Why does your cat keep bringing her kittens to your bed?

There are actually a few good reasons!

Check out the reason behind this cat behavior!

Why does your cat keep bringing her kittens to your bed? There are actually a few good reasons! Check out the reason behind this cat behavior!

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As humans, we often joke abut how our cats deem us to be lowly creatures, how they are of higher intelligence than us piddly humans and so forth.

We talk about their aloofness as if it’s a given, as if they can’t be bothered to deem us worthy of their attention. Yet, contrary to popular belief, cats do love us, trust us, and, perhaps most importantly, consider us part of their pride.

If you look at it like that, see yourself as a member of a community that comes together to help each other, it makes sense that your cat would bring her kittens to your bed.

She trusts you to help her to look after her little ones, after all. Read on for ten short and sweet reasons for this particular cat behavior.

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Cat Behavior Explained: Why does your cat bring her kittens to your bed?

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1-You are considered part of her pack/pride, and she trusts you indefinitely.

2-She knows that you take care of her and understands that you will take care of her offspring just as well, maybe even better.

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3-She may need a break because being a momma to 3-6 or more kittens must be exhausting, so leaving them with you while she has some alone time could be just as good of a reason.

4-You’re the surrogate mother to the babies if she isn’t feeling well, or if it turns out that she is not fortunate enough to survive the birth, you are who she trusts to help the little ones survive should she not be able to.

5-Again, she trusts you completely.

6-She is a proud momma kitty and wants to share the news with her favorite human, you!

7-Maybe the area she gave birth in is not idea for her, and would like you to find her a better-suited location for her and the babies.

8-Depending on her age, maybe she isn’t old enough to do this on her own and brings them to you for guidance. Afterall, you are the one she trusts.

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9-She may realize that the kittens are weak, and she doesn’t know what do or how to be a good mom. The chances of this might seem slim, but there are animals out there that have no mothering instincts at all.

10-She may not want the kittens anywhere near her, and isn’t interested in them whatsoever, and that is when we humans come in and hand raise the babies.

There are probably many more reasons that our momma cats will bring their babies to us, but these are some of the best ones we’ve found and wanted to share with you should you be wondering about this particular cat behavior.

Do you have any other thoughts on this cat behavior? Share them with us in the comments, there’s probably something we hadn’t thought of!