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Are you wondering what to do with a used Litter-Robot?

That’s an excellent question, especially if you’re getting a new model and don’t have enough space for the old unit around the house.

So, keep reading to discover what you can do with a used automatic cat litter box.

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7 Things to Do With a Used Litter-Robot

Litter-Robot is one of the best automatic cat litter boxes you can find. And as one dedicated cat owner explains it simply, “The device does all of the hard work for me.” (1)

But even the best self-cleaning toilet boxes break from time to time. Moreover, your cat might not like to use it even, or you might want to upgrade to a newer and better version.

So, what can you do with a Used Litter-Robot? It depends on the condition of the self-cleaning toilet box. If it’s still working, you can get sell or donate it.

However, you can’t do much with a broken Robot after the warranty expires but throw it away. Still, let’s talk in detail about your best options for getting rid of a used self-cleaning litter box.

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#1 Sell It

If you’re replacing your old Litter-Robot III Open Air with Litter-Robot 3 Connect or another upgraded version, the smart thing will be to sell the old unit.

In this way, you can get some of your money back and use them to purchase the new self-cleaning model you want.

Just list the device on eBay, Craiglist, Facebook, and other selling platforms. In no time, you’ll get plenty of offers from cat owners who want to buy it for the lowest price.

However, you should mention any possible issues with the unit, such as cracks in the globe, problems with the sensor or light, or Wifi connectivity.

#2 Give it to a Friend

Do you have any friends with cats? Then, if your used automatic litter box is still working well, you can give it to your friend. Or leave it on the curb and wait for someone to take it off your hands.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to unregister the unit through the Litter-Robot app so that your friend can connect it to their WiFi Network.

You can also think about donating the unit because this type of automatic toilet box is excellent for a multi-cat household.

However, shelters don’t accept used litter boxes because of the risk of infectious diseases. But you can still phone your local shelter and ask them if they’ll take it.

#3 Return the Unit

Unfortunately, not all cats are fans of covered toilet boxes, and you may have a hard time training your cat to use the self-cleaning toilet with treats.

Some owners are disappointed with how their Litter-Robot smells or don’t like the blinking lights. If that’s the case with you, act before your trial time is over.

As the manufacturer says, “just return your Litter-Robot within 90 days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price.” (2) Usually, the manufacturer sells these reconditioned units for a lower price.

However, keep in mind that you’ll have to cover the return shipping costs.

#4 Check the Warranty

Purchasing the unit through the manufacturer gives you an 18-month warranty (extended).

As such, it makes sense to submit a warranty claim if you’re having technical issues with the electronic components and the cleaning cycle.

You can get your used unit repaired or get a partial refund. Just don’t do DIY repairs by yourself until the warranty expires.

If you’ve purchased the automatic cat toilet box through other sources, check their product return policy to handle return shipments.

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#5 Talk to Support

Even if your extended warranty has expired, you can still make repair requests. You’ll just have to pay for these repairs and cover the shipping cost.

The manufacturer has component stock for older models, so don’t be too quick to throw the unit away. Contact support, and they’ll discuss your options with you.

#6 Be Creative

So, your automatic cat toilet box’s clean cycle mode doesn’t work anymore, and the electrical components are fried.

What can you do besides throw it away?

I don’t like throwing stuff away, even when it’s broken beyond repair. As such, I think a used Robot will make a great cat bed after you deep clean it to remove litter box odors.

After all, cats love enclosed spaces, and as one owner shares, “I noticed my cat getting into and laying in the Litter-Robot for a nap.” (3)

#7 Throw the Unit Away

Finally, if you’re wondering what to do with a used Litter-Robot, you can throw it away. Fortunately, the unit is made from recyclable plastic, so you shouldn’t have any problems disposing of it.

Just take it to a recycling facility or contact the manufacturer to ask if they’ll take the old, broken unit back.

How Long Does Litter-Robot Last?

As I already said, this automatic cat toilet box is made from durable, recyclable plastic. It won’t wear as quickly as traditional cat toilet boxes.

Since the manufacturer offers an 18-month full warranty, you can expect to use the unit without any major problems for at least three years.

And if you’re having problems with the carbon filter, settings, or the sifting process within this period, the warranty covers the cost of repairs.

Is Litter-Robot Worth it?

In general, automatic cat toilet boxes are a great alternative when you want to save time, spend less money on clumping little, and reduce your cat’s carbon footprint.

Since the device removes waste clumps minutes after your cat has finished doing its business, you’ll have fewer problems with unpleasant odors.

The unit also has a sleep mode, so it doesn’t consume much electric power when it’s not cycling. It also allows you to track your cat’s bathroom habits through your mobile phone.

And as this reviewer says, the Wifi model allows you to track your cat’s bathroom habits, so you can notice whenever your cat is peeing more or less.

As such, it’s worth trying this automatic toilet box, even if you’ll have to wonder what to do a used Litter-Robot.

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How Much Does the Litter-Robot Sell For? 

Depending on the model, a brand new unit sells for $499 to $549, while a reconditioned one is cheaper. You can probably sell a used one for half the price if it’s in excellent condition. 

How Do I Return a Litter-Robot? 

You need to get a Return Merchandise Authorization Number. Then you should pack the unit and send it to the seller. Once the seller receives it, you’ll get a refund within 7-10 business days. 
However, you can return the device only during the 90-day-trial period. 

Why Does My Litter-Robot Say Cat Sensor Fault? 

You need to check how much fresh litter you’ve poured (it should be up to the black rubber liner on the globe) and adjust the cat sensor settings. 


Litter-Robot is an excellent automatic cat box, which your cat can use for years with minimal maintenance and cleaning.

However, you can contact the manufacturer for repairs or sell it to a third party if the box isn’t working well or you’re having odors and urine leakage problems.

donation box with used litter robot

What do you think about this topic? Are you having problems deciding what to do with a use Litter-Robot? Share your thoughts in the comments. 


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