If you’re looking for some of the best desert names for cats, then this list will help you make a choice!

We took inspiration from the names of famous deserts to things you’ll find in these arid lands.

By the way, if you arrived here looking for dessert-inspired names, you may love this list of funny food names for cats.

Now, let’s check out those great ideas for desert-inspired monikers!

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If you're looking for some of the best desert names for cats, then this list will help you make a choice! Check out 100 ideas we adore!

Desert Names For Male Cats

  1. Addax – after the Addax Antelopes found in the Sahara Desert.
  2. Arctic – after the Arctic Desert.
  3. Armadillo – after the cute, armored animals that dwell in the desert.
  4. Avalos – this is the name of a Mars sand dune.
  5. Azote – this is a Hopi name meaning “restless one.”
  6. Azzurra – Italian name meaning “sky.”
  7. Barley – this is a very tall, desert plant.
  8. Birch – after the tree you may find around deserts.
  9. Blue – name inspired by the color of the sky.
  10. Brier – in French, this means “nature.”
  11. Brin – Welsh name, referring to a hill.
  12. Brook – this name means “stream”.
  13. Caden – this name refers to a “marshy land”.
  14. Calbex – another word for “shepherd”.
  15. Canyon – one of the most popular desert elements.
  16. Cedar – after the tree.
  17. Cephas – Greek name meaning “stone.
  18. Coyote – one of the most dangerous desert animals.
  19. Desert – this one is pretty straightforward.
  20. Dingo – after the fierce Australian animal.
  21. Dune – after the sand dunes you can find in the desert.
  22. Earwyn – this name translated to “friend of the sea”.
  23. Echo – beautiful name cat.
  24. Eco – this name comes from Latin, and it refers to the one close to its environment.
  25. Fabio – Spanish name meaning “bean grower.”
  26. Felding – for the one who lives in the field.
  27. Hawk – after one of the biggest birds.
  28. Hildago – after the movie set up in the desert.
  29. Joshua – after the biggest yucca found in the desert.
  30. Lupo – in Italian, this means “wolf.”
  31. Mojave – probably the most popular desert, especially if you played Fallout.
  32. Needles – this refers to the Mohave Desert city.
  33. Papago – this translated as “desert people.”
  34. Pear – did you know that you can find pear cactuses in the desert?
  35. Phoenix – after the bird who was reborn from its own ashes, and the city in Arizona.
  36. Poust– means desert in Czech.
  37. Rattle – after the desert’s most popular snake.
  38. Reno – after the popular city located in Nevada.
  39. Roadrunner – after the most famous bird.
  40. Rocky – after the mountainous landscapes.
  41. Saguaro – this is one of the largest cactuses out there.
  42. Sandy – because deserts are… Quite sandy!
  43. Spike – after the many spikes found on cactuses.
  44. Succulent – after the wonderful plants that don’t need a lot of water.
  45. Sunny – after what you see most in the desert.
  46. Thistle – one of the most popular desert flowers.
  47. Tumbleweed – everyone knows what tumbleweed is, right?
  48. Turpentine – after a type of bush found in the desert.
  49. Tucson – after the Arizona city.
  50. Yuma – this name refers to the son of a chief.
If you're looking for some of the best desert names for cats, then this list will help you make a choice! Check out 100 ideas we adore!

So many awesome ideas for boys, don’t you think? I personally love Roadrunner, especially for a super fast cat!

Desert Names For Female Cats

  1. Acacia – after the most common desert tree.
  2. Aki – this is the Japanese word for Autumn.
  3. Aqua – this means water, and it’s precious in the desert.
  4. Aria – Italian name meaning “air.”
  5. Aspen – for the one connected with nature.
  6. Aster – this is a type of daisy.
  7. Atacama – after the South American desert.
  8. Autumn – this one is pretty straightforward.
  9. Azurra – Italian name meaning “blue sky.”
  10. Baja – after the Mexican desert city.
  11. Bloom – beautiful name inspired by the cactuses that bloom.
  12. Camel – after the most famous desert animal.
  13. Cholla – this is a type of cactus.
  14. Coachella – after the famous desert town.
  15. Coral – after the reefs near the deserts.
  16. Darya – Persian name meaning “ocean.”
  17. Denver – for the one belonging in a green valley..
  18. Earie – for someone who comes from the east. .
  19. Ellie – this name refers to light.
  20. Everest – of we’re talking about frozen deserts, this can be close.
  21. Fleur – French word meaning “flower.”
  22. Gaia Greek name meaning “from the earth.”
  23. Gila – after one of the biggest reptiles.
  24. Ginko – after the Chinese tree.
  25. Gobi – after the Gobi desert.
  26. Goldie – inspired by the golden dessert.
  27. Hesperia – Ancient Greek name meaning “land of the setting sun.”
  28. Hill – except in the desert, they are called dunes.
  29. Honey – something as golden as the desert sand.
  30. Iguana – because most iguanas can be found in deserts.
  31. Jerboa – these are some cute mice found in the desert.
  32. Kalahari – after the African desert.
  33. Kalani – this name means “sky.”
  34. Karma – after the most powerful force in the universe.
  35. Kelsey – this name translates to “fierce island.”
  36. Llama – after the cutest desert animal.
  37. Luna – this means “moon.”
  38. Mariposa – this is the Spanish word for “butterfly.”
  39. Nevada – this is the most popular state, and it’s mostly desert.
  40. Oasis – this is the best thing you can find in the desert.
  41. Pica – these are some cute desert animals.
  42. Pila – after the biggest sand dune in Europe.
  43. Sage – after one of the most common desert plants.
  44. Sahara – this is the biggest desert in the world.
  45. Sedona – after the dry city in Arizona.
  46. Sonora – after the Sonoran Desert.
  47. Spoon – because there is a plant called “desert spoon.”
  48. Victoria – after the Great Victoria Desert.
  49. Willow – this is a common desert plant.
  50. Yucca – this is the most common desert plant.
If you're looking for some of the best desert names for cats, then this list will help you make a choice! Check out 100 ideas we adore!

The girl’s list is even more amazing, and it’s so hard to choose a favorite. I just love Luna, though!

Your turn! What are your favorite desert names for cats? Share below!