Your cat doesn’t need central AC to stay chilled in the heat! Check out these 7 ways to keep your cat cool during the summer months!

If you think that keeping your cat cool during the summer months isn’t as important as, say, keeping your dog cool, think again. Cats have a reputation for being desert animals. After all, they were once worshiped as gods in Egypt (a fact they have not forgotten), a largely desert land. The thing is, ancient Egypt wasn’t a desert! At least not where the cats and the pharaohs hung out! That’s a history lesson for another day, though. The point is, despite the whole “but cats are desert animals!” reputation, cats do in fact need to keep cool during the summer months just as much as you do. Here are a few easy ways to accomplish that!

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Ways to Keep Your Cat Cool During the Summer

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Ice bottles

Ice bottles are a great way to keep your cat cool in the summer heat. Add cold water, filled about 3/4th of the way, to an empty soda or water bottle and freeze it overnight. In the morning, wrap the frozen bottle in a small towel and place it in the area your cat spends the most time lounging. If your cat gets too warm, lying on the ice bottle can be a great comfort.

Cold water

During the summer months, your cats need to have fresh, cold water. For added coolness, drop a couple ice cubes in the water so it stays colder longer.


Cats appreciate fans just as much as we do. Because cats are floor-level, using a box fan is ideal for them. Just place it near an open window, allowing them to feel a breeze on those hot summer days.

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Damp cloths

While it is true that cats don’t like the water, they don’t mind some moisture. Take a washcloth and dampen it with cool water. Then, glide it across their fur to cool them down a bit.

Outdoor shade

For cats that go outside, protecting them for the blazing sun is important. They need a place where they can go and get some retreat from the heat. If there are no natural shady spots in the years, you can easily create one by draping a cloth over an area in the yard. Or even just setting a cardboard box out in the yard can offer your cat protecting from the sun.


Long-haired cats are sometimes uncomfortable when the temperatures rise. It is a good idea to consider taking them to the groomers for a clipping. In between clippings, be sure to brush your cat often.

Leave kitty at home

While we’re more likely to take our dogs on outings than our cats, if you do take kitty on car rides, it’s best to skip them on hot days if you’ll be stopping anywhere. Just like dogs, your cat can overheat and potentially die when left in a hot car. Of course, if you’re just going for a ride in the car to enjoy the AC and NOT planning to get out, then by all means, take kitty along!

Do you do anything else to keep your cat cool during the summer? Share your favorite tips below!


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