How Do I Get My Cat to Be More Active?

How do I get my cat to be more active? If you have a lazy cat, I bet you've asked yourself that quite a few times! While some cats are energetic by nature, others have what I call the Garfield complex. They like to laze around all day, moving only to use the litter...

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10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Anime Lovers

Need some fabulous Valentine's Day gifts for anime lovers who also adore cats? You're going to love these top 10 gifts from our store! You will find Kawaii Cat Gifts We've combined our passion for cats with our adoration of all things manga to create adorable gifts...

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Top 10 Cat Names from TV Shows

Looking for the best cat names from TV shows? Whether you're looking for serious, clever, or just plain funny cat names, television is full of inspiration! There are many TV shows from the past and present that feature cats as some of the best side or main characters....

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How to Get Your Cat to Use a New Cat Tree

If you've landed here by searching, chances are you're having a hard time figuring out how to get your cat to use a new cat tree. It's incredibly frustrating to spend $50, $60, even $100+ on a new cat condo only to have kitty snub it. Don't worry, there are a few...

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The Top 10 Cute Anime Names for Cats

If you're hunting for some great anime names for cats, we've got you covered! Cats are some of the most adorable creatures on the planet, especially kittens, so when you get one you want to make sure they have the perfect name. If you happen to be a lover of anime,...

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