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Should you get a cat when you can’t take care of yourself? The answer may seem pretty obvious, but there’s more to it! Check it out!

Should you get a cat when you can’t even take care of yourself? When we are going through a rough patch in life, we often look for things to make us feel better or take our minds off of the bad parts of our lives. For some people, they decide to buy something to make them feel better and for many people, that is a cat, dog, or other pet. Now don’t get me wrong, owning a cat is simply one of the best and most rewarding things you can do.

In fact, talk to any cat owner, and they will tell you the many different ways their feline friend has impacted their life in a positive manner, which is a beautiful thing to see. However, you most certainly should not get a cat if your own life isn’t where you want it. If you can’t take care of yourself, how do you expect to take care of a cat?

Should You Get a Cat When You Can’t Take Care of Yourself

First things first, this cat is a living and breathing animal. It is not something you can just purchase to make you feel better for a while and then get rid of when you don’t want to care for it anymore. Buying a cat is a massive commitment and by agreeing to become its owner, you are basically taking an oath to care for that cat and provide for it for the next decade or so.

Secondly, while buying and owning a cat is an amazing thing, everything isn’t always peaches and cream. Cats are sometimes skittish in new environments and take some time to warm up. This means the first few weeks of bringing your cat home could be difficult as they may mark their territory or behave strangely in other ways. Even after the cat is accustomed to your home, it still may act out at certain times, which can make your life more difficult than it already is. It is by no means easy to own a cat 100% of the time.

Work hard at improving your life in whatever way you need to, and maybe use the prospect of getting a cat as motivation for getting your life back on track. Once you have your life where you want it and are ready, go and get the cat of your dreams. Both you and your new cat will be happy you waited instead of rushing into it when you weren’t ready. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to talk to a local veterinarian to get a better idea about how to care for a cat and what things you may need to purchase.

What do you think? Should you get a cat when you don’t really have your life together? Has it ever worked out for you? Share your thoughts below!

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