These six symptoms of cat pregnancy are important to know if you have an intact female because they can often be signs of other cat health problems, too. Check them out!

Symptoms of cat pregnancy are just as important to recognize as the symptoms of a cat in heat that we talked about before.

If you have an intact female, and she was outside for any length of time for any reason, you’ll need to watch her to ascertain if she is or isn’t pregnant.

Knowing the symptoms of cat pregnancy is key to spotting cat pregnancy early so you’ll know what’s happening with your cat.

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Symptoms of Cat Pregnancy

It’s important to note that all of the following symptoms work together to let you know if your cat is pregnant.

On their own, each of these symptoms don’t necessarily mean that your cat is pregnant, and can, in fact, be a sign of an illness of some sort.

So the key to assessing if your cat is pregnant is to look at the overall picture and how many signs of possible pregnancy are existent simultaneously.

Pinking Up

Anywhere from 15 to 18 days into pregnancy, your cat will show one of the first symptoms of pregnancy – Pinking Up. Pinking Up is a process in which your cats nipples become enlarged and red.

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Cats can sometimes have the feline equivalent of morning sickness. While not limited to the morning, pregnant cats will often have vomiting stage in their pregnancy which generally comes early.

Never assume that vomiting is pregnancy related, especially if your cat shows other symptoms of distress.

Abdominal Swelling

Of course, as her kittens grow, so will your mama cat’s belly. On its own this is not necessarily one of the symptoms of pregnancy, so take her overall healthy into account.

Increased Appetite

Increased appetite can be a strong sing of pregnancy when couple with other symptoms. To support their babies’ growth and milk production, pregnant cats will show an increased appetite.

However, on its own, this could be a sign of worms or another underlying condition.

Weight Gain

Along with increased appetite, one of the stronger signs of cat pregnancy is weight gain. A pregnant cant will generally gain between 2.5 to 5 pounds.

If you notice your cat gaining weight but you’re not feeding her extra food, this could be a sign of pregnancy. However, if no other signs are present, this could be a symptom of another problem.

Extra Friendly Kitty

Similar the increased demand for attention while she’s in heat, a pregnant cat will become extremely friendly and demanding of your attention.

Her hormones set off a cascade of maternal instincts in her body, one of them being an extra friendly demeanor.

Symptoms of Cat Pregnancy – The Big Picture

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On their own, most of the individual of cat pregnancy can point to other health issues, so it’s important to take the big picture into account when trying to determine if your cat is pregnant.

If your cat is truly pregnant, you should see more than one sign. If you only see one of the symptoms of pregnancy such as weight gain, vomiting, or abdominal swelling, for example, they could be signs of something else.

In any event, never try to diagnose your cat, or any pet for that matter, on your own. If your cat shows one or even all of the symptoms of cat pregnancy it’s still vitally important that you take her in to the vet as soon as possible to either get confirmation of your cat’s pregnancy or determine the underlying cause of her current symptoms.

 Have you ever dealt with cat pregnancy? Share your experiences below!


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