Will Your Cat Raise Kittens That Aren’t Her Own?

Will your cat raise kittens that aren’t her own? It depends on your cat’s personality and mood! Find out more & learn what to do if your cat says "no way!" and rejects the kittens! Looking for Kitten Hugs? Read our article. When kittens are born, their mother cleans...

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These Are the Most Common Pain Medications for Cats

Wondering what medications you can give a cat for pain? Short answer is none.  Your vet, on the other hand, may prescribe one of these many pet and human meds! Read on to learn more!   Pain meds are a big part of treating animals, be that cats, dogs, horses, or other...

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5 Awesome Tricks to Teach Your Cat

You’ve probably heard a thousand times that it’s impossible to train a cat. I admit that teaching your cat to do tricks is more complicated than training your dog, but it’s absolutely doable. As long as the cat is properly motivated and in a mood for learning anything...

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