Looking for mystical black cat names for your kitten?

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We rounded up 100 fantastic ideas for your ebony pal, including a few magical black cat names from movies, literature, and more.

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50 Mystical Black Male Cat Names

furry mystical black cat with fierce look
  1. Oracle: a spirit or form which predicts the upcoming of one’s life.
  2. Atlas: this means to convey huge amounts of power.
  3. Phoenix: a person or a distinctively exceptional object.
  4. Jasper: Persian origin and defined as wealthy.
  5. Bruxo: a Portuguese name that means a magician.
  6. Cyfrin: this is defined as a mystery.
  7. Finn: an Irish name that means chalk-white or fair.
  8. Storm: an old English name that means typhoon.  
  9. Pooka: this means fairies.
  10. Arthur: an old Celtic name that means support.
  11. Orion: a constellation visible in the night sky.
  12. Bodhi: a Sanskrit origin name which means illuminating.
  13. Talia: a name originated from a plethora of places and means to blossom.
  14. Gabriel: means God is power. 
  15. Patrick: a Latin name that means patrician. 
  16. Adam: male of the planet earth.
  17. Azrael: a celestial being of God.
  18. Mojo: a fortunate charm.
  19. Jade: a stone to channel lucidity and understanding.
  20. Lucky: blessed person, soul, or object.
  21. Oscar: a pointed weapon of almighty.
  22. Damon: to conquer
  23. Derry: a Catholic name that means a bunch of oak trees.
  24. Silas: means forest; Latin origin
  25. Sirius: a shimmering star
  26. Harry: a knight in shining armor to shield the house.
  27. Draco: Latin name with the birthplace of Greek and means a serpent. 
  28. Aladdin: honors the trust. 
  29. Jack: the creator is whole of forgiveness.
  30. Lucius: a Latin word meaning brightness.
  31. Regin: a king’s counselor
  32. Juju: dealing with midas touch.
  33. Hedwig: means to fight. 
  34. Hero: a warrior who wins.
  35. Alexander: protector of the beings.
  36. Leo: comes from Latin which means a lion.
  37. Skye: a Christian name that means cloud, one of the cutest cloud cat names.
  38. Pluto: the deity of the netherworld.
  39. Salem: it means tranquility or silence.
  40. Severus: after a stringent and rigorous being.
  41. Morpheus: almighty of fantasies.
  42. Hercules: empress of the creators.
  43. Karma: predestination of one’s life.
  44. Sphinx: means to squeeze up.
  45. Jinn: a form that fulfills one’s wishes.
  46. Chakra: the focal point of one’s psychical energy of the body.
  47. Specter: one who leads the way for the others.
  48. Ozzy: the strength of god
  49. Merlin: means a castle in an ocean.
  50. Dhruva: non-motile or rooted in one place.

50 Mystical Black Female Cat Names

brown-eyed mystical black cat with leaves background
  1. Akasha: An element from which all things are made.
  2. Amber: an emerald or gem.
  3. Aziza: a loved one; beautiful 
  4. Ash: this originated from an ash tree and of English birthplace.
  5. Agni: a Hindu name that comes from a goddess of fire.
  6. Ariadne: a Greek origin name that means heavenly.
  7. Aurora: this means the first light of the day.
  8. Aura– the mystical energy that surrounds us all.
  9. Blossom: birth as a seed.
  10. Celeste: it means divine.
  11. Cassandra: this means who aids humanity and overpower men.
  12. Chakra– the spiritual centers within our bodies.
  13. Cleo: It means prestige and honor.
  14. Dahlia: a flower which means a valley.
  15. Pixie: a fairy who has supernatural properties.
  16. Pearl: a beautiful bead 
  17. Mantra: the words we say to keep us grounded.
  18. Sybil: a person or object who forecasts the future of people.
  19. Rose: an alluring flower  
  20. Sage: this means a sensible and intelligent person
  21. Willow: an aspiration that symbolizes that one should always hope.
  22. Tara: a star that signifies that one should always shine. 
  23. Lakshmi: this name helps to attract money. 
  24. Jenny: It means God is merciful.
  25. Selena: a Spanish name that means moon. 
  26. Rebecca: it means to stick together. 
  27. Lotus: it’s a flower that originates in a dirty river.
  28. Luna: this word means crescent
  29. Spooky: it is a supernatural spirit or ghostly thing 
  30. Kismet: things that will eventually happen in one’s life.
  31. Whisper: an American name that means smooth voiceover.
  32. Helen: glows like a torch.
  33. Eva: female of the earth.
  34. Maya: a Sanskrit word that means illusion; money.
  35. Samwise: straightforward and undemanding.
  36. Hermione: this means gentle; rock.
  37. Twinkle: to sparkle like a star.
  38. Tatiana: queen of the fairies. 
  39. Nagini: this means a snake.
  40. Hazel: what God discerns.
  41. Angel: a pure spirit of almighty.
  42. Crystal: an assistant of christ.
  43. Hayley: insightful and creative.
  44. Phoebe: this name means gleaming as glitter.
  45. Lilith: a night mythical creature.
  46. Zenobia: Ruler of the Palmyrene Empire in Syria.
  47. Niamh: the one who shines like a star.
  48. Larissa: who spreads his/her happiness. 
  49. Aislinn: this name means fantasies.
  50. Thalia: a Greek name that means thriving.

All of these names are very special mystical black cat names, but I love Crystal for a girl and Morpheus for a boy.

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