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If you’re curious about the best litter boxes for Ragdoll cats, let me help you out.

While there isn’t exactly a special Ragdoll box, there are some things to keep in mind as you shop. 

Let’s take a look at the considerations, then we’ll check out my top 5 picks!

We’ll also look at some of my favorite litter brands, so let’s get started!

Top Picks at a Glance


1. Litter Genie Cat Litter Box

Litter Genie Cat Litter Box
  • INNOVATIVE LITTER BOX: Litter Genie presents a cat litter box...
  • DESIGNED WITH HIGH WALLS: The high-sided walls are extra-tall (16”)...
  • FLEXIBLE & COMPACT SIZE: The soft, flexible litter box adapts and...

The Litter Genie looks kind of funky, but that’s what makes it so special!

It’s one of the best round litter boxes on the planet (or at least on Amazon) and perfect for high-spraying males.


  • Made with flexible plastic that easily fits into tight corners and spaces.
  • The handles are fully integrated, so they won’t snap off.
  • Affordable
  • High walls on all sides.


  • It doesn’t have a cover or even the possibility of adding one.
  • Plastic- even if it’s really fantastic- doesn’t last forever.
  • High-entry


Some customers do complain that plastic isn’t all that durable, but it’s kind of unreasonable to expect anything made of the material to last forever.

It does have really high sides and entries, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a senior Ragdoll.

However, it’s a great choice for younger cats, especially males who spray high up.

Plus, the price is very reasonable, in my opinion.

2. iPrimio XL Cat Litter Box

iPrimio XL Cat Litter Box
  • STAINLESS STEEL & ERGONOMIC STRUCTURE - Crafted from rust-resistant...
  • STAIN- & RUST-FREE - Unlike plastic litter boxes that have unpleasant...
  • SIZE & DESIGN - This XL cat litter box stainless pan meausres15.5"L x...

If you prefer a stainless steel litter box, this is definitely the best option! Fair warning, though, it’s not cheap!


  • Stainless steel never rusts and doesn’t absorb odors
  • Large enough for most Ragdolls (see cons for a caveat)
  • Extra-high sides make it perfect for malkes
  • Very easy to clean, since it’s stainless steel
  • Rounded edges for added safety, no sharp sides.


  • Fairly pricey
  • May not be big enough for the largest male Ragdolls
  • No lid
  • Could have some brownish residue on the insides.


Almost all of the reviews mention that residue, so let’s start there.

iPrimio says, ”some brown residue is normal on the Stainless Pan as the result of our bending machine for fully rounded edges for their safety.”

So, really, it’s not a big deal. Not aesthetically pleasing, but who buys a litter box because it’s pretty, right?

It is on the expensive side, but you’ll never have to buy another litter box again if you take care of it.

I think this is a great option for all Ragdolls except maybe the absolute largest among the breed.

3. Petphabet Hooded Cat Litter Box

Petphabet Hooded Cat Litter Box
  • Petphabet Cat Litter Box ideal for Multiple Cat Households Even in A...
  • Removable & Clear Top Cover. high back and lid reduces spillover.Your...
  • No Exploding Cat.Safe for cats to move around in cat litter boxes and...

Finally, a lidded option, right? Petphabet is perfect for those who are just so over beige litter boxes.


  • Big enough for two average-sized cats, which means it’s large enough for your Ragdoll.
  • The lid and high back help prevent messes.
  • Clear cover is great for kitties who don’t like feeling enclosed.
  • Easy-to-clean durable antimicrobial non-stick plastic
  • Comes in multiple colors.


  • High-peeing cats can still manage to get spray outside since the seal isn’t flawless.
  • Kind of pricey for a plastic litter box
  • It’s plastic, so the usual con applies (won’t last forever)


The problem with the seal makes it a hard pass for boys.

However, if you have a female Ragdoll (or a boy who doesn’t make a massive mess) and want something a little more interesting than boring beige, it’s a great choice.

4. PetSafe Cat Litter Box

PetSafe Cat Litter Box
  • Automatically removes waste: No scooping, cleaning or refilling your...
  • Unbeatable odor control: Crystal litter removes smell by absorbing...
  • No more messy floors: Low-tracking crystals are 99% dust free and...

If you’re looking for the best automatic option that cleans itself, the ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box is a good way to go.

It’s one of the most popular self-cleaning boxes on Amazon.


  • Uses dust-free crystal litter
  • Disposable tray, so it’s easy to clean
  • Virtually odorless!
  • Comes with or without a hood
  • Extra-long 10-foot cord, so you can put it just about anywhere.


  • Uses proprietary litter
  • Replacement trays get expensive if you have multiple Ragdolls
  • The rake that moves the litter can get rusty
  • Not good for diggers


The 4-star rating practically speaks for itself, especially considering it’s a self-cleaning litter box. Those often have notoriously low ratings.

It’s somewhat pricey, but not nearly as expensive as certain “robot” brands, even when you factor in the special litter that you have to use.

I recommend it if you can’t deal with constantly cleaning a traditional box. It’s perfect for people like me with bad backs.

5. PetFusion Large Litter Box

PetFusion BetterBox Cat Litter Box
  • Easy Cleanup Cat Litter Box: Non-stick coating reduces litter sticking...
  • VET RECOMMENDED FEATURES: Open top litter pan to promote healthy usage...
  • GREAT VALUE: ABS plastic more durable & rigid than standard...

If you like the style of the Petco mega rectangular litter box or the NVR Miss litter box but prefer to shop on Amazon, this is the one you want.

Sure, it may not look like much, but it has fantastic reviews, especially among Ragdoll owners.


  • Named as one of the 2018 Top 2 cat litter pans
  • Open-top box is great for cats who don’t like to feel trapped.
  • High walls are great for males and other high-peeing kitties.
  • Low front entry that’s perfect for senior Ragdolls and kittens.
  • Non-stick anti-microbial coating makes it easy to clean
  • Durable plastic construction. 
  • Easy to clean


  • Pricey for plastic
  • Again, even the best plastic gets stinky after a while


If you’re willing to forgo a lid and pay a little extra, this is a well-liked option by cat parents.

How to Choose the Best Litter Box for Ragdoll Cats

Like I said above, there’s no specific Ragdoll cat litter box, but rather a set of features that make for the perfect option. 

Let’s take a look at what I factored into my choices. 


Your number one consideration when choosing any litter box is whether or not your cat will actually fit in it.

Ragdoll girls average between 10-15 pounds, with boys topping out as large as 20 pounds!

So, obviously, you’ll need a good-sized box.

Here’s a good rule of thumb- if the description says that it can handle a Maine Coon, you’re good to go. 

Easy to Clean

You’ll spend a lot of time scooping poop, so make sure you get something that makes the job as easy as possible. 

You could opt for a Litter Robot, of course, but not everyone has that kind of budget. I know I don’t!

There are other self-cleaning litter boxes that aren’t quite so pricey. We’ll look at one below. 


Obviously, your budget plays a large role in choosing the best litter box for your Ragdoll.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to pay a small fortune for something that cats pee and poop in, right?

However, don’t discount something just because it seems expensive for a litter box. 

Instead, look at the overall ratings and reviews to determine its overall value. 

Remember, a cheap option isn’t really all that cheap after all if you have to replace it every month!

Ragdoll cat litter box problems

Last, but far from least, consider any problems or challenges that your Ragdoll faces when using a litter box.

For example:

  • Males tend to be “high-peeing” cats, so look for something with high sides. 
  • Seniors and kittens may need low-entry boxes
  • Shy cats may need more privacy, so choose something with a lid

You get the idea, right? Basically, you want to make sure you get something that both you and your cat can live with. 

Tell me below, what are your picks for the best litter boxes for Ragdoll cats?


If you're curious about the best litter boxes for Ragdoll cats, let me help you out. Here are my top five picks, along with complete reviews!
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Nicole Etolen

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