I cannot wait to see this new auto feeder on the SHELVES!

It will be a GAME CHANGER for all cat parents including myself!

The auto cat feeder dispenser comes with a servo motor output that allows the food to flow from the dispenser directly into the bowl.

How cool is that?

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The Situation

adorable ginger cat

If you’re held up or traveling, it’s normal to worry that your cat will go hungry back home due to a lack of food.

Of course, you don’t want this! But what is the solution?

We live in a world where we can’t always be available to feed our felines. This is where the need to create a device that can feed our pets is necessary.

The feeding device must eliminate food wastage as much as possible. You don’t want to leave food for your cat only to find it spilled. 

The automatic cat feeder dispenser is a device that will help you to provide food to your cat at regular intervals automatically. This means that even when you’re not around, your cat will still get fed on time and won’t have to starve.

Unlike the gravity cat feeder dispensers, the automatic dispenser dispenses food at a set interval. This prevents overfeeding your cat and food wastage.

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The Design of the Real-Time Cat Auto Feeder Dispenser

The cat’s real-time auto feeder dispenser has two essential components:

  • The ultrasonic sensor
  • Real-time Clock (RTC)

It’s worth noting that the real-time cat auto feeder dispenser dispenses food into a bowl. The cat eats the food from the bowl and not directly from the dispenser.

A sensor is needed to monitor the amount of food left in the bowl and alert the cat feeder. Furthermore, the dispenser will only dispense food after getting a signal.

Dispensing food at intervals ensures that the bowl does not have excess food at any time.

The ultrasonic sensor calculates the amount of food in the bowl and sends a signal to the Arduino. The Arduino then either dispenses food or not, depending on the amount of food in the bowl.

The RTC module keeps track of time. Time is crucial because it ensures that food dispenses at specific intervals.

What if the primary power source fails? Will your cat not get any food?

Thankfully, the RTC has a backup power source. Thus, even if the primary power source fails, your cat will still get fed on time.

Food Dispensing

There have been concerns with other cat feeding dispensers whereby the food dispenses on the floor instead of the bowl. It’s an issue with poor targeting and is addressed in the real-time cat auto feeder dispenser.

You don’t have to worry about your cat’s food dropping onto the ground. The auto cat feeder dispenser comes with a servo motor output that allows the food to flow from the dispenser directly into the bowl.

The servo motor output is linear and rotatory. Therefore, the food is dispensed in a linear or rotatory manner.

The bowl’s location determines how the servo motor positions the food. However, you don’t have to worry about this because the device is automatic, and the sensor adjusts accordingly.

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Feeding Time Intervals

senior cat eating nutritious cat food

The real-time cat auto feeder dispenser works based on the cat’s feeding time. In most cases, cats are supposed to have three meals per day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The automatic cat feeder dispenser dispenses the food at 9 AM, 3 PM, and 9 PM (1). You can adjust the time intervals to suit your cat’s feeding schedule.

The device can only dispense dry food types. In this case, you should concentrate on giving your feline wet foods when you are home and leave dry kibble for the dispenser.

Although feeding only dry foods seems to be a drawback, the dispenser makes your work easier. You can rest easy knowing your cat will not go hungry.

When the feeding time comes, the sensor records the food level in the bowl and sends the details to Arduino Uno. The Arduino Uno activates the servo motor to release the food only if there is no food in the bowl.


cat licking his mouth

The real-time cat auto feeder dispenser is a game-changer for cat feeding. The device will make your work easier and ensure your cat is well-fed.

If you’re always worried about leaving your cat home alone, this is the device for you. The real-time cat auto feeder dispenser will care for your cat’s feeding needs.

This device is NOT on the shelves yet! I will make sure to share the news with you when it hits the store! Now my friends, would you get one for your kitty? Tell me!

cat eating dry food from real time cat auto feeder dispenser


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