Are you wondering how to keep a multi-cat house clean?

As a multi-cat owner myself, I know how hard it can be to keep everything spotless, get rid of cat hair, and keep the house odor-free. 

Fortunately, I’ve got 12 handy tips to help you manage your multi-cat household.

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12 Smart Tips on How to Keep a Multi-Cat House Clean 

Many people have the wrong impression about multi-cat homes, thinking that a house full of felines must be smelly and filthy with cat hair all over the furniture.

However, keeping a multi-pet house odorless and spotless is not impossible. I’m not going to lie, though. It requires a lot of effort and elbow grease, especially when you have more than 3-4 cats.  

lady cleaning and showing how to keep a multi-cat house clean

So, how do you keep a multi-cat house clean? It’s all a matter of having the right cleaning tools and cleaning your cats’ litter boxes every day.

But let’s talk in detail about how to have a clean house with multiple cats and take a look at my tips. 

#1 Get Rid of Carpets

Speaking from experience, keeping carpets clean with several felines is challenging, even if you have cats that don’t shed much. 

vacuuming the carpet

Moreover, carpets tend to absorb unpleasant odors and are hard to clean if your cat has an accident. Not to mention that cats love to puke on plush surfaces (mine does it all the time).

As such, it’s better to opt for laminated flooring or hardwood floors to keep a multi-cat house clean. When there’s a mess, you just mop and forget about it. 

#2 Get a HEPA-Filter Vacuum Machine 

When you have a clowder of cats, you need to vacuum often, or you’ll soon have enough cat hair in the air to knit a sweater. 

vacuuming cat litter residue

However, not all vacuum cleaners are suitable for cat hair or cat litter. I usually rely on my HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner.

Such vacuum cleaners have sufficient power to remove embedded fur from the carpet/furniture and trap pet dander and other dust particles inside the filter.

Of course, you can also choose a robotic vacuum cleaner and program it to clean targeted areas where your cats make the most mess. 

If you’re thinking about vacuuming litter, you need a special and the best vacuum to pick up cat litter on hardwood floors or your regular machine will break.  


#3 Purchase An Enzymatic Cleanser

With multiple cats around, one is bound to have an accident or vomit foam on the floor. As such, you must have pet-safe cleaning products at hand to get rid of the mess as soon as you discover it.

Most owners make the mistake of cleaning cat accidents with the usual housecleaners or water. And they’re surprised when other people say that the house smells like cats. 

Most cleaners aren’t strong enough to remove these strong smells. That’s why the cat returns to pee/poop at the same location.  

What you need are enzymatic products. These enzymatic cleaners dissolve the uric acid and work great for getting rid of cat odors. So, they’re a must-have to keep a multi-cat house clean.

Check this video to see how these enzyme cleaners work.

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#4 Provide Multiple Litter Boxes

Unless you like cleaning cat urine/poop from flower pots or other surfaces, you need multiple litter boxes for multiple cats.

Cats should have separate litter boxes to avoid trouble. The general rule cat parents should follow is to have one box for each cat, plus one extra, according to Village Veterinary Clinic. (4)

As specialists explain it, “Having multiple boxes prevents overcrowding into one where your cat has to step on others’ waste and may feel like there’s not a spot clean enough to go.” (1)

And you should place the litter boxes in several locations so that one cat can’t block the other felines from going to the right “bathroom.”

For ideas on how to set up multiple litter boxes, take a look at the great tips in this video.

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#5 Scoop, Scoop, Scoop 

stainless litter box with non-clumping litter

As you know, keeping the litter box clean is essential for keeping your house clean and odor-free. With multiple cats, you need to scoop the box several times a day and dispose of the dirty litter.

It’s easy for the unpleasant odors to linger inside the house and stink it up. And you may never even realize it until someone points out because it’s easy to get nose blind with several cats around according to litter experts, Pretty Litter. (2)

Moreover, dirty litter boxes are a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, and parasites. It can be dangerous for your and your cats’ health if you don’t scoop it. 

#6 Opt for Washable Fabrics

Like carpets, fabrics accumulate odors, especially when multiple cats share one space. Usually, the cat bed lasts about 3-4 days before it’s all covered in fur and stinky as hell. 

So, make sure all cat beds in your home are machine washable so that you can quickly clean them.

#7 Spay/Neuter Your Cats 

As cat experts say, “Due to competitive behaviors, the probability of urine spraying indoors is directly proportional to the number of cats in the household.” (3)

Both male and female cats spray, so you should have your pets fixed as soon as possible to avoid them getting used to marking territory.

Spaying/neutering your cats also ensures your pets won’t get into fights for dominance or engage in mating behavior.

#8 Brush Your Cats Regularly

lady brushing her Maine Coon cat

The more you brush your cats, the less pet hair you’ll find around your home. And grooming your cats is vital for keeping their coats smooth, luxurious, and healthy. 

#9 Clean Accidents Right Away

Whenever your cat has an accident and pees on the carpet or another surface, you should clean it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the unpleasant smell will linger. 

Remember to use the right cleaning products to remove the stains and odors from the affected surfaces. For more tips, read our guide on how to get cat pee out of tile.

#10 Resolve Conflicts 

When cats are under stress, they often mark territory and exhibit other common behaviors that can turn your house upside-down. That’s why it’s important to keep the peace in the household:

  • Provide enough food bowls for all cats
  • Ensure all cats have suitable beds, blankets, and spots to nap/sleep
  • Provide vertical surfaces to enrich your cat’s environment 
  • Consider calming pheromones or anti-anxiety products to reduce stress 

#11 Don’t Let Dust/Hair Build-Up

grey cat looking at the hair balls on the dust pan

To keep a multi-cat house clean, you can’t slack off, or your home will quickly get covered in cat hair and cat litter:

  • Dust and vacuum every two to three days 
  • Wash your cat beddings weekly
  • Check the drapes for accumulated pet hair weekly 
  • Wash food and water bowls regularly
  • Change the litter often and wash the litter boxes to remove accumulated bacteria/odors

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#12 Have a Separate Room For Cat Stuff

Some of my friends always say how bad the cat food smells. And they’re right, but I’ve got so used to it I don’t notice it anymore.

To reduce these odors around the house, it’s better to have a dedicated room for all of your cat supplies. And you won’t have to wonder where you’ve left the cat food. 

How to Keep a Multi-Cat House Clean: FAQs


To clean your litter box with multiple cats, you need to scoop the toilet box several times a day to keep it as clean as possible. Consider investing in an automatic cat litter box that will do the scooping for you. 


To keep your house from smelling like a cat, use enzyme cleaners to get rid of urine smells, vacuum the floors, wash your cat’s beddings regularly, air your house often, and don’t forget to scoop the litter box every day. 
Here’s a cheap and simple tip, you can use to help control litter odors.


You should vacuum and dust at least once a week or every two-three days to remove pet hair from the furniture and flooring. 
Here are some more great tips for managing a multi-cat household.


As you can see, it’s not that complicated to keep a multi-cat house clean. You just have to apply a little bit of elbow grease to ensure all surfaces and beddings are clean and odor-free. 

If you’re having a hard time keeping your multi-pet house clean, you should ask for help. It’s not good for your health or your pet’s well-being to live in a dirty environment. 

kitten beside a litter box that is being cleaned

What do you think about these tips on how to keep a multi-cat house clean? How do you manage your house? Share your experience in the comment section. 


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