The Top 10 Names for Orange Cats

Need a little help coming up with a few perfect orange cat names for your new ginger kitty? Choosing a name for your cat based on the color of their fur doesn’t have to be difficult! When it comes to cats with orange or red fur, there are plenty of choices to choose...

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10 Super Sweet Valentine’s Day Cat Mom Gifts

Looking for some great Valentine's Day cat mom gifts for your special someone? These 10 ideas are the purrfect way to say I love you! As a pet parent myself, I can say that I'd be thrilled to receive any of these adorable presents! I always love an opportunity to tell...

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How Do I Get My Cat to Be More Active?

How do I get my cat to be more active? If you have a lazy cat, I bet you've asked yourself that quite a few times! While some cats are energetic by nature, others have what I call the Garfield complex. They like to laze around all day, moving only to use the litter...

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10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Anime Lovers

Need some fabulous Valentine's Day gifts for anime lovers who also adore cats? You're going to love these top 10 gifts from our store! You will find Kawaii Cat Gifts We've combined our passion for cats with our adoration of all things manga to create adorable gifts...

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