Looking for the best cat lover gifts for every single occasion?

Best Gift Ideas for your love
Best Gift Ideas for your love

Whether you need an amazing Christmas present, a birthday gift, or even a “just thinking of you” idea, you’ll find it below!

We put every one of our gift guides for the cat-obsessed into one handy guide. 

Let’s take a look!

Looking for the best cat lover gifts for every single occasion? From birthdays to Christmas and beyond, we’ve got you covered! Check out more than 100 ideas we adore!

100+ Spectacular Cat Lover Gifts for Every Occasion

Not only am I a total cat lover myself, but my mom is a borderline crazy cat lady!

So, I’ve spent a lot of time researching and shopping for gifts to buy her as well as add to my own wish list. 

We’ve shared quite a few ideas over the last few months. Now today, we’ll put it all together for you into one giant bookmarkable guide. 

I’ll even share some of my favorite gifts from a few of our guides to get you started on your shopping journey.

Let’s get started!

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Cool & Unique Cat Lover Gifts for Any Time of Year

With Christmas just weeks away, let’s start with some of our favorite holiday ideas. 

Cat Hoodies & Sweatshirts

If you want to give a gift that will keep them warm all season long, check out these 10 fabulous Christmas sweatshirts for cat lovers!

My personal favorite below is one that works for both cat and dog parents. 

Christmas Sweatshirt cat and dog lovers

Or, if you prefer a non-holiday theme, I love these Cozy hoodies!

My favorite is the cute anime cat slurping down some ramen! So darling, isn’t it? Even my son loved this one!

Kawaii Cat: Stay warm in style this fall with our favorite hoodies for cat lovers! From adorable munchkin cat sweatshirts to hilarious quotes for all cat people, you'll love our selection!

You can also find some awesome breed-specific hoodies and t-shirts for black cat lovers and munchkin cat parents

Inexpensive Gifts for Cat Lovers

Don’t forget those stockings! Check out some of my favorite cat lover stocking stuffers

Given the current situation, right now my favorite has to be this adorable “cat pile” face mask.

Redbubble’s masks have terrific reviews, and you can score a pretty good discount if you buy a few of them at once.

Cute cat face mask

These inexpensive gifts also make great stocking stuffers, as well as fun little white elephant gifts. 

Oh, and did you see these cute and funny cat mugs??? I’m a total mug freak, so I always have one on my wish list. 

Seriously, it’s a borderline problem, especially since I have a small kitchen and my mug cabinet is practically overflowing. 

My favorite has to be the black cat mug. I lost my own black cat a few years ago and miss her like crazy.

Black Cat Anime Face Coffee Mug

I’m also a bit obsessed with these cat travel mugs, especially since I am a spiller (so I use them even when not traveling). 

I really love any of these ideas as gifts for kids to give to their parents and grandparents, as they’re all very affordable. 

Amazing “Any Time” Gifts for All Cat Lovers

When it comes to cute ideas for your favorite cat mom, you can’t get much better than these adorable and creative cat-lover gifts for her.

I asked for these cute cat socks for myself this year. If you think I have a mug problem, wait until you see my sock collection!

cat socks

Don’t forget your favorite cat dad! We came up with some perfect cat-themed gifts for him, too!

I’m thinking about getting these for my son, because his sock collection puts even mine to shame!

cat socks

If I’m celebrating a kitty-crazy friend’s birth, I go for one of these cat lover birthday gifts

My best friend would love this cozy blanket. Blankets are her vice, she can never have too many of them.

On the plus side, when the power goes out mid-winter, she’s never cold!

cat blanket

Prefer to give something with a bit more of a personal touch? Then you’ll love these personalized gifts for cat lovers

My personal favorite is this mug from Etsy, because you can personalize both the names as well as the designs on the mug.

Now me? I love giving presents with a sense of humor, so these funny cat gifts are just up my alley. 

How stinkin’ hilarious and cute are these cat bum cookie cutters from Etsy?

I have to have them!!

Last, but far from least, if you have a pretty decent budget and want to get something a bit more posh, I’m crazy for these luxury gifts for cat lovers.

I personally love this little Kate Spade handbag.

Kate Spade Bag

Adorable, right? Honestly, I’m not really a designer purse girl in general, but I do really like Kate Spade’s designs.

There you go! Well over 100 unique, cool, clever, or just plain fun gifts for cat lovers for every occasion imaginable. 

Bookmark this page, because we’ll update it every time we add a new gift guide!

What are your favorite cat lover gifts? Share below!

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