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Looking for the best yoga cat names for your zen-like kitty?

Is your cat super chill? She is very relaxed and goes with the flow.

A personality like that deserves a serene name, don’t you think?

Below, you’ll find our favorite yoga-inspired names for male and female cats.

Let’s check them out!

Best Yoga Cat Names

When you think of yogis, or people who do yoga, you picture a cool, calm, and collected person.

Take into consideration where yoga originated from – India.

These are all sources in which we can come up with the best yoga famous cat names!

With that in mind, let’s get started!

Yoga Male Cat Names

Looking for the best yoga cat names for your zen-like kitty? We've got you covered! Read on for 55 serene yoga-inspired ideas for male 5 cats!

An equal amount of males and females practice yoga, so it sounds simple enough to come up with a few of the most cool and poised kittens out there.

Grab your kitten next time you roll out the yoga mat and let him live up to his name.

1. Adonis – God of Beauty and Desire. Yoga poses sure are beautiful for men and women. Not to mention it’s the name of the powerful Adonis, the main character in “Creed”.
2. Ace – A real cool cat.
3. Aston
4. Secret
5. Namaste
6. Vishnu – Hindu God of Preservation
7. Dashan – Spiritual vision
8. Om – What the Buddhists hum – the sound of the universe.
9. Avatar
10. Baba – Spiritual teacher
11. Shiva – Hindu God of Transformation
12. Ganesh – The Hindu Elephant God
13. Yin
14. Yang
15. Bikram – As in Bikram yoga.
16. Guru
17. Deva – Means “deity” in Hindu, the masculine form.
18. Brahma
19. Yogi
20. Farook – Sanskrit for “moral”.
21. Jai – Sanskrit for “victorious”.
22. Pitri – Father
23. Ravi – Sun
24. Taj – Crown
25. Bodhi – Enlightened
26. Zen – Meditative state
27. Siddhartha – The name of Buddha
28. Pax
29. Micah
30. Nirav – Sanskrit for “silence”
31. Kalan – Warrior
32. Jagad – Universe
33. Esh – Hindu for “God”.
34. Maan – Hindu for “Mind”.
35. Raja –King
36. Randhir – “Brave” in Hindu
37. Uday – Sunrise
38. Chandran – Moon
39. Vaarin – Ocean
40. Indra – King of Gods

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual journey that allows us to improve on our person.

It is only fitting that our cat, who often contorts itself into yoga-like poses naturally should have a name that suits it.

From Hindu to Sanskrit and littered with some Buddhist names, we hope the list above could help your little male kitten find a name that fits.

Now some if not all of the names above can be unisex, but we have also compiled a list of names just for little girls.

Yoga Female Cat Names

Looking for the best yoga cat names for your zen-like kitty? We've got you covered! Read on for 55 erene yoga-inspired ideas for female cats!

1. Devi – Means “deity” in Hindu, the feminine form.
2. Shiva
3. Parvati
4. Lakshmi
5. Saraswati
6. Kali
7. Niyama
8. Prajna – Wisdom
9. Prana – Breath, the life-giving force
10. Prema – Divine Love
11. Satya – Truthfulness
12. Shantiprema – Truth and love
13. Mantra
14. Yoga
15. Sutra
16. Ananda – Utter joy
17. Asana – Posture
18. Dharma – The path/way.
19. Dhyana – State of meditation.
20. Lotus
21. Samadhi – The final stage of yoga.
22. Shanti – Meditative chanting.
23. Surya
24. Tula – Sanskrit for “balance”.
25. Candra
26. Karma
27. Chaya – Life
28. Kalinda – Sun
29. Upala – Sanskrit for “jewel”.
30. Arya – “Noble” in Sanskrit
31. Nirvana – Stillness of the mind
32. Samsara – Circle of life
33. An – Peace
34. Angel
35. Hope
36. Faith
37. Dvita – Duality
38. Ishwa – Sanskrit for “spiritual teacher”.
39. Veda – Knowledge
40. Charvi – “Beautiful lady” in Sanskrit

For girls it was easier, as most words and deities ended in the word ‘a’, making the majority sound like girls’ names.

Some names you might recognize.

Like Nirvana, the name of the famous band, responsible for hits such as “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Lithium.”

Kalinda is the famous investigator in the hit show “The Good Wife”, and Lotus is the spiritual flower.

Perhaps you want to keep in line with the spiritual aspect of yoga cat names, but prefer names of a different origin.

Below we provide a few names taken from Latin, Hebrew and other roots.

Spiritual Male Cat Names

1. Gabriel – An archangel.
2. Michael
3. Raphael
4. Uriel
5. Selaphiel
6. Raguel
7. Jegudiel
8. Barachiel (The archangels)
9. Noah
10. Aaron
11. David
12. Elijah
13. Eldad – Beloved of God
14. Gideon
15. Jaran

Spiritual Female Cat Names

1. Gabriella – Hebrew for “God is my strength”.
2. Talia
3. Tabitha
4. Leia – Heavenly Child
5. Lianna
6. Jaclyn
7. Oana
8. Oath
9. Ocean
10. Iliya
11. Imka –Universal
12. Pacey
13. Saari – Empress, princess
14. Lacey
15. Rani

We hope our list of ethereal names will help in naming your cat. What other spiritual names do you know?

Do you know any spiritual words in a different language that would make a great name for a new kitten?

What are your favorite yoga cat names? Share below!

Looking for the best yoga cat names for your zen-like kitty? We've got you covered! Read on for 110 serene yoga-inspired ideas for male & female cats!
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