How long do Siamese cats live?

Let me put it this way, this breed is an excellent example of the saying “cats have nine lives.”

Below, I’ll go over everything you need to know about the exact lifespan of this beautiful breed, along with things you need to do as well as avoid to help your kitty live a long and happy life.

Let’s get started, shall we?

What Is The Life Expectancy of a Siamese Cat?

Did you know that mixed breed cats live a few years longer than pure breeds? However, some breeds seem to be an exception to this trend, Siamese being one of them.

Siamese cat in a loaf position (how long do siamese cats live?

Siamese is one of the lucky cat breeds when it comes to lifespan. Typically, these cats live longer compared to some of the other exotic breeds. A Traditional Siamese cat can easily live up to 15-20 years and some cats even surpass this age limit. These cats are blessed with a long life.

However, the mixed-breed Siamese, or Modern Siamese as they are famously known, have a shorter life span. Modern Siamese and calico cats’ lifespans are similar, that is 2- 18 years or less.

Even though all Siamese cats have a considerably long life, it still slightly varies depending upon their gender.

Let’s dive deeper into the life expectancy of the male and female Siamese.

How Long Do Female Siamese Cats Live?

Female Siamese tends to live 12 to 20 years on average. Like other breeds, Siamese females are a bit smaller in size than males.

On another note, although this breed is known for its friendly and outgoing nature, females are a bit shy. However, once they get to know you, the shades of their personality are more visible.

How Long Do Male Siamese Cats Live?

The average lifespan of male Siamese is 15-20 years, which is quite similar to the females. Male Siamese cats are overly energetic and they easily befriend others compared to females.

Fun fact- the oldest Siamese cat is a 30-year-old male! His name is Scooter and at one point he was declared the world’s current oldest living cat in the Guinness Book of World Records (he didn’t beat out Creme Puff, the oldest living cat of all time). Here he is:

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How To Help Siamese Cats Live Longer?

Cat parents are willing to do almost anything to increase the lifespan of their furry friends. But, we need to understand that their lifespan still depends on different external factors along with their heredity.

The lifespan of each individual cat varies.

Yet there are a few Dos and Don’ts that you need to follow throughout the life of your Siamese cat to add some extra years to it. Start following them as early as you can!

light-colored Siamese cat  (how long do siamese cats live?


Let’s start with the things you can do to improve your kitty’s lifespan. FYI, these hold true for ALL breeds, not just Siamese.

A Balanced Diet Plan is a Must.

This energetic feline needs a proper diet to grow big and strong. A diet full of nutrients and carbs helps the cat to resist diseases and be the powerhouse of energy it is.

It’s best to use the products and the diet plan suggested by the Vet.

Offer a constant supply of water.

Cats do not get thirsty often. But when they see water, they willingly drink it. So, this means your Siamese is prone to dehydration.

The best thing is to have a water fountain or a full water bowl at all times. Drinking plenty of clean water helps in avoiding urinary tract disease and bladder stones which are so very common in this breed.

Make Sure Your Cat’s Vaccinations Are Up-to-Date.

Just as humans, kittens, and even grown Siamese needs timely and proper vaccination to avoid diseases and unwanted infections. Make sure your cat gets all the required vaccinations on time.

Take care of Oral Health.

Siamese lack in the oral health department and easily develop chronic tarter, gingivitis, and plaque. Brush your cat’s teeth regularly and keep checking its mouth for signs of dental or oral problems.

Visit Your Vet Regularly.

A periodic check-up is the best way to know about your kitty’s health. So, avoid skipping the Vet’s appointments. Siamese is prone to health problems and if a health issue is diagnosed early, it may increase your cat’s life.

Many health issues faced by the Siamese are curable. Take proper care of your pet Siamese.

Indoors are Better.

Siamese cat characteristics are peculiar and we know that this active breed enjoys roaming around. Let your backyard, porch or front garden be the only outdoors your pet Siamese frequently visits.

Siamese love playing outdoors. However, the chances of your cat being attacked by strays or other animals are always high. There is a risk of your cat eating something inedible or being infected by diseases.

So, it’s best to keep your kitty indoors, and if it’s outdoor let it be on your watch.

apple head siamese cat  (how long do siamese cats live?


Sometimes cat owners end up doing things unintentionally that harm the long-term health of their Siamese kitty. Here are three things you need to avoid if you want your cat to live longer.

Don’t feed your cat human food.

Pet owners often unknowingly feed their cats off their own plates. Though it’s an adorable gesture, not all foods are met to be consumed by your pet.

Eating an excessive amount of human food may lead to digestive problems in your pet Siamese. Strictly stick to its diet plan.

Don’t ignore the little signs and Symptoms.

Siamese cats are prone to some diseases and many of these diseases show early symptoms. For instance hip dysplasia is common in Siamese.

The symptoms are reluctance to jump, limping, etc. So, if you spot uncommon behavior of your cat, visit the Vet immediately.

Don’t Leave your Siamese Alone for Longer Period.

Sometimes circumstances may demand you to leave your Siamese alone for longer than usual.

In such a case, it’s best to find a friend or relative who would love to look after your Siamese while you are out. Or else enroll your kitty in a pet daycare.

Even if you plan to leave your Siamese alone with enough amount of food and water it’s not enough.

Siamese are social cats and they easily feel lonely or even depressed if left alone and unattended. This gradually results in shorter lifespans.


What is the average lifespan of a Siamese Tabby cat?

Siamese cats generally live longer than most breeds. The average life of a Traditional Siamese cat is 15 to 20 years. However, the more recent sub-breeds of the Siamese like Siamese tabby cats live up to 10 to 15 years. The longest-living Siamese cat is 30. Many other Siamese Types easily cross the average live expectancy.

What health problems do Siamese cats have?

Siamese cats are diagnosed with asthma, hip dysplasia, bronchial disease, heart disease, amyloidosis, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), minor digestive issues, dental problems, and types of cancer. But, many of these diseases have clear symptoms and cures. So, nothing to worry about. Moreover, regular health check-ups combined with a proper diet and regular exercise can keep most diseases at bay.

What can you do to increase the lifespan of a Siamese cat?

Siamese cat held by his owner

To make your cat live longer, set a balanced diet plan, keep it hydrated, exercise regularly, do not skip your visits to the Vet, and get all the vaccinations on time. Provide a happy and clean environment for your Siamese cat to live in.

Do Siamese cats get lonely?

Yes! Siamese are social cats and for ages have been living in the company of humans and other cats. So, if this cat is left alone for extended periods of time, it might get lonely and depressed. These cats thrive on attention and companionship. It’s best to adopt two Siamese instead of one if you do not have any other pet at home. Also, this cat is best suited for cat parents who prefer to spend most of their day at home.


It’s easy to help your Siamese cat lead a healthy life. Just follow these tips by making slight alterations in the lifestyle of your fluffy friend, and see the results.

Also, let us know which of these tips do you already practice.


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