tree with Toy (Without Cat Self Groomer)
Go Pet Club Cat Tree Black Color
a cat tree with stairs and swing, one of the cutest black and white cat trees
Top Benefit
Carpet material is easy to clean
Tough, resilient scratching posts
Perfect for cats up to 15 pounds
Comfortable faux fur outer material
Broad base for excellent stability
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Editor's Choice
an orange tabby cat playing on a black and white cat tree
Top Benefit
Carpet material is easy to clean
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a very adorable black and white cat tree with a tiger cat on it
Top Benefit
Tough, resilient scratching posts
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PetPals Cat Tree Royal 3 Level Jet Black and Porcelain White Cat Tree with Toy (Without Cat Self Groomer)
Top Benefit
Perfect for cats up to 15 pounds
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Go Pet Club Cat Tree Black Color
Top Benefit
Comfortable faux fur outer material
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a cat tree with stairs and swing, one of the cutest black and white cat trees
Top Benefit
Broad base for excellent stability
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The 5 Best Black and White Cat Trees (Review)

We scoured Amazon and Chewy to find only the best of the best for you. Here’s what we chose.

1. Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

an orange tabby cat playing on a black and white cat tree

Frisco’s Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo starts off our list on an excellent note. 

Everything about this cat tree was built with your cat’s entertainment in mind. 

Your cat will have a ball with its ten scratching posts, two condos, two scratchboard ramps, and dangling toys.

I can easily imagine my cat sitting on the top perch and enjoying every minute of it. 


  • 27″ x 39″ x 72″
  • Ten wrapped sisal scratching posts
  • Two condos
  • Equipped with dangling toys
  • Numerous perches
  • Two scratchboard ramps
A great option for multi-cat householdsPackaging issues
Comfortable faux fur materialToys cant’ be detached or replaced
Easy to assemble
Carpet material is easy to clean
Stable, sturdy construction


Some owners might see the 72-inch height and worry about this cat tree’s stability.

But there’s nothing to worry about here because it has a broad base that gives it a stable construction. 

Your cat will have no issues enjoying every piece of this wonderfully built cat tree.

However, some customers did report missing parts when they received the package. 

Of course, Chewy has excellent customer service to deal with these issues, but it’s still worth noting. 

2. PetPals Cat Tree & Cat Condo

PetPals Cat Tree Royal 3 Level Jet Black and Porcelain White Cat Tree with Toy (Without Cat Self Groomer)

If you’re looking for something a little smaller, PetPals’s Cat Tree & Cat Condo is an excellent choice.

This product packs a lot of comfort into its 49-inch tall design with its many exciting features. 

I can’t say enough about its comfortable, eco-friendly design material, spacious cat condo, and three perches. 

The bottom-level cat condo alone should make this your cat’s new favorite sleeping area.


  • 27″ x 19″ x 49″
  • Four levels
  • Three perches
  • Constructed from natural recycled paper rope
  • Dual scratching posts
  • Includes everything needed for assembly
Eco-friendlyA bit pricey
Perfect for cats up to 15 poundsToo small for XL cat breeds
Stable design
Comfortable bottom level cat condo
Easy to assemble

Final Verdict:

Aside from its high comfort level, owners should be thrilled by this cat tree’s easy assembly. It comes with every piece of hardware and tools needed for the process, making our lives much easier. 

But it shouldn’t be too surprising to learn this option is among the most expensive on our list. You’ll have to decide whether its spacious cat condo and eco-friendly design are worth the extra money. 

PetPals Cat Tree Royal 3 Level Jet Black and Porcelain White Cat Tree with Toy (Without Cat Self Groomer)
  • FEATURES: Teasing toy rubber massager, condo and perch
  • Lovely Design: Handcrafted into a unique design features paper rope...
  • MATERIALS: All perches and condo constructed with soft plush fabric,...

3. Go Pet Club Black and White Cat Tree

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Black Color

The Go Pet Club Black and White Cat Tree might be our most stylish option. 

Its three-level design features an appealing, unique usage of the black/white color scheme. 

Honestly, you almost get a horror film feel from those crazy sisal scratching posts.

It could be a perfect fit for someone looking to spice up their home’s interior a bit. 


  • 26″ x 19.25″ x 60″
  • Three levels
  • Made from faux fur, compressed wood, and sisal rope
  • Spacious second level condo
  • Equipped with a hanging rope and toy
  • Stylish entrance ladder
Appealing designExpensive
Comfortable faux fur outer materialOnly made for small cats
Easy to setup
Sturdy based construction
An excellent choice for smaller cats

Final Verdict:

This cat tree’s visual appeal isn’t its only notable trait, either.

Buyers will love how suitable it’s for smaller cats with its easy assemble, sturdy base construction, and entrance ladder. 

But owners with cats over 12 pounds might want to look elsewhere.

These larger felines might have a hard time squeezing into the cat condo, which could be problematic.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Black Color
  • 60 High Cat Tree Black
  • Material: Compressed wood, faux fur, sisal rope
  • For small cat

4. MidWest Nuvo Tower Cat Tree & Condo

a very adorable black and white cat tree with a tiger cat on it

Multi-cat owners should take a long, hard look at buying MidWest’s Nuvo Tower Cat Tree & Condo.

Its five-level design has more than enough perches, condos, and retreats to support various cats. 

There’s also more than a fair share of scratching posts to give each cat its own. 


  • 22.05″ x 14.97″ x 50.91″
  • Five levels
  • Ultra-soft faux fur material
  • Top-level lounging perch
  • Equipped with resting benches, cubby retreat, and sisal-wrapped scratching posts
  • Includes all necessary tools and hardware
Multi-cat household suitableWobbling issues for bigger cats
Tough, resilient scratching postsCondo way too small for large breeds
Durable construction
Comfortable bottom level cat condo 
Reasonable price

Final Verdict:

Customers might expect a five-level cat tree to be costly, but this has a reasonable price tag. It makes this option a steal for anyone looking to get a bargain. 

However, some customers did note a few issues with wobbling. You can quickly fix them, though, by securing the cat tree to the wall or taking other creative measures. 

5. Trixie Malaga Fleece Cat Tree & Condo

a cat tree with stairs and swing, one of the cutest black and white cat trees

Our final option, Trixie Malaga Fleece Cat Tree & Condo, values comfort over everything. 

Your cat will be in heaven with this cat tree’s two felt-lined condos, hammock, and top-level perch. 

Owners might even find themselves struggling to get their cats away from the tree. 


  • 28″ x 18″ x 43″
  • Two felt-lined condos
  • Features a hammock
  • Top-level perch
  • Ladders and posts wrapped with sisal for scratching
  • Three levels
Ultra levels of comfortTricky assembly
Perfect for scratchingA bit pricey for size
Durable, long-lasting construction
Broad base for excellent stability

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a comfortable black/white cat tree, this one is the perfect fit.

It even has various scratching posts and ladders to ensure your cat can sharpen and wear down its nails with ease. 

But I must admit assembling this cat tree isn’t the easiest. A few customers did note that the instructions were difficult to follow in this cat tree’s reviews. 

However, most of these complaints were followed by comments suggesting it was more than worth the hassle.

I would have to concur based on its excellent features and affordable price.


Choosing a suitable black and white cat tree will come down to several essential factors.

I’ll discuss them below to provide you with everything you might need to pick the perfect one.


As you might imagine, cat trees will come in various sizes and shapes.

It’s crucial to pick an option capable of fitting into its assigned space inside your home. 

I’d advise choosing and measuring this location before picking a cat tree. It’ll allow you to get an option that’s not too big or too small for your home.

As a result, owners should check the tree’s base and height measurements before putting any money down.

You shouldn’t forget to account for your cat’s height, as well.

They should have no trouble standing on the top perch without hitting the ceiling.

Your cat’s overall size and weight will also play a factor in this purchase. You don’t want to pick a cat tree incapable of holding up your cat or allow them to get stuck.

So, please make sure your chosen one has cubby holes and platforms that your cat can fit in/on.

Number of Cats

Multiple cat owners will need a cat tree that lets all their cats use it at once.

In most cases, cats won’t share time on the tree, but it’s not uncommon to see them having a group meeting on it. 

You’ll need to plan for these situations by purchasing a cat tree with at least as many perches as cats in your home.

It’s the only way to ensure those same cats don’t end up fighting over places on the tree (it might happen anyway).


I know you’re already thinking about appearance given the chosen black/white color scheme.

However, you still need to think about the cat tree’s style and design as there are millions of different options. 

Owners will want a cat tree that doesn’t become an eyesore within their homes.

It should have a nice, solid build with an adaptable construction, which meshes well into your home’s interior. 


Top-tier black and white cat trees will offer an impressive amount of stability.

These options will be able to handle a highly energetic cat without ever tipping over. 

Most of these options provide this stability with a broader base construction than usual.

Owners would be doing themselves a favor by selecting cat trees with this particular feature. 

Additional Features

Cat tree manufacturers love placing several additional features onto these products.

You’ll come across cat trees with hammocks, scratching posts, hanging ropes, condos, puffballs, and much more.

Each buyer will have to decide what additional features suit their cat.

For instance, my cat loves playing with ropes and using scratching posts, making them essential aspects of any worthwhile cat tree. 

Where to put your cat tree

Cat tree placement is an essential part of having a successful experience with these products.

Black cat sitting on a perch of a natural cat tree placed in the bedroom.

Let’s look at and discuss some locations to ensure you can correctly place your cat’s new tree.


A bedroom could be an excellent option for certain cat owners. If you have a large bedroom, there’s no reason not to share it with your favorite cat. 

Most owners find the corners of a bedroom to be perfectly suited for a cat tree.

More importantly, its placement inside your room increases the chances your cat will spend the night within the room. 

It’ll help reduce the chances of them pawing at your door and prevent cat hair from overtaking your bed.

But your cat could also keep you up at night by using the scratching post on some of these products.

You’ll have to weigh whether this one issue is worth the risk.

In my case, I would try it out for a while and see if my cat disrupts my sleeping schedule or not. 


If you have a cat who loves going outdoors, they’ll need a warm, clean place to relax when coming inside. Placing a cat tree within your garage could provide it. 

But I’d recommend placing the tree in an area that’s away from bikes, cars, and other larger materials.

You should also install a cat door to let your cat come into the garage whenever they want. 

As a result, your cat will have a nice place to visit when they want to be alone.

It ends up being a safe, comfortable space for them if things get a little too hectic. 

Living Area/Room

Does your cat enjoy socializing with the other pets and humans in their home?

Placing a cat tree inside the living area or living room could be your best option. 

This location allows owners to keep an eye on their cats during the day.

In other words, it’ll help you prevent them from getting a little too mischievous and causing trouble. 

Honestly, I’m a massive fan of the living room cat tree because I adore watching my cats play on these products.

It’s an incredibly entertaining event to witness while watching TV or hanging out on the couch. Check out the video below for a laugh!

Laundry Room

If you’re looking to provide a hiding place for your cat, placing these trees in the laundry room would be a wise move.

It would allow less-social cats to get away from those scary, high-traffic areas within your home. 

After all, laundry rooms aren’t the most visited places inside a home.

It should provide a cat with some much-needed privacy when playing with their favorite cat tree.


Some owners decide to place cat trees in the bathroom, which is a genuinely smart idea IF you actually have enough space in yours.

These trees usually fit well in these locations, especially when it’s in the same room as the litter box. 

Keeping the litter box and cat tree near each other will create a little domicile for your cat.

I’d make sure your kitty has a good view from the tree’s location, as well.

But if your bathroom doesn’t have windows, I would suggest choosing another space.

Your cat might end up shying away from the area as it can be a little too closed off.  

Cat Tree FAQs


Anywhere you want, as long as it’s far enough away from breakables, dangerous plants and other hazards. Popular locations include near a window, in a bedroom, or even your laundry room.


Hard to say, because it depends on the quality. For a cheaper cat tree, don’t expect it to last more than two years. For pricier real-wood cat trees, though, it should last well beyond your cat’s lifetime.

Just as a reminder, if you want our #1 pick, go with the Frisco’s Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo.

It has everything a person could want in a black and white cat tree, plus a few unique additions. 

What is your favorite black and white cat tree? share with us below!

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