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A couple of months ago, I got tired of how much time it took to scoop pine pellets and decided it was time to do my research and find the perfect sifting box.

And I’m here today to share the fruits of my labor with you and help you find the ideal sifting cat litter box for your feline companion.

Let me explain why it’s worth considering switching to a sifting cat litter box for pine pellets.

Using pine litter pellets or wood shavings cat litter in a standard litter box can be a nightmare to clean, especially with multiple cats.

So, why should I spend an eternity separating the pellets from the sawdust when I can get the job done with a sifting box? And without getting my hands dirty or dealing with excess cat litter tracking?

Top cat litter box for pine pellets at a glance

But which are the best sifting litter boxes for pine pellets? Let’s see my top 9 favorite litter boxes for pine pellets!

Winner: Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Hooded Litter Box

Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Hooded Litter Box
  • Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Hooded cat litter box system includes a litter...
  • Disposable cat litter pads lock in moisture so the cat litter box...
  • Anti-tracking kitty litter pellets for Breeze system are 99.9 percent...

Purina Tidy Cat’s Breeze Hooded litter box system is the best sifting litter box for pine pellets, thanks to its size, ease of use, and odor control.

My cats and kittens love its simple design, and I love not finding pellets scattered all over my floors. I’ve been using it for a while, and it’s superior to any other litter box for pine pellets I’ve tried.


  • Purina Tidy Cat’s Breeze Hooded litter box system consists of a litter box with a detachable hood, removable bottom drawer, disposable cat pads, and a litter scoop.
  • It works best with Purina Tidy Cats pellets.
  • Overall dimensions of 16.5 x 21.75 x 16.75 inches


  • The unique design traps cat urine in the bottom drawer and separates the sawdust from the fresh pellets for a clean litter box.
  • No need for stacking and restacking
  • The disposable pads lock in moisture, reduce the unpleasant smell, and prevent bacteria build-up.
  • This litter box system works well with all pellets, so you don’t have to switch from your cat’s favorite wood pellet litter.
  • Flippable drawer compartment, perfect for cats that pee in one spot
  • A detachable hood for reducing the mess around the house
  • A great choice for litter training kittens and getting them used to pine pellet cat litter.


  • The litter scoop is designed to work with Breeze litter pellets, so other pine pellet litter brands may get stuck.
  • Some cat owners say the litter tray is too small for large cat breeds.
  • Not designed to work with clay litter or crystal litter

How Does It Compare to Others

  • Better design than traditional sifter tray litter boxes and efficient urine absorption
  • Less tracking and dust, compared to other sifting litter boxes I’ve tried
  • It’s a bit more expensive than other brands, especially if you decide to stick with the Breeze pellets

How It’s Evolved Over Time

Improved design with an added hood for extra privacy and reduced litter scattering


Vets say, “Litter box be at least one and a half times in size based on the length of the cat from nose to tip of the tail,”  so measure your kitty to ensure this pine pellet litter box is the correct size.

Cat owners love the Purina Tidy Cats Breeze hooded litter box system for pine pellets, saying they’ll never return to their regular litter box again.

And as this reviewer shows, the litter box does an excellent job at containing foul odors, and the bottom litter pan doesn’t leak at all, even when the pad gets saturated.

Best for Odor Control: Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Box

Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Litter Box
  • Lift to Sift, No Scooping Required: Easy to clean, large cat litter...
  • Maximum Smell Control: Built-in Microban protection inhibits litter...
  • Made with Recycled Materials: Arm & Hammer is not just a friend of...

Arm & Hammer’s large sifting litter box has never disappointed me in terms of quality and ease of use, and it’s an excellent choice if you have problems with odor control.


  • Built-in microban protection
  • Three-pan system
  • Made from durable plastic, grey color
  • Overall dimensions of 19 x 15 x 8 inches


  • No scooping is required – you sift the soiled litter with the sifter tray to separate the litter clumps and feces from the clean pine pellets.
  • Suitable for various types of litter – you don’t have to get a new litter sifter if your cat doesn’t like wood pellet cat litter.
  • Special antimicrobial protection stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria, reduces unpleasant odors, and prevents stains.
  • Made from recycled materials
  • It is spacious enough for large cats, but it doesn’t take much space around the house.


  • Holes are small, so large pellets may get stuck
  • It’s easy to scatter pellets on the floor when using the sifting tray.
  • The claps holding the three pans are a bit flimsy and prone to breaking

How Does It Compare to Others

  • More expensive than similar models, but it has a special coating to prevent bacteria build-up.


Arm & Hammer recommends replacing your large sifting litter box for pine pellets every year for optimum odor control.

Cat owners say Arm & Hammer has the best litter box for pine pellets, calling it fantastic and live-saver. And one reviewer says, it has one of the smoothest sitting mechanisms and is very cat-friendly.

Best Budget-Friendly: Van Ness Sifting Litter Box

Van Ness Large Litter Box
  • Ideal for owners who want the benefit of scoop-free litter maintenance
  • High polish finish is stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Framed pan provides added height, reducing litter and urine spill...

If you’ve got a whole clowder of cats at home like me, you’ll appreciate Van Ness’s budget-friendly sifting litter box for pine pellets.

I love its simple design, stain-resistant surface, and vibrant blue color!


  • Made from 20% recycled plastic materials
  • Two boxes with a sifting cat litter pan
  • Overall dimensions of 19 x 15.13 x 8 inches


  • Van Ness’s framed box design reduces litter scattering and is perfect for cats that spray.
  • It’s eco-friendly, easy to use, and the cat litter tray cleans quickly
  • Made from durable materials to withstand cat scratches
  • High polished finish to prevent the build-up of odor-causing bacteria and reduce staining
  • Affordable
  • A great choice for kittens and adult cats


  • Not the best option for very large cats
  • Some pellet litter types may get stuck in the sifting tray

How Does It Compare to Others

Higher sides and better litter scatter control than Arm & Hammer’s sifting litter box.


Place the sifter tray between the two solid cat litter pans until you’re ready to sift the dirty litter.

Cat parents love the Van Ness litter box for pellet litter. Pellets don’t stick to the bottom, and pouring them into the sifting tray is easy.

Best for Multi-Cat Owners: SiftEase Litter Box Cleaner

SiftEase Litter Box Cleaner
  • Ideal for owners who want the benefit of scoop-free litter maintenance
  • High polish finish is stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Framed pan provides added height, reducing litter and urine spill...

SiftEase is a sifting device for your regular litter box, not a typical wood pellet litter box. Thanks to its design and control of odors, it’s among my top litter supplies.


  • A sifting basket made from polyester
  • Overall dimensions of 14 x 10.5 x 14 inches


  • Easy to use – no need to scoop, sift, or restock pans, cleaning the litter box quickly.
  • You can keep using your standard litter box – no need to stress your kitty!
  • Water-resistant lining, easy to clean and maintain to prevent the accumulation of foul odors
  • You can clean several boxes at once.
  • Suitable for clay clumping litter, pine pellet cat litter, and other alternative litter types


  • Litter spills when pouring the dirty pellets into the sifting basket
  • It doesn’t hold much litter/pellets

How Does It Compare to Others

  • Suitable for different types of cat litter
  • Quick but messy, compared to other sifting litter box models


Use kitchen garbage bags or cat litter box liners to avoid scattering the dirty litter when you dispose of it.

As this video reviewer says, SiftEasey is a fantastic product, and it’s much easier to clean the entire litter box without scooping or sifting.

Best for Large Cats: Purina Tidy Cats MultiCat Litter Box

Purina Tidy Cats MultiCat Litter Box
  • Purina Tidy Cats Non Clumping Litter System, Breeze XL All-in-One Odor...

Purina’s Breeze XL Multi-Cat sifting box is an excellent litter box system for large furry families or giant cat breeds. And as I discovered, it’s great for heavy diggers!


  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • Removable drawer compartment
  • Four disposable cat pads/ 2 bags of Breeze litter pellets/ a litter scoop
  • Overall dimensions of 19.15 x 29.25 x 15.25 inches


  • Spacious enough to accommodate multiple felines
  • Ideal for separating pellets from sawdust without getting your hands dirty
  • High-sided litter box, perfect for reducing litter scatter
  • Ultra absorbent pads that trap cat urine and last up to seven days for a single cat
  • A covered waste compartment that traps bad odors
  • Attractive design


  • It requires a lot of pellets – two bags of 3.5 pounds
  • Not designed to work with clay or crystal cat litter
  • The sides are too high for small kittens or cats with mobility issues

How Does It Compare to Others

  • One of the largest sifting litter boxes for pine pellets you can find

How It’s Evolved Over Time

  • Larger in size than the traditional Breeze litter systems


Purina recommends that you remove the unused pellets and put fresh pellets every month (for a single cat).

9 out of 10 cat parents love Purina’s XL sifting toilet box and say it’s the best litter box for wood pellets they’ve ever tried.

A video reviewer also says the system works perfectly without any leakage or tracking.

Best Covered Sifting Litter Box: Van Ness Enclosed Sifting Litter Box

Van Ness Enclosed Sifting Litter Box
  • Ideal for owners who want the benefits of litter scoop free...
  • Provides class leading odor control by enclosing litter and providing...
  • High polished finish that is odor and stain resistant

Do you know that according to studies, cats don’t have a clear preference between closed and open litter boxes?

Since I loved Van Ness’s Sifting Litter Box so much, I was excited to try their enclosed version. And let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed!


  • A high-entry litter box with a 3-in-1 design
  • Polished finish
  • Overall dimensions of 19.5 x 15.25 x 17.5 inches


  • The hooded design reduces litter tracking, perfect for cats that dig or spray.
  • Durable plastic and odor-resistant high polished finish
  • Excellent odor control, thanks to the replaceable zeolite air filter and flap door
  • A carrying handle for convenience
  • Easy to clean and maintain, even when using pine pellet cat litter


  • The holes are a bit large, so not the best choice if you’re using mini pine pellets.
  • The flap door may get stuck and trap your kitty inside

How Does It Compare to Others

  • It has a flap door and filter for improved odor control
  • Higher sides than other models I’ve tried

How It’s Evolved Over Time

  • Improved design and higher sides, compared to previous releases


A video reviewer says, Van Ness’s hooded sifting litter box is super-efficient, locks in smells, and is well-made.

Best High-Sided: Luuup Litter Box

Luuup litter box system is one of the best sifting litter boxes for pine pellets, thanks to its innovative design and lightweight construction. And I love how well it controls tracking!


  • A 3-in-1 sifting system with a spill guard
  • Non-stick coating
  • Overall dimensions of 20.2 x 15.4 x 7.5 inches


  • Clever box design for quick cleaning – just lift the top pan and shake the waste clumps!
  •  Antimicrobial material to prevent bad bacteria growth
  • The spill guard is perfect for keeping the clean pellets inside the litter box.
  • Non-stick surface to prevent clumps of urine from sticking to the bottom
  • Quick and easy to maintain


  • It works best with large pine pellet cat litter
  • Not the best choice for senior cats or cats with mobility issues

How Does It Compare to Others

  • Unique sifting mechanism to avoid stacking and restacking
  • Attractive design


If you’re having problems with litter clumps sticking to the sides or bottom, try adding a bit of baking soda.

A video reviewer says, the Luuup system is easy to use and quick to clean. And its size is close to an extra-large litter box, so it’s perfect for big cats.

Best Multifunctional: PetSafe Deluxe Cat Litter Box

PetSafe Deluxe Cat Litter Box
  • Long-lasting cat litter: Vents on the underside of the litter box...
  • Reduced odor: Crystal litter absorbs cat urine and dehydrates solid...
  • Keep your floors clean: Anti-tracking grid captures litter from your...

PetSafe’s Deluxe cat litter box didn’t disappoint me when I tried it with pine pellet litter, and I loved its easy maintenance.


  • Vents on the bottom
  • Covered compartment
  • Overall dimensions of 18 x 14 x 9.5 inches


  • An anti-tracking grid to reduce litter tracking and scattering
  • Ultra absorbent cat pad to soak cat urine and control odors
  • Easy-to-clean surface and round corners for cat’s safety
  • A litter scoop with a hook for convenience


  • Works the best with crystal litter
  • Small holes, so you need mini pellets

How Does It Compare to Others

  • Similar in design to Purina Tidy Cats’ sifting litter box, but less expensive


Check PetSafe ScoopFree automatic self-cleaning cat litter box if you’re looking for self-sifting automatic litter boxes.

Cat owners say that the PetSafe Deluxe box works better with pellets than crystals, but cat urine doesn’t drain as much as expected. Check this video to see it in action with crystal litter.

Best Corner Litter Box: Frisco Corner Sifting Cat Litter Box with Rim

Frisco Corner Sifting Cat Litter Box with Rim

Frisco corner sifting cat toilet box is a great solution if you have limited space or need to fit several litter boxes in one room.


  • Plastic
  • 3-in-1 design
  • Overall dimensions of 22.5 x 17.13 x 9.27 inches


  • Compact design, suitable for tight spaces
  • No need for scooping, thanks to the 3-in-1 design
  • High sides prevent litter scattering
  • Neutral grey color


  • Works best with large pellets
  • A tight fit for large cats

How Does It Compare to Others

Similar to other feline pine litter boxes I’ve tried, but it takes less space, and the grey color doesn’t stain easily.


As the cat behaviorist, Paula Garber recommends, “place the box someplace that the cat can easily get to, preferably a low-traffic area away from food and water bowls.

Cat parents are generally happy with the Frisco Corner Sifting Litter box and say that it’s one of the best sifting litter boxes for pine pellets, but clumping litter sticks to the bottom.

What To Look For When Buying Sifting Litter Box For Pine Pellets

Now you know my top 9 best sifting litter boxes for pine pellets. So, let’s see the important features I considered when making my list.

#1 Hole Size

The most important feature to consider when shopping for the best sifting litter box for pine pellets is the size of the holes.

Most of these sifting boxes are designed for clay, not non-clumping litter, so it’s important to check that the holes are big enough to separate the sawdust from fresh pellets.

#2 Easy Maintenance

I always look for pine pellet litter boxes with non-stick surfaces and easy-to-clean corners. Otherwise, emptying and cleaning the tray takes ages.

#3 Odor Control

When looking for the best wood pellet litter box, odor control is almost as important as the sifting feature. I don’t want my home to smell of cat waste, so I prefer boxes that reduce odors.

#4 Box Size

As I already mentioned, the size of the box matters because cats won’t use their toilet if they don’t have enough space to turn around to bury the solid waste.

#5 Durability

Lastly, I’ve looked at sifting litter boxes made from heavy-duty plastic to ensure I can use the box for at least a year before I have to change it.

And now, let’s talk a bit more about what’s the difference between a regular litter box and a sifting one using pine pellets for cat litter.

What Is The Difference Between Sifting Litter Box & Regular Litter Box?

A sifting litter box has a “sifter” or a “filter” – a tray with holes or slots that allow you to separate the clean litter from the clumps of waste without scooping.

Usually, sifting cat litter boxes consists of three separate pans – two solid and one cat litter tray with a hole. That’s why it’s called a three-pan system.

Thanks to the clever design, you can sift the whole toilet box at once instead of combing the litter tray for solid waste and urine clumps.

And when you use a sifting litter box for pine pellets, it separates the clean pellets from the sawdust, keeping the box clean for your cat’s next bathroom visit.

But how do you use a sifting cat litter box? Keep reading!

How to Use a Sifting Cat Litter Box?

Sifting cat litter boxes are straightforward to use. Here’s how I use my Arm & Hammer Large Sifting Box:

  • I position the sifter between the two solid pans and pour the pellets into the top pan.
  • When it’s time to clean the pellets, I pour the dirty ones into the empty pan with the sifting tray on top.
  • Then I shake the sifter to separate the solid waste and sawdust from pine pellets.
  • Next, I dispose of the soiled pellets, clean the sifter cat tray and stack the boxes.
  • This video was very until I got the hang out of it.

How To Make Sifting Litter Box For Pine Pellets?

Making a sifting litter box for pine pellets/wood pellets isn’t that hard, as long as you’re comfortable using an electric drill:

  • You need two large stackable plastic tubs with handles, a 1/4-inch drill bit, a ruler, and a sharpie.
  • Prepare a drill hole guide on a scrap of wood – space the holes one inch apart.
  • Use the guide to drill holes into the bottom of one of the plastic containers.
  • Place the bin with the holes on top of the solid one and pour a couple of inches of litter pellets.
  • Your DIY sifting litter box is ready for use!


Are Sifting Litter Boxes Better Than Regular Litter Boxes?

Sifting litter boxes are better for pellet litter because they separate the sawdust from the granules, leaving only the solid waste for scooping. 

How Does a Sifting Litter Box Work?

Sifting litter boxes for pine pellets or clumping litter works by separating the dirty particles from the clean litter without scooping. 

Is a Sifting Litter Box Worth Buying?

Yes, a sifting litter box is worth buying, especially if you have to clean several litter boxes and don’t have much time to scoop them thoroughly. 

Can You Use Pine Pellets Without a Sifting Litter Box?

Yes, you can use pine pellet litter without a sifting box. But it’s going to take you more time to separate the sawdust from the clean pellets. 

How Often Do You Change a Sifting Litter Box?

You should change the entire litter box at least once a month (for a single cat) or whenever you notice any lingering bad smells. 

Do Sifting Litter Boxes Work with All Types of Cat Litter?

Some types of sifting litter boxes work only with clay clumping litter, and their holes are far too big to accommodate wood pellet cat litter or crystal litter. 

Final Word

Using sifting litter boxes for pine pellets cuts down my daily scooping time and helps me keep my cat’s toilet box spotless without getting my hands dirty. 

And from all the models I’ve tried, I highly recommend the Purina Tidy Cat Breeze box, thanks to its unique sifting technology, hooded design for maximum odor control, and easy-to-maintain surface. 

What do you think about these best sifting litter boxes for pine pellets? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments. 


cat beside a Sifting Litter Box For Pine Pellets
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