Cats drinking milk is a search term on YouTube that brings up tons of cute videos of the classic cat and milk combo. These kitties look so adorable lapping up their delicious treat, BUT what they don’t show you is the cat getting sick afterwards. That’s because cats drinking milk equals cats getting sick. I’m not sure where the myth that cats need/love milk originated, but it is just that – a myth.

Forget all the cartoons you’ve seen about cats drinking milk. It actually makes them very sick! Find out more and if there are any alternatives they can drink.

I recently came across a post in a cat forum about an owner whose cat always gets sick after drinking milk. The poster wanted to know if she could give her cat coconut milk. It’s actually a bad idea to give a cat any sort of milk. It’s not good for them, even though the common myth says otherwise. Let’s take a look at why milk and cats don’t mix.

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Cats Drinking Milk – A Big Myth

Almost everyone has seen videos of pictures of kitties enjoying a bowl of milk, but what almost no one knows is that all cats – ALL – are lactose intolerant. Yep. When we give our cats milk, we’re giving them a sure fire belly ache. No one knows for sure where the myth of cats and milk comes from, but many hypothesize that it dates back to when farm cats were kept as mousers. They weren’t fed regular pet food. Instead, they were expected to catch their food, which of course led to cats attempting to steal any sort of food they could find, including milk.

In reality, cats don’t love milk for the taste. They love it for the fat and protein content found in it. And while cats do, in fact, need a high concentration of fat and protein in their diets, it should never come from milk. Cats are complete carnivores. They’re built to run off of meat, which is why I have done posts in the past that include information on why carbs are useless for cats. A cat’s body is designed for the hunt, the kill, and the spoils, not for milk, so when you see cats drinking milk, you’re seeing an upset stomach in the making.

Cats Drinking Milk Leads to Cats Feeling Awful

Think about someone you know who is lactose intolerant and what happens to them if they have dairy. This is the scenario all cats face. Sure, some cat treats are made with milk, but it is an extremely small amount, and I don’t know why even that is done. They key thing to remember is that milk is not good for cats. In fact, it’s awful for them. Don’t buy into the myth that cats drinking milk is a cute sight and a cute treat. It really isn’t. So shy away from milk and instead opt for a high quality cat food and the occasional treat. If you want to give your kitty a “milk-like” treat, opt for special cat milk.

You can find it with the other cat treats your grocery store or favorite pet store.


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