If you’re looking for an awesome yet useful stocking stuffer gift idea, you’ll love these PopSockets for cat lovers!

From cute sayings to funny pictures, there’s something for everyone!

I love giving PopSockets because anyone with pretty much any type of phone can use them!

Read on to learn more and discover my favorite PopSockets for cat lovers!

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If you're looking for an awesome yet useful stocking stuffer gift idea, you'll love these PopSockets for cat lovers! From cute sayings to funny pictures, there's something for everyone!

What are PopSockets?

I never heard of PopSockets until my son asked me for one to go with his new phone that I got him for his 13th birthday this year.

I’ll be honest, I thought they were kind of silly at first and couldn’t really see the use in them. Turns out, they are incredibly useful!

  • PopSockets are circular discs that “pop” out up to two times and sort of telescope around, letting you use them as a grip or as a stand.
  • Unlike bulky cases with kickstands, PopSockets lay flat until you need them.
  • Plus, you can easily remove them and swap them out depending on your mood!

Knock on wood and all that, my son hasn’t dropped his phone once when using his PopSockets grip. While they won’t protect your phone from wear and tear or drops, they will help you keep a better grip on them!

Now that you know what they are, let’s check out some of the cutest PopSockets for cat lovers!


PopSockets for Cat Lovers

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1. Super Cute Munchkin Cat

Super Cute Munchkin Cat

Got a munchkin cat lover in your life? They’ll adore this darling Munchkin Cat Graphic PopSockets Grip! I don’t even have a munchkin and I want it!

Buy It Here


2. I Love My Munchkin

 I Love My Munchkin

Another great gift idea for munchkin cat parents, this one is just as cute as the first, but includes the words “I love my Munchkin.”

Buy It Here

3. Warning: May Spontaneously Start Talking About Cats

Warning: May Spontaneously Start Talking About Cats

Another one of my favorites because it describes me so perfectly! Get this one for your favorite cat lover who just can’t stop talking about their kitty!

Buy It Here


4. Cats Rule

Cats Rule PopSockets Phone Grip

Simply stated but oh-so true! Cats definitely rule around here, even though the dogs would like you to believe otherwise!

Buy It Here

5. Cute Cat Mama Design

Cute Cat Mama Design

How cute is this Cat Mama PopSockets Phone Grip? It’s simple yet really stands out! Get one for yourself and one for all the cat mamas that you know!

Buy It Here


6. Kawaii Cat Sis with Cute Anime Kitty

Kawaii Cat Sis with Cute Anime Kitty

If your daughter is a proud cat sister, she’ll love this kawaii (that means cute, FYI) Cat Sis PopSockets! It’s perfect for teenagers who really love anime!

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Buy It Here

7. Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady

This is such a funny gift to get for that over-zealous cat lover in your life!

Buy It Here

8. Crazy Cat Mom

Crazy Cat Mom

Embrace your inner crazy cat mom and get this cute design to let the world know that you’re proud to love cats!

Buy It Here

9. Colorful Cat Dad With A Paw & A Christmas Hat

Colorful Cat Dad With A Paw & A Christmas Hat

Men can be crazy cat parents too, you know! If your special guy adores kitties as much as you do, get him this cute Cat Dad Christmas design PopSockets!

Buy It Here


10. Colorful Cat Mom With a Paw and a Christmas Hat

Colorful Cat Mom With a Paw and a Christmas Hat


Celebrate the holiday while showing off your kitty love with this cute Cat Mom with a Christmas hat design!

Buy It Here

11. Cat Father Beer Lover

PopSockets for cat lovers Cat Father Beer Lover

This one is definitely for adults, but isn’t it a funny gift idea for a cat-loving guy?

Buy It Here


12. Cat Mother Wine Lover

 Cat Mother Wine Lover PopSockets for cat lovers

If you love relaxing with a glass of wine and snuggling with your cat after a long day, this is for you!

Buy It Here

13. Cute Halloween Black Cat With Ears

Cute Halloween Black Cat with Ears PopSockets for cat lovers

Okay, so this might technically be a Halloween design, but it’s my absolute favorite. Seriously, isn’t it adorable?

It’s definitely a must-have gift for black cat parents!

Buy It Here

14. Cute Halloween Black Cat With Bright Eyes

Cute Halloween Black Cat PopSockets for cat lovers

This is another design that is technically for Halloween but still perfect for all black cat lovers!

Buy It Here

15. Proud Cat Parent

PopSockets for cat lovers: Proud Cat Parents

Last but not least, this one is perfect for cat moms or cat dads who want to say it loud and proud that they love their kitties!

Buy It Here

If you’re looking for great gifts under $20 for stockings or Secret Santa, you really can’t go wrong with these PopSockets for cat lovers! They’re inexpensive enough that you can get a couple of them and keep them in your gift stash, too!

Which of these PopSockets for cat lovers do you love the most? Share below!

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