Wondering what cat can jump the highest?

How about which is the strongest or the fastest?

We’re taking a look at the answers to all of those questions and more below!

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Which Cat Breeds are the Strongest, Fastest & Best Jumpers?

Cats may be a fraction of the size of most dogs, but pit them in a jumping contest and your frisky feline is a sure bet to win!

While just about all cats have impressive leaping skills, some have a bit more bounce in their step, so to speak. 

So, what cat breeds jump the highest? Let’s find out!

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Which Cat Can Jump the Highest?

What cat breeds jump the highest? Almost all cats have major leaping skills, but one breed actually breaks records! Find out which!
cute cream silver tabby point ragdoll kitten jumping flying in the air playing

You probably already know that, like dogs, cats are often bred for specific purposes and features.

Some, for example, are bred for their athletic capabilities.

They tend to have sleek bodies and muscular back legs, with the capacity to both jump high and run fast.

Such athletic feline breeds include:

Any of those breeds will certainly outdo other breeds in a jumping competition.

One particular cat – Waffle the Warrior – was awarded the Guinness World Record for the longest jump.

In 2018, Waffle jumped 7 feet (213.36 cm).

What is even more incredible about that feat is Waffle was past the prime age of 3-6 years, being 10 years at the time.

Check him out in the video below! Impressive, right?

Some breeds are also athletic despite being bulkier.

Such bigger and bulkier breeds as Maine Coon and Ragdoll will have a harder time jumping, but they can still outleap most dogs.

What Cat Breed is the Strongest AND Can Jump High?

Maybe you want a feline that jumps high but is also quite strong.

Well, if you’re looking for the strongest cat breeds, the Egyptian Mau is your best bet.

What Cat Breed is the Strongest AND Can Jump High?

This is a feline that is profoundly powerful and greatly muscled. It can also run amazingly fast with a top speed of 30 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest cat breeds.

Since Egyptian Mau’s can run fast, they’ll also jump quite high.

Moreover, this breed is clever enough to know how to turn a tap and likes to observe the surroundings while perched on a high platform.

You can easily identify Egyptian Mau’s by their spots, green eyes, small size, and short-medium stature.

This cat breed even enjoys water, too!

How High Can an Average House Cat Jump?

Now that you know what cat breeds jump the highest and some of the fastest cat breeds, how do they compare to an average cat?

Domestic cats can jump to a height of roughly five feet without running.

That means cats will jump between 6 to 8 feet (2.45 meters).

In comparison, humans have a world record jumping height of 8 feet (2.45 meters).

Yep, you can’t jump higher than your tiny pet.

Fortunately, you’ll still get an incredible jumping performance from your ordinary cat.

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How can Cats Jump so High?

Your cat’s amazing jumping ability comes from thousands of years of evolution.

These cute little creatures had to evade predators through the years while also being agile hunters to capture prey for their food.

Those challenges also made them incredible at climbing trees and jumping off of high ground.

Anatomically, the source of their leaping power is the back legs.

The spine and back muscles further complement a cat’s powerful back legs.

Those legs work like a spring to catapult the cat’s body off the ground.

As it soars in the air, the cat can contort its body for stability using the flexible spine and strong back muscles.

Understandably, this jumping skill varies from one cat to another.

Various factors that can influence jumping ability include:

  • age
  • breed
  • sex
  • health status
  • motivation

Above all, your cat must practice jumping to reach amazing heights.

How can you help with that?

Just get your cat to play more often.

Get out your wiggle wand and tease your pet around.

They love it, and it will provide much-needed mental and physical enrichment.

At Which Age Can Cats Jump the Highest?

What cat breeds jump the highest? Almost all cats have major leaping skills, but one breed actually breaks records! Find out which!
little cat flying in the blue sky

Since jumping is an athletic ability, it only makes sense that cats are likely to excel at it during their prime.

In their early years, cats aren’t so agile.

Juvenile animals take months and years to develop mental and physical abilities fully.

Here is a brief timeline of that development process:

  • At 7 weeks, kittens start exhibiting “adult locomotion.”
  • After 10-11 weeks, they can perform balancing, turning on narrow surfaces, and other feline behaviors.
  • It takes the first two months to develop proper limb-placing techniques.
  • They continue growing and developing throughout their first year of life.
  • They may not be considered fully grown until the 18th
  • Larger breeds like Maine Coons would only be considered fully grown after 2-4 years.

As your cat grows older, various anatomical changes occur.

The bones, joints, and muscles change and strengthen to support an adult body.

Therefore, as the muscles of the back legs develop in this manner, the jumping ability increases.

But practice plays a key role.

Younger animals may not have as much jumping practice as older animals. Therefore, even if younger animals may have the ability to jump, they may not have enough practice to reach amazing heights.

However, once they pass their prime years, things take a downward turn.

As cats age, their bones and muscles begin to decline.

That will negatively impact their jumping ability.

You’ve probably noticed that aging or senior cats are less willing or able to jump around, unlike the younger ones.

Why are Cats Better at Jumping than Dogs?

Dogs can jump to about 1.40 to 1.54 meters (4.5 to 5 feet).

Considering the bigger size of dogs, clearly, cats far outdo dogs.

So, maybe you’re wondering why dogs can’t jump as high despite having more powerful limbs.

The simple answer is that they have different body shapes and abilities.

To produce the same jumping heroics as felines, dogs would probably need far more powerful back legs.

That’s because dogs have a proportionately bigger body mass.

The jumping technique is also an issue.

If dogs could jump as high as cats, they will likely land awkwardly.

That’s because cats can twist in the air and land properly, something that dogs can’t do.

Your dog will probably also knock over nearby furniture when jumping.

That’s why, unlike dogs, cats are superb at jumping.

What cat breeds jump the highest? Almost all cats have major leaping skills, but one breed actually breaks records! Find out which!

What are your thoughts on which cat breeds jump the highest? How about the strongest? Share below!

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