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Black cats are unlucky, and they have nine lives. These are just some things you may have heard about cats. The Romans even used them to symbolize victory, while ancient Egyptians worshipped them. Yet, even today, there still exist some beliefs about cats that are not true. We listed some common cat myths and the truth behind them. Some of them might even help care for your feline friend better.


Cats purr because they are happy

It’s true that cats may purr because they are happy. You might notice it when you spend time with them or give them treats. However, it’s not true that it’s the only reason they purr. They may also make a purring sound when scared or feeling unwell. Pay extra attention when your cat purrs, as it could be a sign they’re not in good condition. Consult your vet if it continues and you see something wrong with them.  


Cats have nine lives

It’s one of the common myths about cats. Like any other animal and also humans, cats only have one life. If they die, they will not resurrect. They might be flexible and fast, which is why they survive unlikely situations, but it doesn’t mean they have several lives. However, some cats have a long lifespan. For example, a Persian cat’s average lifespan is 12 to 18 years, although some extend to up to 20 years. Their diet, exercise, and overall care can affect their lifespan. 


Black cats are unlucky

Cats have been subject to folklore and myths for a long time. Although some countries like Japan and Scotland consider black cats lucky, many others believe they are unlucky. In China, it’s thought they may cause poverty, while some people in Italy believe that a sick person might die if a black cat jumps on his bed. There’s no truth to it. No matter what color of cat you have, they are not to be blamed for any unfortunate things that happen. Bad things can happen even to people who don’t have black cats; it’s just a part of life. Unfortunately, this myth made it more difficult for black cats to find a home, as many still believe they may cause bad luck.


Cats aren’t sweet pets

Cats may not seem as clingy and sweet as other pets like dogs. However, they are capable of showing affection. They are just independent by nature, so they may not look as excited when you come home. But they also show their sweetness by jumping on your lap or sitting next to you. They may also purr when you pet them, especially if they have been with you for a long time.


All cats hate water

Not all cats hate water. In fact, there are owners who can bathe their cats without a problem. However, they may need a bit of getting used to. Giving them treats may also help.

Remember that not everything you read and hear about cats is true. Verify your source, and better yet, check with your vet, especially if it concerns your cat’s health.


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