7 Funny Cat Habits Revealed

Ever wonder why your cat does such strange things?

We’re tacking 7 funny cat habits today! So often, cats get a bad rap as being serious, particularly as compared to dogs.

Just because cats tend to be more independent and stoic, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a silly, playful side.

I have and love dogs, but watching a cat play is one of my favorite things – they are just so darn cute!

There are some pretty hysterical cat habits out there, so in the spirit of celebrating the silliness of cats, here you go!

Funny Cat Habits Revealed

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1. Treasure hunt for favorite items. Many cats find a particular non-cat toy that they just love, and inevitably, those items are then collected and deposited into the food dish. It’s as if they are combining their treasures (toys and food) into one convenient location. The cat we had during my childhood, Buttons, had an affinity for hair scrunchies (can you tell I’m an 80s baby?!). He would carry them through the house in his mouth, and they’d always end up in his dry food dish.

2. Burrowing. It’s like the perfect game of hide and seek with a cat! Sometimes they burrow under blankets for warmth, but other times, it definitely seems to be a game – especially if they peek out at you and then scoot back under.

3. Tag. Does your cat meow for you or come near you, and the minute you respond by trying to pet him or walk toward him, he runs off, just begging you to chase him? It’s a good, old-fashioned game of tag! I have bad news – he’s usually going to win.

4. Attacking objects. Some cats pick inanimate objects that they have it out for. One poster in a pet forum shared that her cat loves to play with money. I don’t know about you, but I would be worried my cat would tear it! My cat referenced above, Buttons, got his name after he spent several hours on his first night with us attacking the upholstered buttons on the back of a recliner. There is nothing much cuter than a cat going after something as if it’ll fight back!

5. Monster cat. One of the best stories I found is of a nightly routine where a cat finishes dinner, goes running to the back of the house into a closet, and waits for her owner to follow her. Once her human comes into the room, she jumps out of the closet with her fur all on end like a Halloween cat, and her human says, “Oh look! It’s the monster cat!” Then the cat comes over to her owner, and allows her to pet all of the fur back into place. I just love the visual of this silly cat leaping out of the closet!

6. Chasing a laser light. If you have a cat, you’ve probably gotten a small red laser to play. If you haven’t stop reading this article and go get one. Watching a cat chase and bat at the small red light moving over the wall and floor is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! They just get so into it!

7. Playing with catnip. Some cats don’t care much about catnip, but for those who love it, they LOVE it. The running around like a crazy, drooling, and generally hyper behavior is a sight to behold!


What are some of your cat’s funniest or silliest habits? Share your stories with us!


Kate Curran is a native Midwesterner and lives outside of Chicago. She is the proud mama of two feisty, funny, and kind kiddos who give her constant inspiration (and lots of hugs), not to mention two 4-legged kids. In between working in a corporate job and spending time with her family, Kate loves to write. Her favorite topics include the things she experiences every day – parenting both kids and dogs, saving money, and loving life!