We all know that keeping our pets clean is essential, not just for their sake but also for ours. Zoonotic diseases are rising, and taking precautions is necessary to prevent them.

There is a proposal for an automatic pet sheet installation system to prevent zoonotic diseases [1]. Stay tuned to know how this pet sheet installation system works.

cats inside a litter box with pet sheet installation system

The Spread of Zoonotic Diseases

Zoonotic diseases are transmitted to humans either directly or indirectly. [2] Direct transmission occurs when an animal bites or scratches a person or when a person comes in contact with an animal’s saliva, blood, urine, or feces.

Indirect transmission can occur when someone touches something contaminated with an animal’s bodily fluids and then touches their eyes, nose, or mouth. 

Most pet owners contact zoonotic diseases through direct contact with excrements. As you clean your cat litter or your dog’s poop, you may come in contact with toxoplasma, salmonella, or other harmful bacteria.

Therefore, you need a system that can clean the excrements automatically. How does this system work?

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The Proposed Automatic Pet Sheet Installation System

The pet sheet installation system works by folding sheets automatically. You don’t have to be around or keep monitoring when your pet has defecated. [3]

The system comes with a camera and a processor. The camera detects the excrement while the processor processes it.

The pet sheet installation system uses image processing to recognize when a pet defecates on the sheets. The system automatically folds the pet sheet along creases and disposes of it in the trash.

It’s worth noting that the system folds the pet sheet only after recognizing excrements. Thus, you don’t have to worry about wasting your pet sheets.

After an experiment, the installation system was 100% successful in these operations. It could effectively recognize excrement and dispose of it appropriately.

Image Processing

Image processing is the principal operating feature of the proposed pet sheet installation system. The system uses image processing to confirm:

  • The entry of the pet onto the device
  • That the pet has exited the device
  • The presence of excretes on the sheet

What is the reason for these confirmations? The system wants to ensure that only a used pet sheet is folded and disposed of to eliminate wastage.

The system automatically folds the sheet once feces are confirmed through image processing.

The sheets are folded from left to right and top to bottom to prevent spillage, which can transmit diseases.

An attached motor opens the trash lid, and the folded pet sheet is disposed of in the trash.

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The Installation Action

What next after disposing of a used pet sheet in the trash? Is the device left without a pet sheet?

The system ensures an automatic re-installation of new pet sheets. The sheet installation system has a motor that sucks new pet sheets into the device.

Casters move sheets to the top of the disposal unit.

This way, there is always a pet sheet available for use. You don’t have to worry about changing them manually, which can be unhygienic.

An infrared LED light controls the caster’s movement to ensure the perfect placement of sheets. The caster stops moving when the light gets blocked by installed sensors.

The movement stops when the pet sheet reaches the disposal unit. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your furry friend defecating outside the sheet.

You’ll not be involved anywhere in the process. Thus, you’re safe from the risks of zoonotic diseases.

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Benefits of the Automatic Pet Sheet Installation System

The proposed pet sheet installation system is a necessity because:

1. It’s hygienic

You don’t have to worry about changing sheets manually. The system also folds the pet sheets carefully to prevent spillage.

2. You’re safe from zoonotic diseases

The system eliminates the risks of you coming in contact with animal feces.

3. It’s time-saving

The system automatically folds and disposes of used pet sheets. There’s no need to worry about getting home early to clean your furry’s litter.

4. It’s cost-effective

The system saves pet sheets. Sheets are only folded and disposed of when they contain excretes.


Zoonotic diseases are a global health concern transmitted from animals to humans. The best way to prevent these diseases is by ensuring good hygiene.

The proposed pet sheet installation system is a hygienic and cost-effective way of preventing zoonotic diseases. The system automatically folds and disposes of used pet sheets.

I cannot wait for the system to be available to get it!

cat inside a litter box


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