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20 Cat Breeds with Big Eyes

There’s something about a cat’s eyes that makes you think about magic and the supernatural.

Maybe it has to do with the way cats stare at empty walls or their haunting gaze that pierces our souls.

Interestingly, when cats are under the weather, their third eye (a white membrane at the inner corner of the eye) is visible.

It’s a reliable indicator that something is wrong with your cat and they need help.

While it might seem that all cats have big eyes, some breeds have more prominent eyes due to their facial structure.

You can also check out the cat breed with small ears or cat with big ears since it’s somewhat related to the topic.

Are you ready to see them?

#1 Singapura

Are you madly in love with cat breeds with big eyes? Then you'll absolutely swoon over these 8 breeds with ginormous peepers! Check them out!

Do you know that the Singapura is one of the smallest cats in the world?

Nevertheless, they’ve huge eyes and ears that you can’t miss to notice.

Besides their huge yellow/hazel eyes, you’ll also notice that the Singapura has cheetah lines (dark lines starting from the corner of the inner eye) and looks like someone has put makeup on them.

While tiny, the Singapura is mischievous, outgoing, and adventurous.

These exotic felines love to chase balls around the house, jump on the keyboard, or climb the drapes.

So, don’t let their size fool you into thinking that you’re getting a laid-back cat.

Still, Singapura cats are quite friendly and won’t hesitate to greet guests or jump on their laps.

They expect to be part of the family and insist on sleeping in your bed. And as you can see from this video, they’ve got an adorable meow.

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#2 Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is one of the cutest big-eared cat breeds with big eyes!

Look at those high cheekbones, satellite-like ears, and oval-shaped eyes!

Devon Rex might look elven and fragile in appearance, but they’re muscular and agile cats with a mischievous spirit.

As a whole, Devon Rex is a very affectionate breed that loves perching on your shoulder and being around you. Check this video if you don’t believe me!

These big-eared cats are moderately active and enjoy learning tricks and playing fetch.

Interestingly, Devon Rex cats might have odd eyes, which makes them look even stunning in appearance.

While you might be enchanted by those piercing round eyes, it’s the wavy coat that makes Devon Rex stand in the crowd.

It’s so fine, soft, and curly that you won’t be able to stop petting it.

Fortunately, Devon Rex are cats that don’t shed a lot, so there won’t be cat hair all over the house.

To learn more about this cute cat, check out this video.

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#3 Sphynx

Another cat breed with big eyes is the adorable, hairless Sphynx. 

Sphynx cats might look delicate with their high cheekbones and wedge-shaped faces, but they’re brave explorers.

They won’t hesitate to climb up high or play with anything that comes into their paws, as you can see from this video.

Moreover, Sphynx cats love attention and get it whenever they go.

They’re active, smart, and charming cats that thrive on human attention.

Their big eyes follow you around the house and observe everything you do.

While the Sphynx is a hypoallergenic breed, this cat’s coat requires frequent baths to keep it clean and oil-free.

So, they aren’t as low maintenance as many people believe.

#4 Persian

 Persian cat breed with big eyes

Do you want a cat breed with big eyes and small ears? Then all you need is the fabulous Persian!

With its large head, full cheeks, snub nose, flat face, and fluffy coat, the Persians are easy to recognize.

They remain one of the most popular breeds thanks to their laid-back personality and majestic appearance.

In general, Persians are affectionate but discriminating cats.

They bond closely with people they like and tend to ignore the rest. Their big eyes are very expressive and communicate clearly how much they like or hate someone.

Due to their facial structure, some Persians have huge, protruding eyes, as you can see in this video.

While these Persians look adorable, they might have serious eye issues.

#5 Ragamuffin

Are you madly in love with cat breeds with big eyes? Then you'll absolutely swoon over these 8 breeds with ginormous peepers! Check them out!

Since Ragamuffins are among the largest cat breeds, it’s no wonder they’ve got such big walnut-shaped eyes.

In fact, everything about the Ragamuffin is big – from their wedge-shaped head to the long bushy tail.

Not only are Ragamuffins adorable when they look at you with their puppy-like eyes, but they’re also sweet and affectionate, as you can see from this video.

They’re one of the few cat breeds that like to be carried around and doesn’t mind being picked up.

Ragamuffins are also smart cats who can learn tricks, love to walk on a leash, and play fetch.

They make excellent family cats since they don’t mind being dressed in clothes or dragged around by an excited child.

However, be careful with your Ragamuffin. It’s easy to drop them when they go limp in your arms.

These fluffy cats also crave human attention and will greet you with their sad, big eyes if you leave them alone.

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#6 Abyssinian

Abyssinian cat breed with big eyes

When you look at the Abyssinians, you might consider them a dangerous breed due to their wild appearance and large size.

However, it only takes one look at those big amber eyes to know that you’re wrong.

In general, Abyssinian cats are affectionate, charming, and intelligent, as you can see from this video.

These tabby cats learn tricks with ease, play with everything in the vicinity, and love climbing.

You can also train your Aby to walk on a leash.

Besides their large eyes, the Abyssinians have a unique coat pattern.

If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that each hair has light/ dark bands of color.

While gorgeous and adorable, the Abyssinian isn’t a cat for inexperienced owners due to their high energy levels.

#7 Cornish Rex

Are you madly in love with cat breeds with big eyes? Then you'll absolutely swoon over these 8 breeds with ginormous peepers! Check them out!

Another cat breed with round eyes is the cute Cornish Rex with their velvet, curly coat, and lively temperament.

It’s a good thing that Cornish Rex has such striking gold or hazel eyes.

They’re brilliant but mischievous cats and often get into trouble. Check this video if you don’t believe me!

But you can’t stay mad at them for long when your Cornish Rex looks at you with their huge eyes and begs forgiveness.

Owners often describe the Cornish Rex as dog like cat breeds because they retrieve toys, sit on your lap whenever possible, and give kisses.

These small cats also like to be held and can manipulate objects with their paws, so you’d better lock your valuables!

#8 Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold

Have you seen people sharing a picture of a black cat with big eyes and wondered about its breed?

Then, you’ve probably stumbled on Gimo, a Scottish Fold cat with huge eyes that looks too cute to be real.

Hana, a white Scottish Fold, also gets many shares thanks to her adorable face and expressive eyes.

One of the reasons Scottish Folds have such huge eyes is the narrow skull’s structure and flatter faces.

The folded ears and small noses also make the eyes look so enormous in comparison.

Besides their regal appearance, Scottish Folds are smart, charming, and active. Check this video to see a cute Scottish Fold kitten in action.

They enjoy puzzle toys and can be quite playful and affectionate towards their owners.

Moreover, the Scottish Fold loves to pose in adorable positions.

You’ll always have plenty of pictures to share with friends.

#9 British Shorthair

Just look at these enormous orange eyes in this video.

British Shorthair cats are a sight to behold with a striking blue coats, big eyes, and round heads. Look at

Depending on the coat colorsBritish Shorthairs have piercing yellow eyes, vibrant green eyes, or vivid blue eyes.

But no matter the eye colorBritish Shorthair cats win people’s hearts with their gentle temperament, friendly disposition, and laid-back personality.

#10 Burmese Cat 

Due to the short face structure, Burmese cats appear to have enormous eyes, but they steal your breath with their silky coats and friendly temperament.

Burmese cats share a lot of traits with their Siamese cats’ ancestors, but they are less vocal. Still, Burmese are intelligent, mischievous, and like to play fetch, as seen in this video.

#11 Chartreux Cat

At first glance, it’s easy to mistake a Chartreux for a British Shorthair. Both breeds have large, expressive pumpkin orange eyes, stocky bodies, and bluish-grey coats.

However, Chartreux’s wooly coat is always blue, and the breed originates from France, not Britain. 

Nowadays, the Chartreux is a rare cat breed, but it still has many admirers, thanks to its adaptability, playfulness, and sociability. 

And it’s one of the quietest cats in the world! Check this video to hear this gentle meow.  

#12 Tonkinese Cat Breed

Tonkinese is a cross between Siamese and Burmese cats, so it’s no surprise it’s among the most popular cats with big eyes.

Interestingly, Tonkinese cats‘ eyes can be in a variety of exotic colors, such as violet, gold, and vivid blue. 

And like its parents, the Tonk is an active, intelligent cat that craves attention and social contact. 

It’s not as loud as Siamese cats, but it’s a talkative cat, as you can see from this video.

#13 Elf Cats 

The Elf cat is a unique feline that combines the hairless coat of the Sphynx and the curly ears of the American Curl

It’s impossible to look at those cute expressive eyes and curly ears and not be smitten with the Elf cat‘s appearance. Just check this video.

The Elf cat‘s coat comes in a wide variety of coat colors and patterns, while the eye color varies from gold to vibrant green to blue. 

It’s an excellent choice for people who want a low-maintanance breed due to its hairless body.

#14 Russian Blue Cats

The Russian Blue is probably one of the most popular cats with big eyes, thanks to its striking appearance – a blue coat and wide-set emerald green eyes

The Russian Blue‘s sweet expression, easy-going personality, and playful nature make them great family pets

Interestingly, Russian Blue kittens are born with blue/yellow eyes, which slowly turn green as the kitten matures. 

Check this video of cute Russian Blue kittens.

#15 Japanese Bobtail Cats

When looking at the Japanese Bobtail, it’s not the large oval eyes that you notice first but their bobbed tail, similar to a rabbit‘s tail. 

The Japanese Bobtail‘s origin goes back more than 1,000 years, but they were imported to the USA in the late 1960s. 

Still, they’re a people’s favorite, thanks to their loving personality, intelligence, and friendliness. 

Check this video to learn more about this amazing breed.

#16 LaPerm Cats

LaPerm is one of the few cat breeds with curly coats and curly whiskers, similar in appearance to Cornish and Devon Rex. 

Unlike other breeds, there’s no relation between coat and eye color, making for some striking combinations. And its large almond eyes seem to pierce right through you.

As for personality, the LaPerm is an active breed, fond of heights, learning new tricks, and spending time with their favorite human. 

Check this cute video of LaPerm cats playing.

#17 Norwegian Forest Cat

With a weight of up to 20 pounds, it’s no surprise that these gorgeous fluffy cats have such big and expressive almond-shaped eyes. 

But their most distinctive feature is the magnificent fluffy coat, which comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

And despite their size, Norwegian Forest cats are great pets and loving companions. And they love solving puzzles, as you can see from this video.

So, if you’re looking for a friendly large cat breed with big eyes, you won’t be disappointed.

#18 Ocicat

Do you want a mini tiger cat with big eyes? Then the Ocicat might be the right breed of cat for you.

The Ocicat spotted coat comes in 12 colors, while its large eyes can be all colors but blue.

Despite its wild appearance, the Ocicat is a mix of Abyssinian, Siamese, and American Shorthair cats. 

And it shares a lot of personality traits with these breeds, being dog-like, social, and affectionate. 

Check this video to learn more about this breed.

#19  California Spangled Cat

The California Spangled cat is another feline with a wild appearance but a soft temperament and sociable side. 

This unique spotted tabby is a mix between several domestic breeds of cats, created to resemble a wild cat. 

Its eyes are large, copper, amber, or green in color, while its coat can be a wide range of colors with typical leopard-styled spots.

Check this short video to learn more about this unique breed!

#20 Siberian Cats

The Siberian is another cat with big eyes from Russia and its cold climate. 

That explains its fluffy coat that allows the Siberian to tolerate cold and its large eyes, perfect for spotting prey from a great distance.

Usually, Siberian cats have green or yellow eyes that contrast nicely with their longhaired fur and give them a sweet facial expression.

These cats are very affectionate and quite smart, as you can see from this cute video.



Cats with big eyes have their charm, and you won’t regret it if you adopt any of these breeds.

They will make great pets for the right owner who showers them with love and provides enough mental and physical simulations.

However, some of these breeds might have eye problems due to the structure of their face.

Clean the eyes regularly and consult your vet if you notice excessive tearing, swelling, or eye discharge.

singapura cat with big eyes

What do you think about our list of cat breeds with big eyes? Which cat breed with big eyes and small ears is your favorite.


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