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Ever experienced the curious sensation of your cat nibbling on your hair? This seemingly peculiar behavior may leave many cat owners pondering, “Why does my cat eat my hair?

You might be wondering why your cat is so obsessed with you and what’s so special about human hair.

Fortunately, we’re going to satisfy your curiosity with eight possible reasons why your cat chews your hair.

Just keep on reading.

8 Reasons Why Does My Cat Eat My Hair

Why Does My Cat Eat My Hair? 8 Intriguing Reasons

Cats are mysterious creatures, and there’s so much we don’t know about them despite them being part of our lives for thousands of years.

We can only speculate why cats sit in the loaf position, how they purr, or how they find their way back home.

As such, I can’t give you a definite answer to why your cat bites your hair.

It can be many things, from a harmless personality quirk to medical issues or a cry for help.

We’re going to look at the most probable reasons for this behavior.

But you’ll have to consider your cat’s overall behavior and surroundings to narrow down the cause.

1. They Love You

Cats have strange ways to express affection for their owners.

Leaving dead critters on your doorsteps, waking between your legs, or kneading you with sharp claws might not feel like declarations of love, but they are.

Chewing and biting your hair is probably another weird way for your cat to say, “I love you.”

That’s because cats groom animals or people that they like or have a close relationship with. The others get the cold shoulder or a paw slap.

Since your head is one of the furriest parts of your body, it’s not that surprising that your cat might try to bite or lick your hair in an attempt to groom you.

While a bath from your cat might not feel good, it’s a great sign of trust and an excellent way to strengthen the bond between the two of you.

So, don’t be so quick to turn your cat away.

2. They Miss Their Mother

cat with her kittens

Does your kitten love to knead and bite your hair while you’re resting?

It might seem as if your kitten is trying to nurse, and often that’s precisely what the kitten is doing.

Kittens should stay with their mother until they’re at least 12 weeks old.

Abandoned kittens or those weaned too early often exhibit kneading behavior and try to suck from blankets, fingers, or hair.

In these cases, the kittens seek the comfort of their mother’s presence, and your hair is the closest substitute they can find.

Think about it as a toddler that sucks on their finger when distressed. Fortunately, most kittens will outgrow this behavior when they mature.

In the meantime, you can try distracting your kitten with a toy to keep them away from your head.

3. They Are Stressed

Do you know how people bite their nails, chew on their hair, or drum their fingers when they’re nervous or stressed?

Well, cats also get anxious, and one way to relieve the anxiety might be by biting your hair.

Sudden changes in your cat’s daily routine, traumatic experiences, boredom, or a new addition to the household make most cats anxious.

Chewing and biting your hair can be relaxing for your cat during stressful times.

To avoid such behavior, make sure that you introduce new pets slowly and that you aren’t neglecting your cat and their needs.

You might also talk to your vet about anti-anxiety products to calm your feline.

4. They Like Chewing

best cat chew toys

Another possible reason your cat bites your hair is that some felines just like to chew on things, be it your phone charger, sticks, or hair.

A cat can find the repetitive motions of chewing soothing and pleasant, especially when they’re bored.

In general, kittens are more likely to engage in chewing for the pleasure of it.

They’re still learning about the world and often have to check what’s edible and what’s not.

Long hair might also seem like a suitable toy for some curious kittens.

Besides liking to chew, kittens also tend to bite everything in sight when they’re teething to relieve the pain of emerging teeth.

So, hair biting might be one of the signs that your kitten is getting its adult teeth.

5. They Got an Obsession

So, why do cats lick your hair? It’s normal for your cat to bite and lick your hair from time to time.

However, biting and licking that increase in frequency, strength, and duration can signal a problem.

Similarly to people, cats can develop obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Excessive grooming, biting, sucking, and tail-chasing are classical signs of OCD.

If that’s the case, your cat might lick and chew your hair to the point that you get a bald spot.

OCD might develop as a coping mechanism for stressful events or because the cat feels good when they lick and chew.

It’s a condition that should be evaluated by your vet before the cat hurts themselves or you.

6. You Taste Good

cat hugging

Another reason why your cat bites your hair is that it tastes good.

We often use many hair products, and some might have ingredients that might appeal to your cat’s senses.

While some cats are picky eaters, others eat almost everything edible.

It’s not that strange that some cats might find your shampoo’s scent delicious.

Moreover, if you’ve been around the barbecue, your hair might smell like meat.

So, your cat has to have a bite and check if your hair hasn’t turned into sausages.

7. They Are Ill

If your cat is biting your hair to the point that they’re hurting you, it might be a sign of illness, especially if it’s a new behavior.

Owners often think that their cat bites, scratches, or chews because of jealousy or revenge. But often, aggressive behavior is the result of a disease.

Likely, your cat needs urgent help and doesn’t know how to ask for it.

Hormonal imbalance, chronic kidney disease, or pain can turn the sweetest cat into a wild beast that can maul everything in its path.

So, don’t think that your cat is acting up without checking up with your vet.

8. They’ve Got Pica

cat suffering from bacteria

Pica is the term vets use to describe a cat’s urge to eat non-edible objects.

Usually, we’re talking about hair binders, paper, plastic, strings, and cords, but human hair is also possible.

If your cat has pica, they might seem obsessed with your hair and might tear whole chunks of it and consume it.

That could be dangerous because it can lead to intestinal obstruction.

Specialists don’t know what causes the behavior, but it might be related to dietary insufficiency, boredom, attention-seeking, genetic disposition, or illness.

You’d better have your cat checked if you catch them eating your hair.


Who knows what goes on in your cat’s head?

They might be planning world dominance or trying to brainwash you into filling the food bowl when they chew on your hair.

Or they might be just messing with you to see how you’d react.

But if you’re worried about your cat biting your hair or your feline is chewing too hard on your head, I would go to the vet. Better safe than sorry.

What do you think about these 8 reasons why your cat bites your hair? Has it ever happened to you? Tell us in the comment section.


Why does my cat bite my hair? If you're curious about your kitty's fascination with chewing on your lustrous locks, read on for the answers!
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