Top 5 Best Modular Cat Trees (with Reviews)

Modular cat trees are perfect for two kinds of people: those who need space-saving condos and those who want to build sprawling gyms across the whole house for their kitties. Wait, how can that be? How can they be perfect for two completely opposite scenarios? You'll...

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Top 10 Spiritual Black Cat Names (with Meanings)

If you are looking for spiritual black cat names, look no further, we’ve got you covered. In the past, people often named their cat based on the color of their fur. Although the tradition remains to this day, now people see cats more as family members than as pets,...

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Is it OK to kiss my cat?

Do you wonder if it’s OK to kiss a cat when you pick her up for a cuddling session? Or maybe you want to know if Kitty knows that your kisses are a sign of affection. Then I’ve got you covered. Read on to find out the answers! Is it OK to kiss my cat? I would say that...

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10 Inappropriate Names to Call a Cat

With so many great and inspired monikers out there, I'm always surprised when people go with totally mundane or inappropriate cat names. When it comes to naming a cat, you want to choose something that is unique and will suit their personality completely. There are...

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