If you’re searching for the best gift idea for your favorite pet mom or dad,  you’ll adore these travel mugs for cat lovers!

After all, they combine two of the best things in life: coffee and cats!!

They make the perfect gift for any occasion, from Mother’s Day & Father’s Day to graduation.

Or, just grab one for yourself to perk up your morning commute!

Let’s check them out!

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If you're need a great gift idea for your favorite pet mom or dad,  you'll adore these 10 stainless steel travel mugs for cat lovers! Check them out!

10 Cute & Funny Travel Mugs for Cat Lovers

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1. Heart Filled with Cats Travel Mug

Let’s start with one that all cat lovers will adore: a heart made up of kitties! So cute, right?

Like all of our travel mugs, it comes in 12 different vibrant colors, but I really love the red for this one!

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2. Cute Cat Face Travel Mug

One of my all-time favorite cat designs looks super cute on a travel mug!

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3. Cat Mama Travel Mug

A little something special for that cat mama in your life, this one is perfect for Mother’s Day!

In case you’re wondering, all of these travel coffee mugs are made by Polar Camel, a popular name in stainless steel mugs.

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4. Best Cat Mom Ever Traveling Coffee Mug

Another one for Mother’s Day, this one says “Best Cat Mom Ever, and features a cute paw print in place of the “a” in cat.

One of my favorite things about these tumblers: the base fits in my car cup holder! I have so many travel mugs that can’t actually travel with me because the base is too wide.

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5. Best Cat Dad Ever Travel Mug

It’s not too early to start thinking Father’s Day! This one is perfect for that cat-loving guy in your life!

FYI, each of these tumblers is vacuum insulated for 2X cold and heat retention compared to glass or plastic containers!

So your coffee stays hot & your iced tea stays cold!

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6. Munchkin Cat Lovers Travel Mug

Are you a munchkin cat lover? You need this adorable travel mug with a darling munchkin cat graphic!

Like all of these travel mugs, it’s BPA and Lead Free!

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7.Cats are my Favorite People Travel Mug

This one is perfect for any cat lover in your life,from moms and dads to grads!

One thing I should mention: you can’t microwave these tumblers. They’re made of stainless steel, which as you know doesn’t mix well with your microwave.

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8. I Like Cats & Maybe 3 People

This one is SO me! Aside from my family, I prefer the company of my cats and dogs…and maybe (just maybe) like three other people.

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9. Cats Before Chicks Travel Mug

This is a hilarious gift to give to your single friend who would rather spend time at home with kitty than go out on a date!

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10. Cats Before Dudes Tumbler

Can’t forget our single friends who prefer cats to guys! I’m definitely a “cats before dudes” girl.

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Make sure you heck out our entire selection of travel tumblers ! We’re constantly adding new designs!


Which of these travel mugs for cat lovers is your favorite? Share below!


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