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Are you the proud owner of a charming and unique hairless cat?

Congratulations! These mesmerizing feline companions deserve names that perfectly capture their distinctiveness.

Choosing the right name for your hairless cat can be a delightful yet challenging task.

To help you in this endeavor, we have compiled a list of hairless cat names that are as captivating as your feline friend.

Get ready to discover the perfect name that will complement your hairless cat’s extraordinary personality.

Below are clever ideas that are just perfect for the Sphynx or other nearly naked felines! Let’s dive in!

Hairless Cat Names for Males

hairless male cat

We took inspiration from words that mean “bald” or “naked” in different languages for many of these ideas.

We also threw in some hilariously ironic names as well as some just plain sweet ideas.

  1. Abasi – Persian name meaning “serious.”
  2. Abraxas – a mystical name for a monster.
  3. Adel – a patrician name for different cat breeds.
  4. Akil – great name for a smart and hairless cat.
  5. Alasti– Finnish for naked.
  6. Aleksander – one who protects you from everything.
  7. Amr – this name means “friend for life.”
  8. Amon – one who guards you.
  9. Anubis – a bizarre name but it’s an almighty name.
  10. Archebald – cats’ arch is bald.
  11. Aten – this name means “light of the sun.”
  12. Aton – a unique name but the meaning it holds is simple and that is daylight.
  13. Atum – also known as Ra, is the Egyptian God of the sun.
  14. Axel – for a peaceful hairless cat.
  15. Bacchus Latin name for a loud cat.
  16. Balbina – a brave cat is a lucky one.
  17. Bald McCartney – hairless and added a being name.
  18. Baldwin – powerful and full of strength.
  19. Baldy – a literal name, but who said no.
  20. Barber – one who cuts the hair, and that’s what is called a great name.
  21. Boris Russian name meaning “fighter.”
  22. Bob – it means to shine.
  23. Buns – shaped like a circle.
  24. Butch – one who is hardworking
  25. Buzz – an astronaut name.
  26. Calvin – roots of French, and it stands for bald.
  27. Cary – this name means “honesty.”
  28. Caesar – a Latin name that means too much hair and is a funny name.
  29. Czar – Russian name meaning “emperor.”
  30. Danya – for the sweetest boy out there.
  31. Dmitry – Russian name meaning “king.”
  32. Dobby – a Hogwarts influenced name as that character also didn’t have any fur.
  33. Edvard – this name means “rich guardian.”
  34. Farid – for a unique hairless cat.
  35. Feliks – this name means “happy.”
  36. Femi – for the one who loves.
  37. Fluffy– because it’s just hilarious!
  38. Fuzzy – for the one who is always in a strange mood.
  39. Gamal – this name means “handsome.”
  40. Gennady – referring to a man who cares.
  41. Gollum – if your cat makes a lot of noise, then have this name.
  42. Henessy – an alcoholic name; how fruitful would that be?
  43. Heru – stands for the God of sunlight.
  44. Horus – after the protector of Egypt.
  45. Hudson – a popular name for a cat.
  46. Igor – Russian name meaning “warrior of peace.”
  47. Ivan – Russian name meaning “God’s gift.”
  48. Jager – does your cat has any hunting qualities?
  49. Kaal – Dutch for “bald.”
  50. Kesar – this name means “small and black one.”
  51. Khalid – after the Egyptian name meaning “immortal”
  52. Khnurn – a beautiful meaning, i.e., invigorating sun.
  53. Kingston – one who is the ruler of a kingdom.
  54. Kosey -another ironic one, this name means “lion.”
  55. Lakuriq – Albanian for “naked.”
  56. Latif – for a very gentle hairless cat.
  57. Lucas – for a very smart hairless cat.
  58. Luka – Russian name meaning “light.”
  59. Makar – for a very, very happy cat.
  60. Masuda – for one who is carefree and cheery.
  61. Masudi – Egyptian name meaning “happy boy.”
  62. Maximilian – Latin name meaning “the greatest.”
  63. Mikhail – Russian name meaning “God-like.”
  64. Moise – a dark color body that is great for Black cats.
  65. Moon – a moony name for your shiny cat.
  66. Mr. Skinner – a Disney-inspired cat name.
  67. Nikolai – Russian name meaning “victorious.”
  68. Noeth – means “naked” in Welsh.
  69. Nohee – an adorable name as it means no hair.
  70. Norm – this name means “northern.”
  71. Nour – French name meaning “enlightened.”
  72. Nudo– Italian word for “naked.”
  73. Nunzio – an Italian name that means a sender.
  74. Oleg – Russian name meaning “bright.”
  75. Orion – after the famous cosmic hunter.
  76. Osiris – another Egyptian title after God.
  77. Pelo – a Spanish name for bald.
  78. Quinn – an Irish name that means guidance.
  79. Ramses – an emperor name of Egypt.
  80. Ruslan – Russian name meaning “like a lion.”
  81. Sergei – Russian name meaning “protector.”
  82. Seth – a God name who loves to create a mess.
  83. Seti – it stands for a laydown.
  84. Shaggy – another amusing name because it stands for hairy skin.
  85. Tullac– Means “bald” in Albanian.
  86. Tau – this name means “lion.”
  87. Toutouni – the Creole word for “naked.”
  88. Truth – a bittersweet name.
  89. Tut – it means a picture
  90. Varys – it stands for short.
  91. Viktor – a Harry Potter series encouraged this name.
  92. Vladimir – Slavic name meaning “ruler.”
  93. Xerxes – after the King of Persia.
  94. Whiskers – a cute and funny title
  95. Wrinkle – your cat has wrinkles on his body since there is no hair.
  96. Yuri – Russian name for a unique cat.

Hairless Cat Names for Females

Hairless Cat Names: 200+ Astonishing Ideas for Males & Females
  1. Agata – Russian name meaning “gentle.”
  2. Akashama – means “naked” in Shona.
  3. Alisa – a happy name for your cat.
  4. Anastasia – Russian name meaning “resurrection.”
  5. Anichka – this Sphynx cat name means “grace.”
  6. Anya – for the cutest hairless cat.
  7. Astrid – roots of Scandinavian and defined as light-colored.
  8. Aziza – Egyptian name meaning “precious.”
  9. Babushka – Russian name meaning “grandmother.”
  10. Balbina – Latin name meaning “strong.”
  11. Bast – a safeguarding title.
  12. Bastet – after the Egyptian Goddess taking a cat form.
  13. Beatrice – a Her majesty type name and means happy.
  14. Cabello – it means hair on the head which is humourous.
  15. Calva – Corsican word that means “bald.”
  16. Cersei – another show,” Game of Thrones,” encouraged the name.
  17. Cleopatra – after the Egyptian queen.
  18. Clyde – a river name that flows in Glasgow.
  19. Darya – an understanding personality.
  20. Dalila – Egyptian name meaning “sweet.”
  21. Eboni – it stands for a dark-haired cat.
  22. Eva – Latin name for a “living one.”
  23. Electra – as the name suggests, an electric name.
  24. Farida – it means different.
  25. Fluffy – a funny hairless cat name as your cat has no fur.
  26. Frida Kahlo – a popular woman’s name.
  27. Gamila – this name means “beautiful.”
  28. Gazelle – for a graceful hairless cat.
  29. Gytha – it stands for God is at peace.
  30. Hasina – Egyptian name meaning “lover.”
  31. Hathor – a queen of sky and love.
  32. Harriet – this term means self-determination.
  33. Isis – after the most powerful Egyptian Goddess.
  34. Iva – Russian name meaning “God’s gift.”
  35. Irina – an ancient Greek origin and described as calming nature.
  36. Jord – it is defined as a truce of God.
  37. Kamilah – Egyptian name meaning “perfect.”
  38. Karina – A Scandinavian name for “purity.”
  39. Katana – Japanese name meaning “sword.”
  40. Katniss – The Hunger of Games inspired the title.
  41. Katja – Greek name meaning “pure.”
  42. Khepri – this name is perfect for a hairless cat.
  43. Kira – for the ruler of the household.
  44. Lady Godiva: a present of God it symbolizes.
  45. Lady Schick: an intelligent and wise name.
  46. Lagertha – a legendary Viking shieldmaiden.
  47. Luba – Russian name meaning “love.”
  48. Lucille bald – fair plus clear head equals a good laugh.
  49. Madonna – Latin name for a lady.
  50. Magna – a perfect name for a big hairless cat.
  51. Mau – Egyptian name meaning “cat.”
  52. Matilda – a name that means strength in war.
  53. Moon – a planet is never out of trend.
  54. Moswen – for a tan-colored hairless cat.
  55. Neith – an angelic mama.
  56. Nefertari – Egyptian name meaning “beautiful.”
  57. Nefertiti – after the famous Egyptian Queen.
  58. Nina – Russian name meaning “dreamer.”
  59. Nikita – the planet earth it means in Sanskrit.
  60. Omorose – this female name means “beautiful child.”
  61. Oxana – adorable name for a hairless cat.
  62. Paris – a serene place to name your cat.
  63. Pearl – for the precious jewel you have.
  64. Peach fuzz – an amusing name and also cute.
  65. Precious – Latin name meaning “beloved.”
  66. Primrose – a flowery name is always a yes.
  67. Raine – a goddess name.
  68. Rania – Russian name meaning “delightful.”
  69. Rosalind – for the one with great beauty.
  70. Ruby – after the stunning jewel.
  71. Sabina – Roman name meaning “beautiful.”
  72. Sangria – a beverage name.
  73. Sanura – Japanese name meaning “kitten.”
  74. Sekhmet – after the Egyptian Goddess of war.
  75. Shani – for your cat who is magnificent in everything
  76. Sfinga – Croatian for Sphinx.
  77. Sofia – this term is defined as intelligence.
  78. Sveta – Russian name meaning “saint.”
  79. Svetlana – this Russian name means “bright.”
  80. Sylvia – a magical name and it represents the tree’s God.
  81. Tahanga– word for “naked” in Maori.
  82. Tasha – a Christmas gift.
  83. Tatyana – a spiritual angel.
  84. Thema – this name means “queen.”
  85. Truth – a bitter truth but your cat is bald.
  86. Uliana – for the one with soft hair.
  87. Valeria – Egyptian name meaning “strong.”
  88. Vasilisa – this name means “queen.”
  89. Vera – if your cat is trustworthy and won’t eat all your food.
  90. Whiskers – another hairy name for a sphynx cat.
  91. Wrinkle – if you cannot understand your cat’s language.
  92. Xanthe – an Old Greek origin name that means light color.
  93. Yelena – a Russian word that translated from light.
  94. Zahra – a flower name that means to bloom.

Even without fur, these cats deserve the most beautiful bald cat names out there!

If I were to choose, I would go for “Yuri” and “Kira.” I want to keep it short yet meaningful!


Finding the ideal name for your hairless cat is a special journey that adds to the joy of pet ownership.

Whether you prefer names that reflect their unique appearance or ones that highlight their endearing qualities, there are a wealth of options to explore.

Embrace the adventure of naming your hairless cat and create a bond that will last a lifetime.

How about you? What are your favorite hairless cat names? Share below!

Hairless Cat Names: 190 Astonishing Ideas for Males & Females
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