How do you tell if your cat’s urine is normal?

Check out 4 tips for determining if kitty is healthy based on what you see in the litter box!

How do you tell if your cat’s urine is normal? Check out 4 tips for determining if kitty is healthy based on what you see in the litter box!


Let’s face it, your cat is not going to let you watch him or her urinate in order to tell if their urine is normal or not.

They prefer to be left alone to use the litter box, so keeping an eye on them doing it is not going to happen.

So how else can you tell if your kitty is urinating normally and if it is indeed normal or if there is something wrong?

Here we researched some tips on knowing if their urine is normal or not.

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How to Tell if Your Cat’s Urine is Normal

Normal Cat Urine

  • Normal cat urine is supposed to be clear, pale yellow. Some call it straw colored.
  • You should be able to see through it, even though that’s not always easy because cat litter covers it up.
  • If you have an adult cat that is spayed or neutered, their urine smell should not be overwhelming or offensive. This will be normal cat urine, acidic and slightly pungent.

Frequency of Urination

Cats typically do not urinate as much as dogs or humans on a daily basis.

While some cats may only urinate twice a day, there are some that might urinate more often, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are having any urinary issues so don’t panic.

You will know your cat’s habits, if they urinate usually twice a day, but have recently started to do so more than their usual time, then it’s time to try monitoring their urination for you can explain to the veterinarian what is going on.

Be sure to keep an eye on them if they are urinating less than their normal, especially in male cats because the cause could be something minor to their bladder having crystals that are blocking their urination path.

This could lead to surgery, or even worse when not treated appropriately and immediately.

Abnormal Urination

Oftentimes when a cat is having trouble with their kidneys or bladder, they tend to urinate on the outside of the box instead of inside.

If they are having trouble with urination from bladder infections, blockage, diabetes, dehydration, or another feline ailment they may urinate in unusual places as a signal to get your attention and the issue should be addressed immediately after you find out about it.

Abnormal Urination Odor or Color

Since the normal color of cat urine is clear, pale yellow we discussed earlier, any color changes should be addressed.

Some that may occur are urine with no color at all, orange colored, blood in urine, basically if it is enough for you to notice it then the issue should be checked out right away.

The same thing goes for the smell, any changes you notice be sure to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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These are the common ways to tell if your cat’s urination is normal or not.

Being a pet parent we want what is best for our fur-babies, so keeping an eye on them is not uncalled for. After all, they are part of our family, and we always want our families to be happy and healthy.

Do you have any tips to add to the ones we listed for how to tell if your cat’s urine is normal? Feel free to comment and let us know!