6 Easy Steps for Bringing a Stray Cat Home

Thinking about bringing home a stray cat? Before you do, make sure you follow a few steps to keep everyone safe in your home! When a stray cat comes around a home, many people will feed him and try to make him comfortable. What starts out as a humanitarian effort...

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What Do You Do If You Find a Sick Kitten?

A sick kitten is just about the most pitiful thing on earth, especially when they're all alone in the great big world. As a professional in the vet field for 7 years, I saw my fair share of sick kittens, whether they were owned or found. I also had a lot of people ask...

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Why Does Your Cat Bring You Dead Critters?

Why does your cat bring you dead critters? Just picture it – you’re getting ready to leave for work. You are dressed all spiffy, you give your cat a pat on the head on your way out the door, and you’re stopped short as you realize there is a dead mouse on your front...

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