How to Choose the Best Cat Scratching Post Ever

If your cat keeps destroying your furniture and wreaking havoc, then it may be time to buy them a cat scratching post. You may have found ways to keep them off the counter in the kitchen, but it doesn’t stop them from digging their claws into the couch or the table...

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Top 75 Funniest Cat Names Ever

Get ready to laugh, because of got 75 of the funniest cat names ever for you today! Cats are among the most hilarious creatures on the planet. Not a day goes by that my own Alex the Fuzz doesn't do something to completely crack me up. It seems fitting to honor their...

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13 Funny Facts About Cats

We know that cats are cute, cuddly creatures, but there are some interesting funny facts about cats that you may not know! If you're a cat-loving trivia buff, you're in for a special treat today! We've sorted through hundreds of cat facts to find the 13 funniest and...

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5 Ways Cats Relieve Depression

Did you know that cats relieve depression? It's true, and you don't even need a study to prove it. Just give your kitty a snuggle and feel the positive effects! Sometimes it’s even enough to see cute kitten pictures, and you feel better immediately. Today we’re going...

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