Genetta Cat Breed: All About This Unique Dwarf Cat

If you haven't heard of the Genetta cat breed, don't feel bad: you're not alone. This designer mixed breed is still very much a "work in progress," and isn't even officially recognized by the The International Cat Association yet. Learn all about it! The Genetta is...

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10 Cute & Funny Travel Mugs for Cat Lovers

If you're searching for the best gift idea for your favorite pet mom or dad,  you'll adore these travel mugs for cat lovers! After all, they combine two of the best things in life: coffee and cats!! They make the perfect gift for any occasion, from Mother's Day &...

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Top 5 Best Cat Trees for Large Cats (with Reviews)

Finding the best trees for large cats is a bit trickier than grabbing a tree for your petite kitty. Most cat trees are designed for the average-sized kitty (8-11 pounds), not for your "large & in charge" Maine Coon or Savannah cat! Not only are these kitties more...

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The Top 10 Celebrity Cat Names

Your camera-ready kitty deserves one of these celebrity cat names, don't you agree? Celebrities love to show off their lavish lifestyles on social media, which can sometimes make us jealous of them. They go to parties, hang out with other famous people and have...

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