Feandrea cat trees are among some of the most popular on the market, and for a good reason!

They’re highly-rated, affordable, and fun for your kitty.

With so many options, though, it can be hard to choose the best ones.

So, read on for some of our top picks from their catalog, along with the Feandrea cat tree reviews!

Feandrea Cat Trees At A Glance

Best Feandrea Cat Trees for Every Kitty & Home

Some are grand play structures, others space-saving options for apartments.

Some are best for small kitties while others can hold your Maine Coon.

We’re going to start with the grandest options and work our way down.

#1 Best For Large Cats: FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree

FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree
  • Exclusive Luxury for Cats: Your feline friends need a cozy home of...
  • All-in-One Playground: 2 roomy condos offer luxurious napping...
  • Stability Is Always Priority: Constructed by particleboard and...

If you have plenty of space and live by the motto “go big or go home,” this is the one you’ll want!

It stands at 67″ tall (which is almost half a foot taller than me!) and comes with all the best bells and whistles.

Check out the features, pros and cons to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Features & benefits

  • 6 levels, counting the three perches at the top.
  • Those perches have a raised edge so kitty can rest his pretty little head.
  • Two roomy condos for your cat’s privacy.
  • Comes in light or dark grey.


  • Bulky
  • Smaller condo and some levels not big enough for XL cats.


For the most part, this is roomy enough for even larger Maine Coons and Savannah cats, but if your guy is XXL, it won’t be a good fit.

#2 Best For Multi-Cats: FEANDREA Large Cat Tree

FEANDREA Large Cat Tree
  • VARIETY FOR YOUR NEEDS: Furnished with 3 caves, 2 basket loungers, and...
  • A SAFE SHELTER FOR LITTLE TIGERS: The climbing paradise is supported...
  • CLIMBING GARDEN FOR YOUNG AND OLD: The individual elements of the cat...

Need something just a little shorter, yet still roomy enough for a multi-cat household?

Give their 34″ model a go!

Features & benefits

  • A total of 3 cat caves that are roomy enough for bigger kitties (but not XL, see cons)
  • 2 cozy basket loungers and 2 perches (aka “viewing platforms”)
  • Sisal-wrapped poles
  • A reinforced base plate and anti-tip kit for stability.
  • Designed for older cats, with alternating levels.


  • Two of the condos are definitely not big enough for XL cats.
  • Space between top condo and next perch is a tight squeeze.


Overall, unless you have an XXL cat, this is a great choice.

It’s among my favorite Feandrea cat trees for senior kitties.

Some customers did say that access to the top level is a tight squeeze, though.

#3 Best With Feeding Bowl: FEANDREA Cat Tree Condo

FEANDREA Cat Tree Condo
  • VARIETY FOR YOUR NEEDS: Furnished with 3 caves, 2 basket loungers, and...
  • A SAFE SHELTER FOR LITTLE TIGERS: The climbing paradise is supported...
  • CLIMBING GARDEN FOR YOUNG AND OLD: The individual elements of the cat...

If you like the idea of a 64″ tree but only have one kitty, this may be a good alternative.

Features & benefits

  • Comes with a detachable cat bowl for the top level.
  • Cozy perch on the top level.
  • One roomy cave with a peek-a-boo hole.
  • A basket and a hammock for lounging.


  • Hammock can easily fall off.
  • Bowl made of plastic


The bowl is a nice touch, but its made of plastic, which we just don’t use for our pets.

#4 Best With Scratching Posts: FEANDREA Cat Tree Tower

FEANDREA Cat Tree Tower
  • [Exclusive Luxury for Cats] Your feline friends need a cozy home of...
  • [All-in-One Relaxing Spot] Roomy condo and plush hammock offer...
  • [Stability Is Always Priority] Constructed by particleboard and...

Moving on to the under 5″ option, this one may be a smidge shorter but still has everything kitty needs for a fun day of climbing.

Features & benefits

  • Two top perches give a birds-eye view of your cat’s world.
  • Roomy condo that’s large enough for just about all kitties.
  • Plush hammock
  • Dangling toys and a rope toy.


  • Hammock attaches in a way that makes it easy to fall off


Unless you have a ginormous cat, the condo is actually pretty roomy.

I can see my part MC fitting in it without an issue.

I like this one because it’s not taller than me, so I don’t feel like it’s taking up all the space in my house.

#5 Best Spacious: FEANDREA Cat Tree Cave

FEANDREA Cat Tree Cave
  • EXCLUSIVE LUXURY FOR CATS: Your feline friends need a cozy home of...
  • ALL-IN-ONE RELAXING SPOT: Roomy condo and plush basket offer luxurious...
  • STABILITY IS ALWAYS PRIORITY: Constructed by particleboard and...

I call this one the “Goldilocks” of the Feandrea cat trees because it’s not too big but not to short. Just right!

Features & benefits

  • Roomy triangular condo fits most cats.
  • One cozy perch way up top.
  • Plush basket for lounging
  • Comes in light grey and white


  • Basket lounger isn’t big enough for really large cats.
  • Only light colors


If you live in a particularly messy house, the fact that it only comes in light colors could be an issue.

Beyond that, though, there isn’t much to not love about this one!

The basket is a bit too small for XL kitties, but my cats never use those baskets anyway.

#6 Best For Budget: FEANDREA Cat Tree

  • [Welcomes Larger or Chubby Cats] With a widened cat perch at 17.7” x...
  • [2-in-1 Scratching Ramp] With a scratching board and a ladder in one,...
  • [2-Door Cat Cave, 2 Benefits] Designed with 2 doors, this cat cave...

These last two are ideal for teeny homes with very limited space.

This one stands just short of 38″ but still offers most of the top features of the other models.

Features & benefits

  • Rounded corners keep kitty safe.
  • Scratching ramp.
  • Well-padded top perch.
  • Basket lounger.
  • Condo with two doors.


  • Definitely not big enough for large cats.
  • If kitty doesn’t use ramp, the jump to first level is high for senior cats.


While this is great for a single younger cat, I don’t love it for older kitties.

I’ve yet to see a cat actually use the ramp for anything but scratching, and that first level is a bit of a leap.

If you do have a young cat of average size, though, it’s an affordable and space-saving pick.

#7 Best Space-Saving: FEANDREA Cat Tree

  • [Large Perch] This cat tree features a large 22" x 15.7" perch with...
  • [2 Cat Caves] The upper 2-door cave offers a wide view and easy...
  • [Climb. Scratch. Relax. All in One] The multi-level design is easy for...

Last, we have one that comes in at just under 3′ tall, making it perfect for really small spaces.

It’s super basic, but sometimes that’s all you need.

Features & benefits

  • Two condos that are roomy enough for average size cats
  • A cozy nap spot sits on top of the second condo.
  • Comes in beige, light grey and dark grey.


  • Too small for larger cats.


I actually really like this one, even if it’s more of a condo than a tree.

It’s just the right size to fit in our living room without blocking anything.

However, it’s definitely not roomy enough for the big guys.

Feandrea Cat Tree benefits and Cons

Feandrea Cat Tree Reviews: Expert Recommendations for Cat Owners

Feandrea makes a pretty wide range of cat trees, but they all have a couple of things in common.


  • Made with CARB-certified particle boards
  • Covered in super plush carpeting.
  • Sisal rope on all of the poles (and, when applicable, the ramps)
  • Battens on the bottom and reinforced posts add stability.


  • Although it’s strong particle board, it’s still not real wood.
  • Sisal only covers part of each pole, not top to bottom.
  • While roomy enough for most cats, unless otherwise noted they’re not ideal for XXL Maine Coons and such.

Final Word

Honestly, the best Feandrea cat tree depends on your needs, cats, and how much space you have.

I love the first one, but I don’t really have room for it, so I’d probably choose something in the 5′ and under range.

Whatever you choose, you really can’t go wrong. Feandrea is a beloved brand with a great reputation!

What about you? What are your picks for the best Feandrea cat trees? Share below!

Feandrea cat trees are among some of the most popular on the market, and for a good reason! But which are the best? Find out!
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