If a lifetime of reading Garfield comic strips has you obsessed  with orange cat breeds, you’re in the right place!

While there are no breeds that are only orange, the color does pop up quite often!

So, if you dream of sending out cat adoption announcements featuring a beautiful rust-colored kitty of your own, keep reading!

We’re talking about eight of the most popular and beautiful options!

Looking for some of the most beautiful and popular orange cat breeds? You’ll fall head over heels for these 8 beautiful ginger kitties! Check it out!

8 Fabulous Orange Cat Breeds

While white, black, and grey cats are all impressive, ginger cats steal the scene with their unique markings and mini tiger appearance.

Orange cats also have the upper hand because it’s easy to fall in love with their easy-going, affectionate, and friendly personality.

Interestingly, there are no solid orange cats or breeds that come only in orange.

Instead, all gingers are tabby cats with different body patterns (striped, spotted, ticked, and classic) and a color ranging from creamy to dark tangerine.

So, are you ready to see cute orange cat breeds with pictures? Then let’s go.

#1 American Bobtail

Ginger cat close-up during golden hour

With their short tails, tufted ears, and muscular bodies, you might mistake the American Bobtail for a wild bobcat. However, these short-haired and long-haired orange cats are more likely to cuddle than eat you.

Despite their dangerous appearance, the American Bobtail is one of the sweetest cat breeds with a dog-like personality and friendly disposition.

These cats love to follow you around the house, enjoy puzzles, and can learn to walk on a leash.

Moreover, American Bobtails are highly adaptive and make excellent travel companions, unlike most cats.

They also get along with dogs, other cats, and children.

Since the American Bobtail is among the tabby cat breeds, they come in all colors and patterns, with orange being one of the most common ones.

#2 Devon Rex

Looking for some of the most beautiful and popular orange cat breeds? You’ll fall head over heels for these 8 beautiful ginger kitties! Check it out!

Once you’ve seen those large ears, delicate facial features, and soul-piercing eyes, it’s hard to forget a Devon Rex.

However, these big-eared cats with their wavy-like coat are even more stunning in orange.

In general, the Devon Rex is a people-orientated cat that loves to perch on your shoulder and observe the world from up high.

Expect your Devon Rex to insist on sleeping in the bed with you, dine with you on the table, and climb up the cat tree.

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Moreover, orange Devon Rex cats are smart, moderately active, and agile.

They will entertain you for hours with their naughty deeds and reward your affection with a happy purr.

Interestingly, Devon Rex’s coat is so delicate that you can’t brush them but have to rub them with a cloth.

They’re also cats that don’t shed much, so there won’t be much orange fur around the house.

#3 Exotic Shorthair

Orange Exotic Shorthair on Cat Tree

Are you looking for orange cat breeds with short hair?

Then you don’t have to look much further than the adorable Exotic Shorthair. 

The Exotic has a short, thick body, stocky legs, and the Persian’s flat face.

However, the Exotic has a short, plush coat that’s easy to groom, and they look stunning in red and cream colors, very common in this breed.

Owners often describe the Exotic as docile, quiet, and calm cats, but don’t think they’re soft toys.

An Exotic orange cat might enjoy sleeping in the sun, but they’ll be up and running around the house before you know it.

Moreover, ginger Exotic is a friendly cat that gets on well with everybody and loves to nap in your lap whenever possible.

They’ve got the reputation of a dumb breed but can be quite crafty when they want something.

#4 Abyssinian

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Look at that gorgeous ruddy red coat, satellite-like ears, and green-gold eyes!

Who could resist the charm of the Abyssinian?

Among tabby cat breeds, the Abyssinian stands out because their fur has unique coloring.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that each hair has bands of colors, so that the coat darkens along the spine and lightens on the neck and legs.

The Abyssinian has the typical orange tabby cat personality.

They’re affectionate, bold, and highly intelligent cats that live to the fullest. You can expect them to be always in motion and jump, leap, and climb to the highest possible point.

Moreover, the Aby loves playing with toys and often will grab whatever catches their interests.

They also like to be the center of attention and perch close by, keeping a close eye on you.

#5 Somali

Orange cat breeds somali

If you love the Abyssinian, but want a long-haired orange cat breed, you can’t go wrong with their relative – the Somali.

The Somali has a gorgeous ruddy brown coat with neck ruffs and leg breeches that gives them an extra bushy appearance.

Like the Abyssinian, the Somali is a curious cat that likes to be in the center of attention.

They’re highly intelligent and one of the most trainable cats. You can teach them tricks, and they’ll learn with ease and use them against you.

Just like a typical orange cat breed, the Somali loves heights and won’t miss the chance to perch on your shoulder or climb up the bookcase.

They don’t do well alone and prefer to have a company during the day.

#6 Scottish Fold

When you say “Scottish Fold,” people usually imagine a grey cat. However,

Scottish Folds come in various colors, including red, cream, and tabby, and look stunning no matter their fur color.

Besides the folded ears and stunning coat color, you’re bound to notice that Scottish Folds love to sit as meerkats and make for cute social media pictures.

They’re also affectionate cats that like to be part of your daily life and thrive with company.

Like most orange cats, Scottish Folds are intelligent, moderately active, and enjoy challenging puzzles.

They’re not overly demanding or chatty but can become jealous if you neglect them for too long.

#7 Maine Coon

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Since we’re talking about large orange cat breeds, we can’t miss mentioning the majestic Maine Coon.

While Maine Coons come in all colors and patterns, there’s something about an 18-pound orange cat that’s simply irresistible

Maine Coons, with their silky fur, bushy tails, and striking appearance, are among the largest domestic cats and the best mouser breeds.

They’re charming, laid-back cats that enjoy human company and get along well with dogs and children.

Unlike other cat breeds, the Maine Coon isn’t very demanding and can entertain themselves while you’re busy.

However, this fluffy orange breed doesn’t make good lap cats and can knock things down by accident.

#8 Persian

Looking for some of the most beautiful and popular orange cat breeds? You’ll fall head over heels for these 8 beautiful ginger kitties! Check it out!

The Persian – still one of the most sought-after breeds – is the last orange cat breed on your list.

These fluffy cats come in more patterns and colors than you can imagine, and ginger ones are a sight to behold.

People often describe Persians as “lazy cats,” and they aren’t too far from the truth.

A Persian loves to nap and is far too dignified to run around like crazy.

But they like to be brushed and can be persuaded to take part in tea parties with teddy bears.

While affectionate and docile, Persians can discriminate and prefer to spend time with their favorite person.

They aren’t demanding for attention, but you’ll hear their meow if you neglect your Persian for too long.

Orange cat breeds make excellent companions for people who appreciate their unique personalities.

They’re curious, bold, and reckless at times, but make it up to you with plenty of cuddles and purring.

No matter the breed, ginger cats can be quite chatty when they want something, or you neglect them.

Forget to feed them, and you’ll never hear the end of it. I’ve got an orange tomcat, and I can testify for that.

What do you think about these 8 orange cat breeds with pictures? Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section.

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