4 Easy Ways to Keep Cats off the Counter

Keeping cats off the counter is something that many cat owners battle with on a regular basis. While some owners couldn't care less where their cats go, other owners aren't keen on the idea of paws that have been in the litter box getting all over the counter. It can...

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Why Do Cats Sit in the Bread Loaf Position?

Why do cats sit in the bread loaf position?  It's a question that has plagued mankind since the ancient Egyptians first started worshiping cats! Okay, so maybe "plagued" is a little strong, but seriously, have you ever wondered why they love "loafing" around? I have,...

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7 Unmistakable Signs Your Cat Loves You

Ever wonder if your cat loves you? Like, really loves you and doesn't just think of you as a good source of food? While your kitty may not be able to say the words, there are signs that prove cats really do get emotionally attached to their owners. Today, we're going...

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20 Sweet Cat Names from Movies to Inspire You

Get ready to be inspired by these sweet cat names from movies! Coming up with the perfect name for your new kitty is never an easy feat. Sure, you could go with popular cat names like Muffin or Fluffy, but I like to be a little more unique. For example, for years, all...

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