A rare male tortoiseshell cat named Comet has finally found a home.

On Friday, The Animal Foundation announced that Comet had been adopted. Comet is a “super rare male tortie kitten,” said The Animal Foundation, a Las Vegas animal shelter.

In an Instagram post, the foundation said that kittens like Comet are so rare they are referred to as “the unicorn of cats.”

With only 1 in 3 thousand tortoiseshell cats being born with this special coat coloration. Tortoise shells are not a specific breed but are named after their particular coat colors-usually red, brown, and black.

Most of them are females but lucky for you guys there are also some males out there who want nothing more than cuddles

Two X chromosomes are needed to produce the tortoiseshell pattern [1], so it’s no surprise that female cats make up most of this breed. One other interesting note is that due to this genetic makeup the male cats are sterile.

“Comet is certainly one of the most unique cats we have ever seen at The Animal Foundation. So cool!” the rescue Facebook post added.

The adventurous little guy is eight weeks old and came to the facility as a stray. He was neutered on June 3 before being taken home.

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TORTOISESHELL CAT WITH GREEN EYES UNDER TITLE A Rare Male Tortoiseshell cat gets adopted from a las vegas shelter



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