If you want to call your kitty something that shows off your love of action & excitement, you need to check out these 20 adventurous cat names!

Some people like to choose cat names that are funny, whereas others like to choose ones that match their adventurous and playful personalities.

Naturally, cats are always curious and will investigate anything that catches their attention, regardless of if they are indoor or outdoor cats.

Perhaps you enjoy going out for long hikes among mountains or like biking along rural tracks, just like me.

Choosing a name for your cat that you can relate to is a great idea and we have some of the most adventurous names for both male and female cats.

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If you want to call your kitty something that shows off your love of action & excitement, you need to check out these 20 adventurous cat names!

The Top 10 Adventurous Names for Female Cats

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1. Aurora

A lot of people travel each year to see the aurora borealis, which is also known as the Northern Lights.

It is quite the sight to see with the sky being lit up and is something that inspires people to go on adventures. Aurora is a beautiful name for a cat to always remind you of this.

2. Brooke

When hiking through the countryside, people will often come across little streams with fresh water and these can also be known as brooks.

This instantly made me think of the name Brooke.

3. Dove

When I think of adventure, I think of seeing the world whenever you want and creatures that can do this are birds.

Personally, I love doves because they represent peace and freedom.

4. Fern

Walking through fields and meadows, you are surrounded by nature, with plants and flowers being great to use as names.

A Fern is a small, green plant that prefers to be in the shade, so if you have an indoor cat, this is a great name.

5. Alice

Has there ever been a more adventurous character in film and literature than Alice? The book is actually called Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, after all.

If you don’t adore this name, you can also go with Alice’s cat: Dinah! There, that’s two adventurous cat names in one!

6. Amelia

Amelia, after Amelia Earhart, is the perfect name for an adventurous female cat! She was one of the first female pilots and the first to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean

Sadly, she vanished into thin air and, up until recently, no one had a clue what happened. Newly found footage may change that now.


7. Luna

In the days of old, people would travel under the light of the moon, and another name for that is Luna.

This would work perfectly if you have a white or pale grey cat to match the color of the moon. Luna is also the name of a brave and adventurous Harry Potter character!

8. Raven

We have a name for a white cat on this list, so how about one for a black cat?

Raven is such a mysterious name, which I think is great for a cat as you never know what they are going to do next.

9. Sky

When most people want to travel to another country, they will go via a plane that soars through the sky.

Whether you choose Sky or Skye as the name, you will always be reminded of adventures to be had.

10. Star

Before people had satellite maps to guide them to their destination, travelers would use the stars to help them along the way.

The Top 10 Adventurous Names for Male Cats


1. Cliff

A cliff is often a steep rock face that stands against the edge of the sea where many people used to set sail on adventures.

Cliff is the perfect name for the male kitten that likes to climb on things.

2. Diesel

Cars sometimes need diesel oil if they want to go on an adventure and it just so happens to make a great name for a playful kitten.

I see it as quite a tough and masculine name that any kitten could rock.

3. Forrest

When you read an adventure book, the hero will nearly always have to travel through a forest of some kind.

It also happens to be the name of a famous adventurous character, Forrest Gump.

4. Hunter

Back in the days where people would hunt for their food, they sometimes had to travel far away from their home.

Hunter is a great name for the adventurous kitten who sometimes likes to bring back unwanted presents.

5. Indiana

Indiana Jones is the most adventurous movie character, so it only makes sense that his name has a spot on this list.

6. Leaf (or Lief)

Autumn is my favorite time of the year and if it is yours as well, why not remember that by calling your cat Leaf?

You can also go with Leif, as in the Viking adventurer, Lief Eriksson.

7. Maverick

A Maverick is often seen as being independent, which is definitely something that cats are.

8. Phoenix

This mythological creature has a truly unique name that you can use as inspiration for your fiery little kitten.

9. Ranger

Rangers keep woodland or forests in check, but it can also be a name for your kitten that is rugged and adventurous.

10. Scout

Scouts were often sent out to gather information about a place or person. Taking inspiration from this, it also serves as a unique name for your kitten.


It’s hard to choose a favorite name when all of them are so different, with one to suit every personality!

Which of these adventurous cat names would you choose?

Gina Donnelly
Gina Donnelly