Here’s the Ultimate Solution 58.3 Million US Cat Owners Did Not See Coming!

About a year ago, Emily joined 58.3 million others owning at least one cat in the US . Her lifelong dream was to have a pet buddy, and her new American Shorthair, Jacques, was simply everything and more. 

But, as time passed, this initial excitement soon fizzled out. 

Like most pet owners, Emily filled up her pet storage station with every essential pet supply – the best food brands, cat beds, grooming kits, and litter boxes. The litter box, she said, was for the cat to relieve itself without messing up the house. 

And Emily wasn’t wrong – Jacques, like most cats, got used to the litter box within a few weeks. A happy owner, Emily didn’t mind emptying the litter box several times a day. 

This is perhaps where the narrative took a different turn. 

Emily discovered that these litter boxes use granulated, absorbent materials at the base, so it was easy for the cat’s paws to claw into the materials. As a result, the litter box dislodged from the cat’s paws while exiting the box, leaving a mess around the litter box area. 

After consulting with a fellow pet owner, Emily got a litter mat to ensure her cat’s excrement stayed in its litter box. And though these mats were quite helpful, Emily often had difficulty using them. 

Many litter mat designs, like hers, have common inadequacies. 

One of these is that they may not be suitable for all types of litter box placement. Some designs won’t be effective for your pet if you place its litter box in a room corner or against a wall because they won’t cover every side of the box.

In such cases, your cat could still dirty the floor if it chooses not to land on the tile mat.

Another challenge is that some designs are difficult to piece together or dismantle due to their relatively complex structures. Senior citizens who own pets might have some problems with arranging the litter mat too frequently.

However, today, a newly invented interlocking mat tile is changing the narrative, offering a solution Emily and all cat owners have sought for years.

Here we go.  

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Enter: Interlocking Mat Tile for Customizable Cat Mats 

Designed by VAN Ness Plastic Molding Company, Inc, this interlocking mat tile is a newly patented design for cats. The design objective is simply to keep your house free from your cat’s mess. 

As seen in Fg1 below, the tiles are rectangular-shaped, so you can interlock them with others to form your desired mat shape. 

The interlocking prevents motion between the tiles, placing them around the litter box. They are produced from rubber materials that make landing softer for your cat and make the tiles easier to maintain. 

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Fg1: Rectangular shape of cat mat tiles  

Using the prongs and grooves on the sides, you can fix the tiles, one to the other, to form an open square, U-shapes, L-shapes, or a linear pattern. You can apply any of these patterns for different litter box placements. 

The L-shaped tile assembly will be an appropriate design for litter boxes in corners. The open square pattern will be your best bet if you put the litter box in the middle of a room. If you place your litter box against a wall, you should use the U-shaped mat.

These tile mat designs seem quite easy to couple and disassemble. The grooves and prongs on the tile edges will make it effortless for elderly pet owners to use.

Since most other designs are too complex to handle, pet owners will find this tile mat assembly helpful in keeping their houses clean.

Each rubber tile has structures on the edges that help the tiles connect. The prongs are identified as male interlocking structures, while the grooves are female interlocking structures. The tiles all have these features on the edges for quick usage.

Fg2. Linear assembly of the tiles

The Fg2 above describes a linear assembly of the tiles, which works best if you place that cat’s litter box in a narrow passageway. The first side, which is upward, can connect with the third side, facing down.

And if you like, you can interlock the second side, which is left, to the fourth side, which is right. This way, your cat leaps out of the litter box and lands directly on the mat, cleaning the mess off its paws.

Fg3: L-shaped tile mat

Typical, the L-shaped mat will look like the figure above. You can use this tile mat design if your cat’s litter box is in a room corner.

Fg 4: U-shaped tile mat

The U-shaped tile mat above looks like the L-shaped mat, except it has two arms. These arms make it suitable for litter boxes that are next to walls. Wherever your cat chooses to jump out from, it will land on the mat and get its paws cleaned up.

The figure above represents an open square tile arrangement. The open square pattern works best for litter boxes in the center of a room.

You can place the litter box on the tiles permanently and clean them whenever you clean the litter box.

The tile mat design described in this article aims to help cat owners keep their cats and homes clean. While the litter box is necessary for your cat’s feces, the tile mats ensure that the cat doesn’t take the litter material within the box out. 

The design is well suited for any pet parent, as it requires little strength and skill to set up or dismantle. 

Pet parents like Emily won’t have to worry about having litter boxes dismantled or cats messing up the surroundings. What’s more, older cat owners will find it super convenient to use this mat.


cat hiding in the interlocking mat tiles


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